Perfect Stranger

Kylie Jenner flees to London to get a break from her life in the spotlight but here she meets old friends and somehow it ends up being even crazier than the life she left in Los Angeles…

All rights belong to me, the author.

And I hope you enjoy it!


33. Chapter 32 - „Got my bad baby by my heavenly side”

Chapter 32 - „Got my bad baby by my heavenly side”

I wouldn’t be able to tell which person looked most shocked. It could have been me. It could have been Zayn. Or even Harry or Liam. But one thing was for sure Louis didn’t look shocked he looked victorious.

„What did I fucking say? Bam. Zayn and Kylie. Hooking up. I predicted this shit and I fucking knew it,” he even got up and attempted to throw in a couple of gang related hand signs before Liam made him sit down. „I even told you and you didn’t even believe me,” Louis kept going as he looked at Harry. And when he didn’t respond we all looked at Harry. He just sat there, speechless and not moving at all. „H?” I asked and stepped towards him. „Don’t!” was his simply but harsh reply. He didn’t even look at me all he focused about was Zayn. „You!” Before anyone could react Harry was up and holding Zayn in a firm grip against the wall. „Tell me what the fuck is going on, right now!” He demanded.

Zayn looked so lost. I don’t think he had expected Harry to react this way, neither had I. „Nothing’s going on mate,” Zayn tried calming him down. „Do not fucking lie to me!” Harry yelled and Liam got up to get between it. „I would really recommend that you sat down again,” Harry stated coolly with his back to them. I was pretty sure that the only reason this hadn’t escalated yet was the fact that Zayn was just hanging there. Thankfully he wasn’t resisting but allowing Harry to get all of his anger out there. „Are you screwing her? You know she’s my fucking sister,” Harry screamed right in Zayn’s face.

„You aren’t being completely fair though are you,” Zayn replied trying to keep calm. „What are you talking about?” Harry demanded justification. „Niall and Gemma, you’re okay with them,” Zayn clarified. „Niall adores her. You, I don’t even want to know what you did to her - I know how you’ve acted towards women after Perrie and you broke it off,” Harry stated. „You don’t know anything if you did you would know I’ve been sleeping with her since even before she moved in here,” Zayn taunted Harry. „Zayn,” I warned him.

„Stay out of this Kylie,” Harry intervened.

„So you want to know how good I made her feel? How many times it happened?” Zayn kept provoking him. „Shut up Zayn,” I screamed and felt like covering my ears. I didn’t want to hear this. I didn’t what to hear him talk about what we did in this way and I knew that for some reason he was doing this because he believed it was the best I had that much faith in him. I just couldn’t figure out why.

„Kylie,” Louis handed me a big sweatshirt and I fiddled with it to get it on covering my towel and sent him a short grateful nod. „What you haven’t heard how she sounds like when she moans my name. I would have thought you could hear that through these thin walls”. „Zayn I swear to God, I’ll fucking kill you if you say one more word,” Harry was all up Zayn’s face and you could tell he could barely hold it together. „Or when she gave me head at the night club in the…” „Zayn shut up, shut the fuck up. Why are you doing this? You fucking suck!”

I couldn’t just stand there anymore I started screaming and was really to jump him right there in the living room in one oversized sweatshirt, it would have looked quite ridiculous actually - luckily Louis caught me before it was too late. But it seemed like it had been just the reaction Zayn had been waiting for, just the words to seal his destiny, to make Harry snap.

„No Kylie, you suck and frankly you do it quite well”.

And then it sounded like someone’s nose broke.

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