Perfect Stranger

Kylie Jenner flees to London to get a break from her life in the spotlight but here she meets old friends and somehow it ends up being even crazier than the life she left in Los Angeles…

All rights belong to me, the author.

And I hope you enjoy it!


4. Chapter 3 - „Run too fast and you’ll risk it all”

Chapter 3 - Run too fast and you’ll risk it all”

„So you are telling me that you ran into fucking Zayn Malik at Tesco?” Hailey asked and I could easily imagine the big grin she surely had on her face by now. „What did he say? Isn’t he just handsome? Oh my god did you get mobbed?” She continued questioning me through the phone. „Nothing he didn’t even recognize me - but enough about that I just called to hear about how everything went, now go back to the after party and enjoy it. I’ve got Shamari right here to keep me company and you need to have some fun, you’ve been working so hard,” I stated before saying goodbye.

I sighed as I sat down next to Shamari who was completely focused on The Last Song playing on TV. „Here, have some before I eat it all,” he handed me the Ben & Jerry’s I had bought for us.  „Thanks”. „So nothing at all happened with Mister Boyband?” He asked only moving his eyes from the screen for a short moment. „You know it didn’t. Besides hanging out with those guys wouldn’t do anything good for me at the moment. Enough is already going on and I just want some peace and quiet,” I explained and grabbed a blanket. 

„I know I just figured you could need some fun. You’ve gone through a lot lately and you need to let loose a bit. Besides I know you know them, so you could have just snuck out with him,” Shamari continued and I knew he wasn’t going to let this go. „Firstly, I know some of them, not Zayn. Secondly, I will not risk getting mobbed and having to leave this place. And thirdly, if I got spotted with them, just once, you know how everything would blow up again. It’s just not worth it - I mean they are amazing guys, but right now my biggest priority is to stay clear of paps,” I clarified before snuggling closer to one of my best friends.

You okay baby girl? Mom said you missed a front row seat today? Concerned about you. Much love xx

I’m fine baby Khlo - I just wasn’t feeling well so I decided to stay in. Nothing new here - we got all our stuff in place and it looks so good. Wish you could see it. So excited to be staying here for the next couple of weeks. Miss you tons xx

I know you’re hiding something my little love muffin - but as long as you’re alright then I’m alright. Miss you too. Take care and whenever you’re ready, I’m just a call away.

I know - and I really appreciate it sis. And thank you for taking care for Norman for me. Love you

Love you xxxx

I could feel it in the pit of my stomach. The bad conscious I got from lying. But I just couldn’t deal with reality right now.  It wasn’t as if some horrid thing had happened. It was nothing as the media portrayed it to be. But I just. I couldn’t. It was hard enough to feel this judged on daily basis but after the whole Tyga scandal I suddenly found myself in the middle of everything had gotten so much worse.

The people surrounding me were so busy. So caught up in the own private lives, own careers for that matter and it wasn’t like I craved attention or anything from them. I just needed a real connection. A conversation with someone who I felt understood me. Someone who knew me. I just finally wanted to feel like I actually belonged somewhere without it being because of my family, money or fame. Maybe even despite of it. But somehow everything was just spinning out of control. And now I needed to learn how to swim to survive.  

„You’ll be fine,” Shamari said before kissing my forehead. „The rumors will die down soon and then you can come back home”. I silently shook my head. I really doubted it would be that easy. Somehow everything had just slipped right through my fingers - or actually it felt more like it had blown up right in face and I had been too frightened to stay and fight.  „Until then, I’ll just have to stay away from people from that industry. I’m not risking anything”. „Well I’m not sure that’s possible,” Shamari started. „Well obviously Hailey and you can have people over, just give me a heads up,” I said not understanding what he was going on about. „No that’s not it. You ehm. You’re sure he didn’t recognize you? Cause you just got another text - and this one isn’t from your sister.

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