Perfect Stranger

Kylie Jenner flees to London to get a break from her life in the spotlight but here she meets old friends and somehow it ends up being even crazier than the life she left in Los Angeles…

All rights belong to me, the author.

And I hope you enjoy it!


29. Chapter 28 - „My man full he just ate”

Chapter 28 - „My man full he just ate”

„Kylie, Kyliiiie,” „Sorry Harry, I think I just zoned out - what did you say?” I tried tearing my eyes from Zayn who was recording on the other side of the glass wall. „I asked you what you thought of my solo,” he smiled. „Oh, you were amazing. Your sound has changed so much Harry, I can’t believe how much you’ve grown just since the last album,” I told him truthfully. The praise made the smile on his face even bigger and it didn’t even disappear when Louis threw a banana after him, Harry just held up his middle finger and winked at me.

Damn, those dimples were the cutest little things ever.

I had already been living with the guys for a couple of weeks now and I loved every second of it. Harry and I had, if possible, become even closer and I wouldn’t change a thing about our relationship. He knew what I wanted to say before I even opened my mouth and if I felt bad for whatever reason he was always there with a portion of Phish Food. My situation with Zayn was unaffected. We loved spending time together and we were definitely still very active - but now we also cuddled during movies and cooked together whenever we got a chance, which meant whenever Harry wasn’t home.

Right now I was in the recording studio watching Harry, Zayn and Louis record some of their solos for the new album. Liam and Niall had the next couple of days off since management had made a lot of changes in their schedules so the boys would have some days of in a row once in a while to keep the stress level down after everything with Harry. This meant that Liam had been able to bring Sophia back to his parents place for a short visit and Niall had driven all the way to Gemma’s. They had already been on a couple of dates and they had all been utterly perfect if you asked either Niall or Gemma, so if was working out incredible with the two of them. Who would have ever imagined that?


„What is so important that we had to talk about now,” I asked Zayn who had dragged me into an empty recording room. „I know I said that we needed to talk, but actually talking isn’t necessary for what I have in mind,” he murmured seductively. „Zayn Malik, I’m not having sex with you in a recording room,” I hissed and slapped his shoulder teasingly. „Who said anything about having sex?” He asked and pulled me closer. His cold hands softly trailed up my thighs before he tugged my red dress up over my hip bones and placed a kiss right over the hem of my panties. „So beautiful,” he whispered and smiled up at me.

I was unable to move as he grabbed my thighs harder to lift me up on the desk and spread my legs in front of his face. „These,” he said as his fingers gently brushed the laces I was wearing. „Need to go,” he finished his sentence before tugging my red string off and throwing it on the floor. The he smoothly pushed me back on the table to make room. „I’m gonna make you feel so good,” he whispered as his teeth just stroked my earlobe which caused electric shock through my entire body.

I wanted to stop him and tell him to save this for later. I had never been one for sex in public and this was as close to sex as it got. But I couldn’t. Something about him made my legs go weak and when I felt his lips upon me I forgot everything around us. He had me, all of me.


When we reentered the room Louis walked out of the recording box. „That was all for today lads, how about we go out and get something to eat before heading home?” Harry asked unsuspectingly. „Nah I’m good, I just had the most delicious meal,” Zayn replied cheekily and winked at me before discreetly flashing a piece of red lace from his front pocket which I could imagine was about the same color as my face.

„What about you Kylie?” Harry asked. „Sorry what?” I tore my gaze from the fabric in Zayn’s pocket and met his eyes. „Harry asked if you were hungry babe”. „No I’m alright, a bit tired actually,” I replied still trying to cover up my flaming cheeks. „Alright babe,” Louis caught on to Zayn’s slip up and looked between to two of us before he just shook his head confused and pulled Harry away with him as they discussed something quietly. „Are you up for round two?” Zayn looked smug. „Maybe some other time, but you can keep these,” I teased as I pulled up the red lace and placed then in his hand then grabbing him in mine and just as I felt him grow between my fingers I turned around and left him wishing.

„Are you going to  stay here all day?” I yelled as I reached the exit and it wasn’t until then that I heard the running footsteps behind me.

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