Perfect Stranger

Kylie Jenner flees to London to get a break from her life in the spotlight but here she meets old friends and somehow it ends up being even crazier than the life she left in Los Angeles…

All rights belong to me, the author.

And I hope you enjoy it!


26. Chapter 25 - „This is the shit that I love for”


Chapter 25 - „This the shit that I live for”

„I can’t believe Niall asked Gemma out like that, I mean what the fuck Harry it’s your sister,” Zayn stated skeptical. Harry who still hadn’t reacted to what had happened looked at Zayn deep in thought. I was scared this would make him get mad at Niall, whom Gemma by the way happily had agreed to go on a date with, so I stepped in before anything happened. „Shut the fuck up Zayn, Harry knows that Niall is a good guy and that he wouldn’t invite her out if he wasn’t serious about it,” I was just waiting for Zayn’s reaction when he took me and everyone else by surprise. „You’re right, sorry about that Haz”. Everyone just looked around confused and when no one answered then Niall, who I’d never seen this happy, opened another bottle of wine and then we all drank to our happiness.


„I can’t believe we’re already leaving London,” Hailey whined and drowned another shot. „That’s so sad, I just got to know you and you’re already leaving,” Eleanor agreed before taking a shot as well, while Harry and Louis tried to hide how amusing they found drunken girls bonding to be. „Oh my God are you leaving as well Kylie?” Sophia then chimed in as in this would be the worst thing ever, and in that moment I established that it would. „No, I’m still staying for a while, I mean someone needs to keep an eye on this one,” I pointed towards Harry who was sitting next to me and he reacted by poking his tongue out at me. „Yeah, she just needs to find a hotel to stay at and then who knows when we’ll see her again,” Hailey complained dramatically. „A hotel, no way. You are staying in our guestroom then - Gemma is leaving anyway.” Harry decided without giving me a chance to refuse. 

„Aw Hazza, you’re the best,” I thankfully replied and ruffled Harry’s curls which cause him to pull me on his lap so he could hold me still. „Don’t mess with the hair love,” He grinned and everyone laughed at us. „Can you two just get married already,” Gemma spoke up and people cheered in agreement. „Sorry love, but she’s just as much a sister to me as you are,” Harry then replied and I clearly stated that my opinion was the same. Without a word Zayn got up and left the table where we were all sitting surrounded by empty bottles. No one seemed to notice but me.


The moment I figured I could slip away without anyone noticing I followed him into the kitchen. „Hi, is everything alright?” I asked nervously and opened the fridge to get both of us another beer. I handed the beer over to him and felt how his eyes roamed my body. When he didn’t reply I lifted myself up so I was sitting on the kitchen counter and then after a while he finally took a step towards me. „Sometimes you just confuse the hell out of me. I mean are you trying to get me jealous? Would you rather be with him because then you should go the fuck ahead,” he stated so ice cold goosebumps appeared on my arms. I could tell he was wasted because his words were slurred and I couldn’t remember him ever acting this way before - it reminded me of the Zayn I knew before we got together. 

„What the fuck are you going on about? Is it Harry? You know he’s my best friend,” I shrugged trying to pretend this side of him was not worrying me. „Then why the fuck are you all over him, when you’re supposed to be with me?” he asked and spread my legs so he could step in between them. The moment he put his hands on my thighs my body started burning. The air between us was filled with lust and sexual tension but there was nothing we could do about it I thought, not right now at least - but then suddenly I felt his tongue on my neck. 

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