Perfect Stranger

Kylie Jenner flees to London to get a break from her life in the spotlight but here she meets old friends and somehow it ends up being even crazier than the life she left in Los Angeles…

All rights belong to me, the author.

And I hope you enjoy it!


22. Chapter 21 - „Last night I called you a loser I think that was after flaming Samba”


Chapter 21 - „Last night I called you a loser I think that was after flaming Sambuca”

„I guess I should actually be grateful for you fucking rappers. You clearly know what you are doing,” Zayn joked but his smile immediately fell when he noticed my facial expression. „Too soon?” He asked and pulled me up so my head rested on his chest and our once again naked bodies were tangled together. „Definitely too soon, I still resent you for saying that,” I pointed out and snuggled closer to him.  „Sorry, I thought we talked it through yesterday,” he said sincerely which caught me by surprise. 

„What?” He asked as I took in every single detail of his face. I still didn’t get how God could create someone this beautiful. „Sorry, I just don’t really remember that much from last night,” I admitted. „What and you still got in to bed with me today?” He asked shocked. „Hey don’t judge, I needed a distraction. Besides I remember us having sex, several times, so I figured why not repeat the success,” I winked and planted a kiss just below his ear and his body immediately responded. 

„It would be a pleasure to make you take care of my little situation down there,” he said and nodded toward his erection. „But if you don’t remember our conversation last night I should probably sum it up for you. Then we can take care of it later,” he smiled mischievous. „Fine, besides I wouldn’t really call it ‘little,’ ” I replied before sitting up in bed and pulling the sheet with me. 

„Hey, why are you getting up?” „No, reason I figured it would be easier to focus if I kept a reasonable distance,” I smirked and pulled the sheet a bit further which made him react and pull back. We played around for a bit before it turned into another make out session. This time it was quite innocent though and I stopped it before it went too far. I wanted to know what had happened yesterday.

„So basically I had been out with some of my friends and I was pretty pissed when I got back. It was real late so I figured you would all have went to sleep, and when I got back here all of the guest had left but you guys were still quite wasted. I mean, Louis and Niall were competing to see who of them could eat most marshmallows - obliviously Niall won and Louis ended up puking everywhere.  Liam was passed out on the couch and next to him you were sitting on Harry’s lap just observing it all, and H was laughing his ass off - but then it turned really awkward when they noticed I was back. Niall and Louis just kinda continued drying up the vomit in silence and Harry got real defensive, just like he always gets with you, and as drunk as he was I was expecting him lash out but he just kept demanding that I’d apologize to you,” at this point Zayn was lying down again and he had one arm around me. It calmed me down a bit to know that Harry hadn’t started something - not that he could hurt a fly or anything but when he got really drunk sometimes he was just all about settling things.

„Then what happened?” 

„Well, then I apologized - and you forgave me again, and again, and again,” he added with a wink.

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