Perfect Stranger

Kylie Jenner flees to London to get a break from her life in the spotlight but here she meets old friends and somehow it ends up being even crazier than the life she left in Los Angeles…

All rights belong to me, the author.

And I hope you enjoy it!


19. Chapter 18 - „You are my favorite kind of night”

Chapter 18 - You are my favorite kind of night”

„Fuck yeah, we smashed it! Who knew you were so insane at this?” Niall screamed in excitement as him and I had practically slayed Harry and Ed in beer pong. We high fived and Louis came to collect the losers clothing. „Sorry lads but rules are rules,” he teased. „What? This is so not fair. We would totally have beaten their asses if they hadn’t cheated,” Harry argued. „Harry, you were the one cheating,” Louis stated and took his role as a judge quite serious as the most sober person here - and that said quite a lot since he was almost as wasted as the rest of us. „Besides Curly, you were the one who decide that the losers had to run around the neighborhood in their underwear,” I smirked at my friend and this caused but Hailey and Shamari to cheer even louder. 

„Well, I remember Ed’s beer pong skills to be better,” he slurred before pulling his t-shirt over his head. „Fuck you lad,” was the simply reply from the ginger singer who was also stripping down and got ready to run.


„Are you sure he’ll be alright?” I asked worried and took another sip of my beer. „Yes of course, he has all of us to take care of him and none of us will ever let anything happen to him,” Niall tried to calm me down. One of the downsides of drunk me was the overly emotional stuff I always started putting to words. „ I just literally don’t know what I would do without him in my life. I just love him so much you know,” I continued despite my effort to stop this word vomit. „He loves you too - he even says so all the time. I must admit I’m not quite sure how your relationship works. He says you’re just friends but…” Niall looked at me expectantly and he put his arm around me to pull me closer on the couch. 

„Nothing is going on Nialler boy, don’t worry about it I promise I won’t get him distracted,” I hiccupped but leaned even closer and rested my tired body against his chest. „I was actually kind of hoping there was more to it. You can’t deny that you guys love each other and besides you have his back and he has yours - trust and love is all you really need isn’t it?” Niall stated maybe more to himself than to me - he zoned out for a sec and after explaining to him that our love was a different kind of love and not getting any replay I started to giggle, uncontrollable. „I think I might finally have found a girl I really like Kylie, I just don’t know what to do about it,” he suddenly continued but before I had the chance to respond Harry had appeared. „Hey, are you trying to steal my girl?” He grinned and lifted me up in his arms before carrying me away.


„Whoops sorry Liam - can you close the door again dearest KJ?” Harry asked after he made me open the door to his room, still carrying me, where Liam was on the phone with Sophia - and one thing was very clear it was not a phone call you would want to overhear if you know what I mean. Drunk Liam was definitely up to no good. 

„Can you open this door?” Harry asked and I did as requested. „Wait is this Zayn’s room?” My head was clear for a short moment as I noticed the spray painted walls. This was clearly not a good idea. „Doesn’t matter, he is never here anyway,” Harry slurred and almost dropped me on the phone. I squealed as feel into nothing but air but luckily Harry somehow made sure I never touched the floor - instead my back hit something soft but I didn’t have time to register anything else before something heavy landed right on top of me.

„Harry for fucks sake!” I giggled and tried to wiggle him of me. Harry didn’t move an inch instead he just positioned himself on top of me and looked me straight in the eyes with the most serious look I’d ever seen on him. „Sorry babe, but you and I need to talk”.

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