Perfect Stranger

Kylie Jenner flees to London to get a break from her life in the spotlight but here she meets old friends and somehow it ends up being even crazier than the life she left in Los Angeles…

All rights belong to me, the author.

And I hope you enjoy it!


15. Chapter 14 - „I'm the only thing I'm afraid of”


Chapter 14 - I’m the only thing I’m afraid of”

„Oh my god, what are you guys all doing here?” As the guys and I walked into Harry’s room we were not expecting to see what we saw. The curly haired lad was sitting in his bed, randomly changing the channel on his TV, with five different half eaten cups of ice cream in front of him and eyes wide open in anticipation.

Clearly he was still drunk.

I silently sat down on a chair next to Harry’s hospital bed as the boys took their turn hovering over him. They were still worried, obviously, but as always Harry’s smile was contagious and soon he had distracted them from the topic which had caused this hospital visit. I could see it in the way their shoulders started to relax, just slightly - and how their conversation about their recording ideas already was flowing. No one seemed to notice my present just as I had wished for, for so long - but now this suddenly seemed like an issue. Staying in the clear did not even get close to being my first priority anymore. Harry’s health came first and I knew you could not just put the biggest boy band in the world on pause - but I was determent to make sure they at least slowed down a bit.


I woke up one or two hours later and noticed the room was now empty. Well empty as in there were no other visitors. Had the boys just left? What was going on? I couldn’t ask Harry he was snoring loudly, so I figured I’d just send Louis a text while looking for the cafeteria. My head was pounding so badly.

As I walked down the quiet hospital halls looking for coffee a noised came from my bag. I’d gotten a reply from Louis. 

Hi love, no we haven’t left. Simon arrived and the hospital was kind enough to lend us a room to have a small meeting. We are just finishing off and then we’ll be back in Hazza’s room. Don’t worry, he will be fine. 

I just slid the phone back in my bag before spotting the cafeteria on my right hand side. Coffee. Thank God.


„So when exactly can I get out of here?” Harry asked confused as Simon went through the plan management approved. „They will discharge you this afternoon as long as the tests look fine, and then you’ll have the rest of the week off. The other boys will have might be called in to record some of the already finished solos but otherwise you’re all off until Monday when we pick up right where we left off yesterday,” Simon explained patiently. „But what are we going to say to the press? We can’t tell the fans what it’s really about - it’ll break their hearts,” Niall sounded desperate as if he could not find any solution with the possibility of a good outcome. „Don’t worry about it Niall, not one picture have been posted about Harry being in the hospital. You have all handled this very well and we won’t tell the public anything. 

You could practically feel the relief in the room appear apparently all of the boys had been struggling with this issue. „Amazing, so we’ll just chill out for a couple of days - and no one will ever know what has happened?” Louis asked just to make sure he understood this right. He was still standing in the doorway and tripping nervously. „Precisely,” Simon confirmed and glanced at his watch. „Well I better get going I have another meeting to attend. Before I leave I would like to have a quick word with Zayn though,” Simon stated which almost caused me to laugh since Louis, Liam, Niall, and Harry’s facial expressions all turned extremely confused while Zayn just stayed neutral. 

He definitely succeeded in having a resting bitch face.

„And you Miss Jenner”. 

Wait what?

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