Perfect Stranger

Kylie Jenner flees to London to get a break from her life in the spotlight but here she meets old friends and somehow it ends up being even crazier than the life she left in Los Angeles…

All rights belong to me, the author.

And I hope you enjoy it!


14. Chapter 13 - „Just promise me, you'll always be my friend”


Chapter 13 - „Just promise me, you’ll always be a friend”

„He is fine yeah, a bit shaken up and slightly drunk but nothing serious,” as the doctor said this I felt the relief run through my entire being. „What happened then?” Liam asked confused most likely expecting a different answer. „We ran some tests and it seems like Mister Styles is very stressed at the moment. Is he especially busy these days?” Doctor Spencer asked and it hit me that he probably didn’t know who these boys were.

„Well obviously, they just got back from world tour, they’re writing and recording their fifth album at the moment and every-fucking-where he goes the paps follow,” I rolled my eyes and didn’t care about the strict look Liam sent me. „Oh I see. Well, all I can tell you which apparently will be quite the challenge in this case, is that Harry need to tone it down a bit”. „What do you mean?” Niall asked confused. „He is simply too stressed and this was his body telling him to slow down. He needs to take some time off and simply relax. Go for walks, enjoy the summer and just get completely down in pace,” the doctor explained as if that was the simplest thing ever. 

„Yeah, like that’s gonna happen,” this was the first time Zayn had opened his mouth since getting here. I had no idea what in the world was going on with him but he needed to get a grip. „Well, it has too. For Harry’s health,” the doctor stated. „I’ll make sure it does,” I heard the words but did not notice that it was actually I speaking them. „And how are you going to do that, little miss fucking perfect?” Zayn spat as the others just looked at me in wonder. „I’ll figure something out. I’m here anyway and it’s not like I’m busy or anything. Trust me, I’ll make it a priority - all you guys will need to do is support me in it. Keep the stress level down, let him be,” I asked.

„That is very unlikely to be a successful plan,” Zayn continued and this time Louis smacked the back of his head. „We know you are in a bad place right now mate, but we need to think of what’s best for Harry,” Louis simply replied as Niall nodded agreeing. „Fine, but like - how will this work? Is she going to be his fucking personal assistant or what? I know they are supposedly close friends or something but what if he doesn’t want her around all the time,” I registered the last part of the sentence, where Zayn lowly whispered that he as hell didn’t but lucky for him Niall spoke up.

„Listen we can do this. We are used to this pressure and I know how much you care for Harry and the other way around, so I’m sure this won’t be a problem. We just have to make sure that we are all in this together. All of us. We need to finish this album so we can start planning the next tour that management is already discussing. Let’s just agree to this, alright boys?” 

The boys seemed to be in an inner battle but in the end they agreed. Somehow I would make sure Harry didn’t stress but still kept his focus on his career. I had no idea how I was going to manage this but luckily it wasn’t a burden for my. No I actually had a reason to stay even though fashion week was ending and I got to spend it with my best friend. 

Sadly I knew this meant that I could forget about the entire meaning with this trip - I would definitely not be going by unnoticed when hanging around these guys. But for Harry’s sake no sacrifice was too big. We had promised each other to always be there for the other and now it was my turn to prove it.

„So now that you have agreed on the terms, do you want to go see your friend?” 

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