Perfect Stranger

Kylie Jenner flees to London to get a break from her life in the spotlight but here she meets old friends and somehow it ends up being even crazier than the life she left in Los Angeles…

All rights belong to me, the author.

And I hope you enjoy it!


13. Chapter 12 - „My worlds fall and they hit the ground”


Chapter 12 - My worlds fall and they hit the ground” 

„Is he awake yet?” „What did the doctors say?” „Is he okay?” The first person we recognized at the hospital was bombarded with questions from both Zayn and I. It must not have been the best first impression Liam got of me but at this point I simply didn’t care. I must have looked like a lunatic - probably even with crazy eyes. I felt so worried and at the same time drained of energy both from fighting with Zayn but also due to the lack of sleep. „Calm down you two,” Liam’s calming voice made my heartbeat slow down but I could still feel my hands getting more sweaty. Liam put his hand on my arm and locked eyes with Zayn. „He is awake but none of us have been allowed to see him yet since the doctors are still running tests. Niall and Louis are sitting in a patient room so we all avoided the waiting area and any curious looks. I just finished up a call with our management. They have everything under control and the press does not seem to know that we are here, so we should be good for now. Simon is coming down in the morning just as a precaution. Now let’s get back to the other boys”.

Liam led the way through the hospital and Zayn and I walked behind him in silence. The minute he opened the door to room 276 and I stepped inside I dragged into a bear hug. „Thank you so much for staying levelheaded,” Niall sounded genuinely grateful before letting me go - which only caused me to be hauled into another hug. „Thank you so much for coming here Kylie. I know this is probably going to ruin everything you wanted out of this trip - but it’ll mean so much to him, it means so much to me,” Louis stated concerned. „Of course Lou, none of that matters right now. Now we just need to listen to the doctors and then wait until they let us see Harry,” I kindly explained and pulled him towards the couch.  

And we waited.

And waited.


Niall had fallen asleep and Zayn was just staring blankly at some old film showing on the television screen. Liam was constantly talking on the phone with their management I figured, and kept mentioning that we still hadn’t been told anything. It was nearly four in the morning but I didn’t feel tired at all. I actually didn’t really feel anything. I kept telling myself - actually I kept telling Louis that it was most likely nothing serious and that he would be just fine. I wasn’t sure if I actually believed this but it seemed as if Louis did, so that was always something.

Just as I started to struggle keeping my eyes open the door to our private waiting room opened and a young looking doctor stepped inside together with two nurses. I carefully shook Louis awake as his head was resting on my shoulder - just as Liam woke up Niall and Zayn turned off the TV.

„Hi, I am Doctor Spencer. You are all here for Harry Styles?” He asked and shook everyone’s hands. This seemed pretty out of place since we were in this specific room we were obviously here for Hazza. „Yeah, is he okay?” I asked dreading the answer I would get.

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