Perfect Stranger

Kylie Jenner flees to London to get a break from her life in the spotlight but here she meets old friends and somehow it ends up being even crazier than the life she left in Los Angeles…

All rights belong to me, the author.

And I hope you enjoy it!


11. Chapter 10 - „You'll never know where you will go or where you will be tomorrow”

Chapter 10 - You’ll never know where you will go or where you will be tomorrow”

„What’s wrong? What happened? Is he okay?” I started rambling nervously when my brain had finally let Niall’s words sink in. „He fainted downstairs and the carried him around the back. The ambulance is on its way now,” Niall explained as he ran past the screaming girls trying to shake them off which probably would have been easier if I had been wearing sneakers.

„Is he alone? Is he okay?” I repeated anxiously. „Louis and Liam are there with him. I don’t know anything about his state yet - but one of the bartenders was going to bring some water and coke so he could get some fluid and sugar in his system. He was still out when I left him to get you, and Liam was already calling Simon - this is gonna be a mess if it comes out. Harry will not forgive himself. I can already imagine the drug rumours - and the fact that Zayn isn’t with us will just make the fans think we’re splitting up again. Oh god what are we going to do? This can ruin everything? We’re in the middle of recording - and what if… What if he is really sick?” Niall asked and I suddenly noticed the tears starting to stream down my blond friend’s face. 

I stopped in my track and pulled Niall in a small ally next to the club. „Listen Niall, everything will be okay. He was probably just drunk and you know how clumsy he is. The album will be great and no one would ever believe that Harry is doing drugs? Where is Zayn right now?” I needed to keep my cool head and quickly thought through all of the possible scenarios this could end up with.

„Are you sure? I mean what if the fans do believe that shitty media? And Zayn is at his and Harry’s apartment, why?” Niall observed me with his big blue and confused eyes.  „Okay listen up Horan,” I started and pointed at him which immediately made him focus. „I am going to go back out there - while you wait here. I’ll make sure to cause a scene so people forget about you being here and then you’ll make a run for it. Get to Harry and make sure all of you guys get in the ambulance - then text me which hospital they are taking him to. I trust Simon to take care of the rest, and then you just leave Zayn to me. I’ll make sure he’ll be there.”

Without a single word as reply Niall simply opened his arms and pulled me into a hug. He started sobbing but nodded his head furiously. „Thank you so much Kylie. I think my thoughts were all over the place. I’m incredible grateful for this. Thank you, thank you, thank you,” he continued trying to control his cries. „It’s alright friend. Now stay here - wait for a bit before going out there and remember to text me,” I just saw his last nod before turning around and going back where I came from. 

The crowd had grown bigger, apparently someone had made sure people knew that I was out here - and somehow made people believe that Harry was with me. „Where is Harry?” „You’re not pretty enough to be with him”. „Slut.” „Are you dating Niall?” „Stay away from him.”  I ignored every single comment as I continued right past the screaming girls and walked towards the road, where I was going to hail a cab. 

Even though I wasn’t with Harry - and he was just one of my friends - it still hurt me and made me wonder how young girls like these could ever justify behaving this way. What went through their minds as they yelled death threats to a complete stranger? Just because of a guy they didn’t even know. I would probably never get an answer.

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