Perfect Stranger

Kylie Jenner flees to London to get a break from her life in the spotlight but here she meets old friends and somehow it ends up being even crazier than the life she left in Los Angeles…

All rights belong to me, the author.

And I hope you enjoy it!


2. Chapter 1 - „The start of something new”


Chapter 1 - The start of something new”

„Are you guys ready for this?” The overly excited blonde turned around to face us. It was clear that she had been waiting for this moment for weeks - maybe even months and now it was finally happing. „Just open the fucking door Hailey,” Shamari sighed exhausted from our eleven hour flight. „Fine, but just remember this moment. The three of us, on our own, ready to take over London,” Hailey continued before finally opening the door to the apartment we had rented.

„As far as I’m concerned this is your adventure. Shamari and I just took along for the ride,” I explained before dragging my suitcase into our new, temporary home. „I know you won’t be able to resist coming to all of those fashion shows. I mean come on Kylie this could give you major publicity - especially since Kendall still is in Paris shooting for Chanel with Cara. That means you will be the only one from your family here. I bet the press would go nuts,” Hailey rambled on. „How many times does she has to explain this to you - she left to get away from the spotlight not to sit front row”. I sent Shamari a grateful smile. Luckily he had understood the need I felt to get away from my home.

Everything was a mess back home. My mom was living her second youth after her and dad split - and he was hiding out on the golf course. Kim and Kanye were trying to juggle their super busy careers while parenting my adorable niece North and trying for another kid. Khloe and Rob were both trying to fight their own inner battles - Khloe still not being over her divorce with Lamar and Rob with his self-esteem issues. Kourtney and Scott were fighting for their relationship and trying to raise their kids away from the spotlight which clearly kept them busy. And Kendall. Well Kendall was taking over the entire world. My sister was making it big time and I wouldn’t be able to put to words how proud I felt. It just hurt me that she was so caught up in it, forgetting about everything else - now it was all about working in the fashion industry, and not that much about family - or me which I really needed at this point. 

I had even considered crashing with some of my brothers from the Jenner side - but I knew they were all busy with their careers and lives even without my interruption. They weren’t far from the biggest fans of the media so my being there would definitely not make anything easier on them. So when Hailey told me she would be walking practically every show at London Fashion Week I told my mom I’d already accepted every invitation and that I was bringing Shamari as my plus one to support our close friend. Of course my mom being my mom was against it at first. She didn’t like the fact that her youngest daughter would be travelling the world alone - but she didn’t have time to come anyway and I knew that. Her priorities were Kim and Kendall and since they were both so busy right now, I didn’t have a hard time convincing her that this could be my chance in this industry and that I’d be fine doing it myself.  

I had lied to my mom. Something I didn’t do lightly but in this case it was necessary. She would have to get over it.

As we looked around the apartment I tried to shake that thought off me. I didn’t need to be reminded why I left - I just needed some peace and quiet and I hoped with all of my heart London was the place for it. 

„This place is amazing,” Hailey let out a breath of relief. Shamari just nodded in agreement - and I was breathless. I had traveled to unbelievable many places in my seventeen year long life but this place was already one of my favorites. When we had gotten out of our car and I had taken in the streets of Dalston I hadn’t been impressed but this place was just astonishing. Besides it was kind of like a hidden treasure which meant the paparazzi probably wouldn’t be stopping by. Win. 

The entire place was big and bright - only decorated in black and white which was exactly how I preferred it. The kitchen and living room was one big spacious room - and apart from the three bedrooms the apartment also had two bathrooms. Shamari was fast to call one of it for himself, but that was fine by me. I didn’t mind sharing bathroom with Hailey - we used each other’s make up all the time anyway. And she probably wouldn’t be around that much since she was going to be busy with not only the fashion shows but all of the appearances as well. I on the other hand would hide out in this place. And enjoy not having to look over my shoulder every other second. 

I could almost taste my freedom. Nearly two entire weeks of it.

„I call dibs on this room,” Hailey yelled only a couple of seconds after she left Shamari and me in the living room. We just shared a knowing look and followed the sound of her voice. The room only consisted of a flat screen TV and a huge king size bed which seemed quite girly but still very classy - just like Hailey, and of course it had a walk-in closet attached. „Fine, then I’ll have this one - it has joint doors.” Shamari entire face lit up with a smile as he opened a door from Hailey’s room that led directly into a simple room with dark wooden floors and grey walls. 

„Okay okay, I guess I’ll take whatever is left then,” I simply stated faking disappointment in my two friends who just chuckled at me. As we opened the doors to what was going to be my room - which was in the remote end of our newly rented place my breath was taken away. „Oh my god, if I didn’t know any better I would have thought that you designed this room yourself KJ,” Shamari explained while Hailey just stood there, nodding. „Yeah it does”. The walls were white but besides that everything else was either black or gold. I now had a room with a double bed, a huge flat screen, and an insane amount of closet space - which obviously would be needed. It had mirrors from floor to ceiling on a small patch of the wall - and right at the window I had a simply black desk where I could already imagine myself sketching. 

The best part was the view though. When I walked across the room and looked down I was met with the sight of a busy street in Dalston, London - a place full of people. Different people than I was used to. I could sit there forever just observing people - and none of them would ever know that I, Kylie Jenner, was sitting up here looking down on them. I could be anonymous. And I loved it. 

„This couldn’t be more perfect,” I exhaled in relief and turned around to face my friends who met my eyes with big smiles on their faces. „It really couldn’t.”

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