Inevitable ( ashton irwin )


{Book 1 of the Speed Demons Series}
When you're in high school, love is a foreign word. You hear people use it, but what does it really mean? Ashton and Gwen have an idea. Now fresh out of high school, the two decide to "wait" on college and just enjoy life for a little while. But life doesn't really wait for anybody. It's forever moving and changing. Will Gwen and Ashton be able to overcome being adults or will their young age get in the way of being happy?

All ideas were created and thought by me. I do not tolerate people stealing these ideas, characters, or anything that comes with it. This is strictly mine. © Copyright 2015 noplacelikehemmo


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"I just want- I just want life to be how it use to be. I don't think I want to grow up."

"You have to grow up. Life won't wait for you if you decide to just take a break. Life will go on and you have to make the adjustment."


Hey! I'm new to this site so here's a little about me before you continue (:

I originally started on wattpad! ( this story is also posted there )

I did pretty well so I decided to come here and get my writing a little more exposure because I just love to write.

I hope you enjoy this story because it's very special to me.


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