Weeks And Weeks

'Excuse me Miss, you seem to be late, go to reception and get a pass then come back right away.' This teacher told me, even though I had no idea where reception even was and how to find it.

Jess is 'the new girl' at Brampdale College, and it seems she always will be, until she meets Ryan. Ryan seems to be different, yet his outer persona weaves a different story. He manages to un hook and de ravel every fact about Jess, how far can this relationship go, with Jess knowing that all Ryan's ever found out about her are lies.


2. The Third Degree

I scrolled through the pictures on Ralph's Samsung and looked at all of the fuzzy pictures of the brochures he had photographed, my fingers shook, for some weird reason, as I swiped the screen, barely looking at the pictures. All I could think about was home, my old school. Back when the days were always sunny and the skies were constantly blue, and I could be myself because I had friends. I would have to blend in here, London was a big place, and there were so many people. What if no one liked me? A few tears pricked in my eyes, I let them roll onto my cheeks, my body shook and all of a sudden I was icy cold. I peeked out of the dirty, grimy van window to see my uncle retreating back to the van, as the heavens had opened. Quickly, I placed his phone onto the drivers seat and wiped the tears off my cheeks. Taking a deep breath, I managed to calm myself down before Ralph opened the door and scrambled to his seat. But still I couldn't shake the empty feeling that had just taken me over.

"So, what'd you think?" He said looking at the phone screen, still with the blurry pictures of brochures on it.

"S'ok", I muttered in one of the quietest voices I'd ever used. My uncle looked at me uncertainly, scoping my facial expressions, then leant back and sighed.

"Jessie, I know this change has been hard for you, but I know Brampdale school very well, I sent your cousins there, didn't I?..." He reasoned, cupping my chin.

"Yeah, but..."

"But what, sorry Jess, I've tried asking you what you want and I didn't get any answers, Brampdale is a lovely school, you'll settle in fine." He said to me, half-heartedly as he pulled into our driveway and parked the van.

As soon as he opened the door to our Bed and Breakfast, which was also our house, we were both greeted by my mum and a guest, staying for the next two weeks. They were going to have a Wedding Anniversary, and their guests were staying here, which was another wonderful event to look forward to.

"Hey Jessie, you ok?" My mum enquired, looking doubtfully at Uncle Ralph, who was looking shifty.

"S'pose." I muttered, and shortly decided to march off up the stairs to my bedroom.




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