Weeks And Weeks

'Excuse me Miss, you seem to be late, go to reception and get a pass then come back right away.' This teacher told me, even though I had no idea where reception even was and how to find it.

Jess is 'the new girl' at Brampdale College, and it seems she always will be, until she meets Ryan. Ryan seems to be different, yet his outer persona weaves a different story. He manages to un hook and de ravel every fact about Jess, how far can this relationship go, with Jess knowing that all Ryan's ever found out about her are lies.


1. The News

8:13 AM


At that moment in time I was sitting in my uncle's post van, chipping and peeling my nail polish off my fingernails, whilst enquiring around the van for something else to do. I usually had to stay at home this early and get ready for school, but since it was the summer holidays, I had to help my dad's brother do his job. But there were upsides to the ordeal, I'd get paid £2.50 an hour. I would have £35 by the end of each week. So it wasn't all bad, until he broke the news.

"So Jess, how much fun is it for you being driven round in this lump of rubbish, eh?"

I thought this was a little bit of a weird question, considering he'd never said anything like this for every single morning for two hours, for two weeks. But I replied anyway, with the most kind, honest answer I could give.

"It's alright, I guess."

"Are you sure, because your mum, dad and I have been thinking..."

Oh no.

"Mhhm, what about?"

"Oh well, just about school, you know?"

"Yeah Ralph, I know what school is."

Seriously, I mean come on, just start with the third degree already.

"Ok don't get bulshy, but really, seen any school's you like around here?"

"To be honest, I don't need to go to school, I can just inherit your job when you retire, that's not far away." I chanced with a smirk. Luckily, Uncle Ralph chuckled and ruffled my hair, which I proceeded to fix when he looked away, trying to find his next delivery.

"Jessica you make me smile, but your parents and I have to make a decision soon, its almost September".

"Not really, it's only the beginning of August".

Ralph looked at me, slightly exasperatedly, and sighed as he pulled into a parking space.

"Jess, we found a school, its called Brampdale College." He tossed me his phone, "There are some photos on there, have a look if you want."

I stared at him I shock, I thought that at least he wouldn't try to pull a fast one on me, but no doubt, all good things had to come to an end. He looked at me wistfully as he shut the creaky van door.


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