Weeks And Weeks

'Excuse me Miss, you seem to be late, go to reception and get a pass then come back right away.' This teacher told me, even though I had no idea where reception even was and how to find it.

Jess is 'the new girl' at Brampdale College, and it seems she always will be, until she meets Ryan. Ryan seems to be different, yet his outer persona weaves a different story. He manages to un hook and de ravel every fact about Jess, how far can this relationship go, with Jess knowing that all Ryan's ever found out about her are lies.


3. Teenagers and Binbags

"Jess, hello? Dinner's ready!" Someone called from down stairs, followed by a rapid knock on my bedroom door.

"Yeah I heard, I'll be down in a se-..". I paused, I could hear people walking past my house, around the back. My head slowly rose as I peeked to look outside my window, which was shut. All that I could see were a group of hooded teens lurking behind the shrubbery smoking and kicking our bin bags around.

"Hey!" I shouted from my bedroom, which was about 6 stories high from the ground. I felt quite ridiculous, as I knew all that they could see was a fifteen year old girl's head dangling from the window shouting at them.


"I said I'll be down in a second!" I retorted, my eyes still fixed on the bunch of teenagers below, who had not seemed to refrain from their mayhem. I eventually decided to venture downstairs, after all, the smell of spaghetti Bolognese had managed to waft to my room.

"Ah, Jess, I gather that Uncle Ralph talked to you about Brampdale?" My dad asked, looking at me inquisitively.

I looked down at my plate and manoeuvred my fork about the food.

"Oh yeah."

"Do you think you'll like it?"

"Probably, I don't know".

"Are you sure?" Asked my mum, uncertainly.


"Ok, remember to tell me if it's not."


But I wasn't really concentrating on the conversation with my family, I was concerned about what was going on around the back of my house...


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