Weeks And Weeks

'Excuse me Miss, you seem to be late, go to reception and get a pass then come back right away.' This teacher told me, even though I had no idea where reception even was and how to find it.

Jess is 'the new girl' at Brampdale College, and it seems she always will be, until she meets Ryan. Ryan seems to be different, yet his outer persona weaves a different story. He manages to un hook and de ravel every fact about Jess, how far can this relationship go, with Jess knowing that all Ryan's ever found out about her are lies.


4. Doubt

Later that same day, I sat in my bedroom on my laptop, watching films and sketching in my notepad. Until I heard the oh so familiar rustling of bin bags outside my house. It was almost 9 o'clock in the night and they were still out there, I pulled my window open and scanned the area, which was hard to do considering it was dusk and my eyesight was appalling. Luckily I could just about see the same teenagers from about 3 hours ago loitering by the back wall.

"Hey!" I shouted, wondering if there was any point in my action, because they probably couldn't even see or hear me, but I tried anyway. Five or six dubious faces looked up at me, pondering whether it was me who shouted or not.

"Hey what?" A somewhat tall looking figure questioned, glaring at me.

"What are you doing?" I raised my voice, "This is my house, please leave or I'll call the police!"

Some teens in the group started to look shifty, nudging each other and turning around. But the tall, lanky one stood firmly and talked smoothly, fluently and relaxed.

"But where else would we go?" He asked, smiling slightly. "Come down here and tell me."

A seed of doubt started forming in my stomach, I felt my body turn cold all over. I shut the window and raced down stairs, starting to feel like I shouldn't have questioned the group at all.

"Uncle Ralph?" I asked, because he was the only one I could see in the lounge.

"Yes, what do you need", he said quite amusedly, though I couldn't see his facial expression, he was sat on the sofa with his back to me, reading the newspaper.

"I need your help, there are some kids round the back of the house who won't leave, please come with me." I pleaded urgently, checking to see if the posse were still there, and to no surprise they were.

"Ok." He said defiantly, staring out to see the people staring back at him through the window. "You stay he-",

"No, I'm coming too."





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