Your mine.

Kristal Kate is a 14 year old werewolf that lives in the rich city of Bacore. Her family isn't poor... then again they aren't rich. But theirs someone in their town who really is, rich I mean. He's the son of a famous book writer, Jane King and hotel businessman, Balt king . Kate ends up in a slave trade, and is bought by none other than rich boy and his pals. But what happens when this rich boy and his friends are really vampires?


1. Welcome.

I tried to ignore the uneasy feeling in my stomach as I walked the empty streets of Bacore, one of the richest cities known. My family isn't rich, but we are not poor. I mean, we can afford food and electricity and things, we're not THAT poor. But we cant afford a mansion or anything like that either. My footsteps echoed on the empty street, and everything was silent. Too silent. I walked a little faster, but then there was a sound behind me. Footsteps, maybe? I spun around, but saw nothing. So I turned back and kept walking, only faster this time. There it was again. Footsteps. My mind reeled for any possible answers. Then I had a thought that scared me half to death.


Maybe there was a... Ghost?


Then I felt a pair of cold hands on my shoulders. I open my mouth to scream, but another pair of hands cover my mouth. I struggled against them, then I went limp. The hand on my mouth softens a bit and I bite into his hand. Hard. The man yelped and let go. I started to run but the other man caught me, one arm over my shoulders and the other hand over my mouth, it wouldn't help to bite this one, he had a glove on. " She bit me! The stupid thing bit me!" This angered me, how dare he call me a thing! I am not a thing! Then I got an idea, I shifted. The man holding me gasped and pulled a napkin out of his pocket. After shaking it out, he brought it to my nose. I didn't resist, after all, what can a napkin do? Nothing, right? Wrong. As soon as I breathed in the smell of the napkin, I shifted, and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't shift back. I also found that I couldn't speak.


The men relaxed a bit but held onto me. We stood there for a long time until a white van came. A woman came out of the van and walked around me, checking me out. She was wearing a black dress, a lip ring, and red high- heeled boots. " Hmm, she's average height, in good shape, and her brown hair has a tint of red in it. And she's very white, probably one of her best features." She took something out of her pocket and unwrapped it from its cloth. It had a needle on it. She injected it into my arm and took some blood. She checked the little white screen on the front of it. I saw her eyes widen a bit, then she ordered the men to open my mouth so she could check my teeth. I didn't mind her looking at my teeth since there perfectly strait and white. So I open my mouth for them, earning a look from the lady. She checked my teeth, not once daring to put her hand in my mouth. " Her parents were right about her, she has a very unique blood type, and her teeth are very nice. It looks like we got a good one, they'll get their nine thousand dollars. Put her in the car." I struggled against them madly, my parents did this to me! Do they even care about their own daughter? Obviously not! And I was worth much more than nine thousand dollars! The two men took hold of me and forced me into the back of the van. One of the men pulled me into his lap and held me there.


We drove for a few hours, until we came to a stop in front of a building. It looked like an old studio, and looking around you could see there were no more buildings for miles around, only this large studio-like structure and a gigantic parking lot off the main road. The man that was holding me in his lap picked me up and carried me into the building. The lady sitting at the desk peered over her glasses to look at me, then she pushed her glasses back up her nose with a finger and typed something into a computer. Then she turned to me said, " So your the girl they have been talking about. Kate, right? Kristal Kate?" I nodded, and she turned to the man holding me and jerked her thumb towards the door to her left. The man nodded and took me into the room. The room was a pale green and only had a bed in it and another door that led to a white marble bathroom.


The man placed me down and ordered, " Strip" I asked him if he could turn around, but he laughed and said no. I crossed my arms and refused. " So you want to be punished, huh?" He took off his belt and started coming toward me. I held my hands up and backed away until I hit a wall. He grabbed my shoulder and turned me around, shoving me into the wall. Bringing his hand back, he whipped my back several times." Ouch!" I cried out in pain. " So are you going to listen now, or do I have to do that again?" I shook my head no and stripped. He just stood there with his arms crossed, watching. It made me nervous. Once I was naked, he tossed me panties and a bra. " Put these on and go to sleep, you have a busy day tomorrow" He said, heading for the door, " Oh, and one more thing; welcome to TortureRain slave house." And with that, he slammed the door.



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