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Kristal Kate is a 14 year old werewolf that lives in the rich city of Bacore. Her family isn't poor... then again they aren't rich. But theirs someone in their town who really is, rich I mean. He's the son of a famous book writer, Jane King and hotel businessman, Balt king . Kate ends up in a slave trade, and is bought by none other than rich boy and his pals. But what happens when this rich boy and his friends are really vampires?


3. Sold.

I am absolutely terrified. They had reached girl number 45 by now and I was coming up soon. The girl next to me was shaking like crazy, and she kept mumbling, " Mom." and, "Dad" over and over again. When she saw me looking she said, " Who are you looking at? What are you?" This surprised me, I thought she would assume I was a regular human. " I'm a werewolf." As I said the word, her eyes went wide and she started freaking out. " Eeewwww! Get away from me! You filthy werewolf!" At this, I got mad. Really mad. " Oh? And what are you? The queen of England?" I shot back. I personally think that remark was pretty clever. She just scoffed and turned away, crying again. " Bother much?" I said under my breath, and I twisted my head to take a look at the girls number. 72. "Number 46!" Said the loud speaker and a pretty girl with blonde hair and blue eyes got up. She had on lots of makeup. I hate makeup. As she walked through the side door, I got a glimpse of what was going on in that room. There had to be at least 300 people! Then I realized something, I was next! I immediately got butterflies in my stomach. What if some mean old man choses me? I cant bare the thought! Then, the moment I had been dreading. " 47!" I got up and walked through the door. The room I was in was glass with doors on either side. I could hear and see everything going on outside the room.


Then the announcer started up, " And here we have Kristal Kate! She has beautiful brown hair with natural red highlights and brown eyes. She's pure white, stands at 5.3 ft tall, and weighs at exactly 94 pounds. She comes from an honest background, not to mention she has the rarest blood type. She's 14 years old. Now, shall we start the bidding? We'll start at $600." How had they gotten all this information? Oh yeah, my parents. But why didn't they mention I was a werewolf? At least fifty hands went up right away and the numbers quickly started climbing.  " And we have the man in the back offering fifteen thousand dollars." I looked up to see an old man with a bald head. " Going once, twice, so-" Just then another hand lifted up in the middle of the room. " Forty-five thousand dollars." Said a voice. Gasps ignited throughout the room. Then, the loud speaker came on, " Going once, going twice. Sold to the young man in the suit." Then a couple guards came into the glass room and escorted me through one of the side glass doors.


 I was taken to the front office where I had first came in and I lifted my head to see four guys talking. " I cant believe you wasted all the money we brought." Said one, shaking his head. Then, they saw me. " Hi." They said in unison. I mumbled hi back. Just then, the desk clerk lady looked up from her computer and said, " Ok, here is all her papers. Just please sign here at the bottom and you're done! " She pushed some papers toward them and the one that had spent all their money on me stepped forward and signed the paper on the top of the pile. Then he handed the top paper to the lady and tucked the rest of the papers under his arm. " So your Kate? Hi, I'm Zayn." He gestured towards himself, then towards the rest of the guys, " And these are Louis, Harry, and Liam. Niall decided to stay at the hotel. Were the famous boy band, One Direction" I nodded towards them, wondering who this Niall character is. I wasn't exactly sure how to react towards them, they all seemed scary. Especially the one introduced as Harry.


" C'mon, lets go." Said Liam. I crossed my arms and stayed put. Suddenly, Liam disappeared and I felt someone pick me up and throw me over their shoulder. Vampire! I wiggled around and demanded him to put me down. He did, then picked me up again bridal style. By the time we got to the car, I was really mad and shouted, " PUT ME DOWN!" He finally did, but threw me into the car. I landed on the middle seat in the back and Liam slid in next to me. Louis was in the drivers seat, Zayn in the passenger seat. Harry was on my left and Liam to my right. I scooted as far away from Harry as possible without touching Liam. Harry laughed and said, " Your scared of me? What did I ever do to you?"  He slapped my face. " Harry!" They all shouted. " What was that for?" Yelled Zayn, " Are you trying to make her afraid of you?" Harry just turned away and looked out the window. I held my cheek were he hurt me. It stung. " I'm sorry, he shouldn't have done that." Said Liam. I just nodded my head and looked down. Don't cry. Its going to be OK, you just need to get used to them. Try to find out more about them. I told myself. I nodded.  " You're all vampires." I said flatly after a few minutes. They all nodded their heads. I sighed. This gonna be a long life.




We arrived at the hotel about thirty awkward minutes later. The boys help me out of the car and Liam picked me up again. I growled. " Whoa, hey. OK, I'm putting you down." He set me down and we walked into the room together. It was huge! There were 3 queen size beds and 2 plush pullout couches with a gigantic flat screen TV! And it had a full kitchen! There was a sign on the wall the said, 'Don't Worry, The Walls Are Sound Proof.' " You like it?" Asked Harry, seeing my face. I just nodded and put my head down. He smirked. Just then, Louis's phone rang. He picked it up and talked into it. " Niall? Were are you? Were at the hotel already. Oh, so your headed back? Good, because we got the most beautiful girl. Yeah, thanks Niall." He hung up and went into the bathroom. I went into the kitchen and made myself a glass of water.  " Does anyone want hot chocolate?" I yelled, noticing a bottle of chocolate syrup. The boys immediately yelled, " Yeah!" I smiled. This might actually be fun. I started the hot chocolate and then I went back out and stood in the living room. The boys were there, staring at me. I shifted my weight uncomfortably.


Just then, the door opened and in walked the most gorgeous man I ever saw. He had wavy hair and midnight blue eyes, and I could already tell that even though he tried to act mean and like he didn't care about anything, he was really a big softie. " Niall, my man, your back! So, what do you think?" Said Liam, gesturing towards me. I didn't wait for an answer. I ran strait into Niall's arms, nearly barreling him over. " Whoa!" He said, and I backed up and looked down, realizing what I just did. I'm sure my face was bright red. " I think she fancies you Niall." Said Zayn in between laughs. Just then, Harry came up and said, " Why didn't you do that when you first saw me?" I ran behind Niall's back, since he's the only one I trust. I don't know why, that's just the way it is. " What did you do to her?" Asked Niall, lifting his arm to look at me. I burrowed further into his back. Zayn spoke up, " He hit her in the car. For no reason." Everyone was glaring at Harry. Harry was glaring at me. Louis sighed, " Look, what Harry did was wrong. But lets leave the past in the past. After all, we do need to establish some rules with Kate." Then he took out a piece of paper from his pocket and handed it to me. I unfolded it and read it.


The paper:




1. Do everything we tell you to do.


2. No boyfriends


3. Bedtime is at 10:30


4. You belong to us


5. If we want sex, you give it to us


6. If any guests come over that we don't want to know your a slave, then your Louis's sister


7. ( Louis to the guys; Hey! Why do I have to be her brother? Why cant it be Zayn? Or Niall?)


8. No escaping/ trying to run away


9. No mumbling


10. Never yell or talk back to any of us.


11. You with be punished only with spanking unless the matter is very serious and requires other consequences.


                                                                            Sincerely, The Guys.]


I stopped dead at sex and again at spanking. Were they serious? I looked up at the guys, and their faces were serious as ever. I turned my heel, stomped into the bathroom,  slammed the door, and slowly sliding my back down the door until I was sitting on the cold tile. I thought I was going to cry. I don't want to. I hate crying. I could hear the guys talking outside, " Is she OK?" Asked Zayn. They were quiet for a moment, then Louis spoke up, " She's fine, she probably just needs some time." He was wrong. I didn't need some time. I needed practically forever. Then Liam said, " Maybe one of us should go talk to her. You know, help her get use to the idea." Then I heard his footsteps coming to the door. "Kate? Come on out Kate. Its not that bad." I knew he was right, but I refused. He sighed and said, " Niall, why don't you try? She seems to like you." Niall's footsteps sounded. " Kate, open the door. I know you don't like the idea of spankings and that kind of stuff. But, uh, Liam's right. It cant be that bad." I considered this for a moment, then slowly unlocked the door.


When I opened the door, they all smiled at me. All except for Harry. He just stood their smirking. Then he laughed evilly, " You looked so funny when you stormed about like that." A couple of the guys chuckled. I stood up and crossed my arms, giving them the meanest face I could muster. They just doubled over, laughing. Even Niall was chuckling. I lost it. " OH, SO THINK IT'S FUNNY, HUH? DO YOU THINK IM GOING TO BE HAVING ANY FUN? YOU GUYS MAKE ME SICK!" I yelled. I picked up a dictionary from the side table next to me and hurled it at them. It hit Louis on the head then hit Liam were the sun don't shine. I backed up, seeing their faces and made a run for the door. liam got their before I did and picked me up, throwing me over his shoulder. He walk over to the bed and pushed me down. Pushing himself on top of me, blocking all paths of escape.  " Never. Do. That. Again." He said through clenched teeth. I gulped and tried to lean further back into the bed.. " Yes sir." I whispered. he nodded his head and backed up. I ran into the bathroom and locked the door.


[ Hey guys! What do you think? Let me just say to those of you that despise of spanking, my sister told me that adding 'Adult Content' makes a story better so that's the only reason I added that. Plus, I got the idea from a few freinds. Please like, fav, and comment!]








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