Your mine.

Kristal Kate is a 14 year old werewolf that lives in the rich city of Bacore. Her family isn't poor... then again they aren't rich. But theirs someone in their town who really is, rich I mean. He's the son of a famous book writer, Jane King and hotel businessman, Balt king . Kate ends up in a slave trade, and is bought by none other than rich boy and his pals. But what happens when this rich boy and his friends are really vampires?


4. Friends.

I opened my eyes and yawned, stretching my arms in the air. Looking around, I sat up, seeing the boys still asleep in bed. Looking at were Harry was sleeping on the other side of the room, I got an idea. Smiling evilly, I got up and went into the kitchen, pulling out a large white bowl, and turned on the faucet in the sink. Running freezing cold water, I dipped the bowl underneath, shivering as some of the cold water sprayed onto my hands. Turning off the faucet, I sneaked back into the bedroom, and up to Harrys bed. Then I dipped the bowl, causing Harry to be engulfed in the freezing water. " AAAAAHHHHHHH! WHAT THE-!" Harry immediately leaped up and chased me around the room. The other boys were up now, laughing as a dripping wet Harry chased me. As I went by Louis's bed, he reached out and grabbed the back of my shirt. Pulling me onto the bed with him, he started tickling me. The others laughed and joined in. " No... Wait! Please... Oh please stop. Stop!" The boys finally stopped, and I slid off the bed, breathing hard and laughing, onto the floor.


Harry was shivering about six ft away, " What a wake up call! Your a wild one, Kate, I'll give you that. I'm going to go take a shower. A nice hot shower." As soon as he closed the door, we burst out laughing again. Then Louis spoke up, " Alright, before you get any more wild, we should know a bit about you first. Zayne, go get her papers." Zayne nodded, and went to retrieve the papers they got from the slave house. I frowned. After a dinner of pizza and hot chocolate last night, I had sat down to take a look at what my parents had said about had said about me, and it mentioned I was a werewolf.


What's with the face? You didn't rob a bank or anything, did ya?" Asked Zayne, coming back with the papers and handing them to Louise, then he came and sat down on the floor next to me. I shook my head, " It might be worse than that depending on what you think of it." Louis frowned and looked down at the papers, quickly reading through them. Then he stopped in the middle of reading one. He looked up at me, " Shift. Now." The other boys gave me a long look. Just then, Harry came out of the bathroom. He was wearing a towel around his waist and was using another towel to dry his hair. " What?" He asked. Louis nodded towards me, " Go ahead Kate. Show us."


I sighed and stood up and shifted. The boys gasped. " Your a werewolf, Kate? Cool." Said Liam, reaching out to pet my head. ' Yeah, so your not mad?' I mind linked them. They all shook their heads. I wagged my tail. ' I thought because your vampires. . . and all. Well, werewolves and vampire don't exactly have a good history together.' They shrugged. " We don't care." Said Louis, then he looked worriedly at  Niall. I turned and saw Niall was shaking. Then, he couldnt hold it in anymore. " SO cute!" He yelled and picked my up, holding me tight like stuffed animal.


I yelped and wiggled around, trying to get out of his grasp. The other boys were practically rolling all over the floor laughing.  I bark as loud as I can and Niall drops me in surprise. I take the moment to catch my breath, plopping down onto the floor. Looking over at Naill, who was still shaking, I shift to make sure it doesn't happen again. Looking around the room, I figure its about time to try to escape, and not go home because my parents sold me, but to start a new life.





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