Your mine.

Kristal Kate is a 14 year old werewolf that lives in the rich city of Bacore. Her family isn't poor... then again they aren't rich. But theirs someone in their town who really is, rich I mean. He's the son of a famous book writer, Jane King and hotel businessman, Balt king . Kate ends up in a slave trade, and is bought by none other than rich boy and his pals. But what happens when this rich boy and his friends are really vampires?


2. Dont hurt me!

I woke up to find myself in the green room. I sighed, so it was real. I had been kinda hoping it was a dream. I got up and walked to the door, trying the handle, I was not surprised to see that it was locked. Just then, I heard a key turn on the other side and I rushed back to the bed. The door opened just as I sat down and a young girl came in, followed by the man from yesterday. I tried to cover myself with the bed sheets but the girl came over and yanked them off me, starting to pull me out of the bed. "Hey!" I cried. The girl still didn't utter a peep. I decided not to make her job any harder for her since she looked really sad and like she didn't want to be here so I walked along with her. She took me into the bathroom and started to run the water in the bath. I noticed that there was also a door on the other side of the bathroom. This one was blue. The man followed us in and, locking the door behind him, and stood there with his arms crossed. I edged away from him. He just smirked. The girl came over to me and took off my bra. Throwing it off to the side, she reached for my panties. " No!" I cried, and jumped out of her reach. When she reached out again, I slapped her hand out of the way. She just stood there with a bewildered look on her face. The man came over and grabbed my hands, holding them behind my back with one hand and slapping my cheek with the other. I stopped moving and the girl slid off my panties. Picking me up, the man layed me down in the water, then returned to his place by the door. The girl shampooed, rinsed, and rubbed me down before helping me out of the bath and drying me off with a towel.


She then took me by the hand and led me through the other door. Inside, the room was pale blue with a blue vanity and a chair off to the corner. There was no bed. The girl made me sit on the chair in front of the vanity and pulled open one of the drawers. The man took the chair from the corner of the room and brought it over. Sitting down, he put a hand on my shoulder. I shifted uncomfortably. When noticed the girl pull out some makeup, I immediately said," No makeup please. I, um, I don't like have a bunch of gunk on my face." The man smirked but didn't say anything. Just then the girl spoke up, " OK, but can you please at least wear lip gloss? I think this shade would be perfect for you." She said, holding up a pretty shade of pink. I nodded, amazed that she finally spoke. I was beginning to think she was mute, the poor girl. I guess she's just shy. Then I had an idea. If she was finally talking, maybe I can finally get some answers to my questions. " What am I doing here?" I asked the girl, who was now brushing my hair. I saw the mans hand go up and I just nearly dodged it from hitting my face. It hit my ear instead.


" Mike!" The girl exclaimed, " Will you please stop it! She just asked a question, and she has the right to get some answers! What's gotten into you!?" I sat back, surprised. The man looked surprised too, then he said, " Alright Marcy, if that's what you want, I'll leave her alone. But don't you ever talk to me that way again, you hear me?" His face turned dark. Marcy nodded and turned back to doing my hair. " Your parents needed some money, so when Mike came up to them at the bar and saw they were poor he offered an amount of money for any daughters they may have. Your parents agreed so they arranged to get you on your way home from work. That's how you ended up here. After this you'll be going to the auction house to get sold." she told me, taking out a curling iron and plugging it into the wall. " Sold?" I repeated, " You mean like... A slave?" I asked, my voice shaking. " I'm afraid so." She replied, shaking her head. The man gave a deep laugh, " You know... I wouldn't be surprised if you ended up someone sex slave." My face paled at the thought. The girl, uh, I mean, Marcy, shook her head and walked over to the closet in the back of the room. Opening the door, she picked out a blue crop top with an open back and a vary short black skirt. Then she picked out some black open, toe high heels with dark blue bows and walked back to us. Taking the towel off my shoulders, she helped me into the clothes so as not to mess up my hair. Then she opened another vanity drawer and pulled out some black scull earrings and a blue bow ankle-bracelet. After putting them on me, she helped me up and gave me a hug. " Good luck." She whispered, then handed me over to Mike. Mike grabbed my upper arm and led me out the door.


We walked through the lobby, then through a couple more rooms until we reached a big black door. He opened the door, shoved me inside, and left me there. Inside was at least fifty girls, and all of them looked like they had been crying. I think I was I'm the only one who hasn't cried so far. Then suddenly and man grabbed me from behind. "What are you stand there for?" He gave me several lashes with his belt on my back and a couple on my stomach. Then he gave me a few on my legs. I cried out. Finishing with me, he pushed me into a long line that was forming. "Are you OK?" Asked the girl in front me. She had red hair and a lot of freckles. Definitely Irish. I nodded. The girl examined the lash marks and said, " Their white for now so no one can see them, but they'll scar in about a day. Are you a werewolf too?" I nodded. The cuts hurt like hell, but I was glad no one could see them. By now, I had gotten to the front the line. The girl sitting in the chair at the front took my arm, stamped the upper part with a number, and signaled me over to a couple rows of chairs off to the left. I nodded my head and walked over to the chairs. Choosing the one farthest away from the door to the right of the chairs, I checked the number on my arm. I was number 47. The numbers were written in big black letters. Then a voice rang on the loud speaker. The auction was about to begin.



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