This Can't Be Real

Oh my god.. This can't be real. He is way to perfect for me. I can't believe he thinks I actually exist, and he likes me back? Mason drives me crazy, perfect skin tone, soft smile, and blue eyes. I could do so many things with him *bites my lip*
"Haven! Wake up!" Sam called out.
Just another day dream... could that really happen?


1. Interview at TFU of Texas

 I stare at the small cup of water sitting on the desk in front of me. Everything feels like it's in slow motion, watching the small drops of water run down the plastic cup. I sit there waiting and waiting wondering if I will ever be good enough for this school. TFU (Top Fashion University of Texas). I hear the most famous degsiners started here.

"Eh-em, Ms. Haven?" I snap up focused again. "Yes, yes that is me" I move my drawings and degsines around on the desk to gather them in a skittish way. "Hello, sorry, Im Haven Ashford." I shake the elder lady's hand. Older she is, but what can I say? I think in my head 'oh, I love your boots! They are bewildering.'  Ugh I think that is too nice. My mind rushes trying to find things to say. "How do you do Ms. Ashford?" She says to me in a calm older voice, she sounds like she is from England maybe?  "I am doing great, a bit nervous, sorry for that, I have never been to an interview like this and I jus-" She stops me "You can stop talking now." I sit back down quietly looking at the plastic cup again. "So Ms. Ashford, tell me about your history of fashion." My mind rushes again, not a clue what to say. "Oh, uhm" I pause forgetting everything I had planned to say. I ruffle through my papers again pointing out a dress I sketched the night before. "As a young girl I always had a thing for drawing dresses. My mother always made my cloths out of scratch as I was growing up. I loved to sit by the fire and.." she cuts me off again. "Haven I did not ask about your life story about cloths, I asked about your history with fashion. What have you done to get this interview?" I am frozen again, what do I say? 'oh I just got bored and up and called you guys to make random dresses out of curtains? No.'

I look at her for a moment. "You know, as I watched my mother sew, I realized that, Is life really as hard as this? No money, never able to buy my most fancy scarf there is? I thought about how as a kid I got picked on as a young girl because I wasn't the girl with J's on my feet or a Guess wallet in my hands. I said to myself, I could make this easier. I could make a move not for only the poor but for the happiness in life." I pause and take a breath. "I want to make a difference. No, I don't have a history in fashion but I do have my heart and how I feel about others." The lady stares at me for a moment. "Very well, So, you would rather make beautiful dresses for thrift shops rather make expensive ball gowns?" I look into her eyes. Confirming how I feel about what I just told her. "Risky, young one, but I give you a call. Thank you for coming. Maybe I will see you around here, I will talk to the board."

Just like that the interview was over. I grabed the plastic cup of water and drank the few gulps that was in it, then i left  the table.

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