Wizards of waverly place and the russo reunion

Book One.Here you can see what happened to the wizards in their near future and their lives after this will be like multiple stories each one is different. Basically this is going to be like the series on disney channel. Enjoy and please follow and always comment for new book or chapter ideas or just to say your comment. Please point out any mistakes.


2. going to the Russo reunion

Jerry:"kids get up we have two hours to get ready"

Alex: ugh if we have two hours to get ready then why do we have to get up at 8:00 and it's a Saturday and that's my sleep until Sunday day.

Justin: why did I stay up all night reading a book of spells. I should have gone to bed early.

Max: why did I pack only 4 shirts I should have packed one and two pants I'm so stupid

Theresa:"kids get up now!"


Alex: me and Harper shared a hotel room so I decided to wake her up."Harper are you awake"

Harper:"now I am" I said sarcastically and annoyed

Alex:"today you want to......come with me and mason to you know hang out after the stupid pre reunion." I know I'll regret this later.

Harper:" of course then I can take pictures and add it to the scrapbook I'm making for each of us so then when we get older we can see our teenage memories"

Alex:"ok" so does that she has pictures of us everywhere now that's creepy. So does she like stalk us?

A few hours later-

Jerry:"kids c'mon the cab is here"


****At the reunion****

(Note that Carmela is Jerry's cousin I think)

Carmela:"jerry who are these three kids that I never have met"

Jerry:"oh they are our kids friends the girl in the clam bake outfit is Harper our daughters only friend, the blonde girl is Juliet she's Justin's vampire girlfriend whom Justin has searched for and has never given up on finding her, and he's mason and is Alex's werewolf boyfriend. "

Theresa:ugh I'm living a horror film and the worst part is it just keeps going and going

Alex:"uh hi Carmela remember me from a few months ago"

Carmela:"yes I don't have memory loss"

Justin:" dad I just got a call from wiz-tech I'll be gone for a few hours c'mon Juliet" we both flashed out and left which was convenient .

Alex:"this place looks great but is this grape juice made by foot or bought? Because outside someone is stomping on grapes"

Carmela:"it's bought" probably not bought

Alex:"oh ok good"

Jerry:"kids you can go out and look around but be back in 2 hours."

Alex:"ok c'mon mason come on ....Harper"

Harper :"can we go to the leaning tower of pizza"

Alex:"fine" after we flashed out we were on the leaning tower of pizza and then I saw someone down who looked exactly like Dominick. Probably my imagination.

Harper:" Alex let's take a picture it's for my scrapbook"

Alex:" ok " after we took the picture I realized how Harper felt when I followed Zeke and Harper around there was just no alone time. Then we all ate pizza and left back home good thing to. She was starting to get really weird.

Harper: after Alex flashed us home I went to bed " night guys"

Mason: I thought that since today Harper was hanging out with us I would hang out with Alex on one of those boat rides and then a romantic dinner. "So Alex maybe tomorrow you want to go out"

Alex:"sorry mason but tomorrow I have to be with my family for the reunion."

Masson:"it's all right I understand"

Alex:"but when we get back to the substation we can sit on the couch and do nothing"

Mason:"sure I would love to do nothing with you" I said kind of sarcastic.

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