Wizards of waverly place and the russo reunion

Book One.Here you can see what happened to the wizards in their near future and their lives after this will be like multiple stories each one is different. Basically this is going to be like the series on disney channel. Enjoy and please follow and always comment for new book or chapter ideas or just to say your comment. Please point out any mistakes.


1. During the Russo family reunion

(Note that Harper,Juliet and mason came along)

At the hotel-

Alex:"hey dad since we finished unpacking can we go out and you know explore"

Jerry:"sure but be back before 8:00"

Alex:"c'mon mason lets go"

Mason:"ok sure "

Harper:"oh can I......." Of course they flashed out well this stinks eh who cares I will just write my novel about Alex and mason except the names are Alexa and Jason. They will never guess right?

Outside in Italy-

Alex:" mason you know a few months ago how I said that son stupid kid saying peekaboo peekaboo would bother my dad?"

Mason:"yes because there was a kid bothering all of us"

Alex:"yea I wish we could have used the magic fast pass"

Mason:" Yea but your parents don't really like magic… anyway wanna get some pizza?"

Alex:"sure I've always wanted to eat pizza from Italy"

Waiter:"What would you two like to eat?"

Alex:"One pizza and two milkshakes right mason?"

Mason:"yea" is it weird that the waiter kinda looks like Dominick

Alex:"mason are you ok"

Mason:"I'm fine but does that waiter remind you of someone"

Alex:"oh yea do you mean that guy who sells cheap braclets that turn your whole arm green"

Mason:"yea... but he also sounds and kinda looks like Dominick" but she does have a point about the first thing

Alex:"no only facial features but he is a blonde" maybe mason is right........pftt yea right

Mason:"yea I guess but I got you a gift"

Alex: As I opened the little blue box I saw a cute golden locket with a heart with diamonds surrounding it locket with a picture of when we had our first date "uh mason it's gorgeous I love it"

Mason :"I'm glad you like it… but we really should get going it's getting late."

Alex:"ok let's go but this place is so empty I guess here in Italy people hate their food more than the substations"

(It started to rain)

Mason:"hear put on my jacket you may get a cold"

Alex:"thanks mason" after a good romantic kiss this reminded me of well…

Alex:"this reminds me of you know..."

Both of them:"our first kiss"

Mason:"we should get going love I don't want you to get a chest cold"

Alex:"alright let's flash out"

Back at the hotel-

Theresa:"you two are soaking wet here are some towels dry yourself. Jerry why have you never put your good jean jacket on me when we are out and it's raining"

Jerry:"uh honey we barely go out but next time we can do that" not really that jean jacket was pretty pricey almost $30!

Harper:"how was your date"

Alex:"it was fine" the room was empty so I decided to tell Harper what happened "so at the little cafe mason thought Dominick was the waiter but he was blonde but his face looked like his"

Harper:"maybe he thought it was his imagination and thought it was real. Or it was Dominick hard to tell really maybe if I was there I could've helped"

Justin's P.O.V

Justin:I yelled out to Harper and Alex "guys dinner is ready" then me and Juliet continued to watch "Mean Girls" it's her favorite movie but I think it's a cliché. I would rather watch something else but I love Juliet and I'll watch the biggest cliché for her.

Juliet:" I love this movie don't you"

Justin:" it's okay I guess"

Juliet:" I love you" then I have him a soft kiss and we continued to watch "Mean Girls"

Alex's P.O.V

Alex:"Harper don't tell anyone and… fine next time you can come with me and mason if you fake a horrible Italian accent all night"

Harper:"ok fine MamaMia" I just felt stupid at this point because I was wearing a pizza dress with a terrible Italian accent

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