Feel Free Book One

"You shall be my new daughter," My 'father' exclaimed as he walked out the door.

There is a man, a crazy man, who's daughter died at the age of six. It's been ten years, today would be her sixteenth birthday. This man has hunted down and tortured over six hundred six year olds to make up for his loss. One day he doesn't take a six year old. Today on my birthday and hers, he took me.


1. Prolouge

Unknown POV
She's gone, my baby girl is gone! SHE'S THE ONLY THING I'VE EVER LOVED BESIDES HER MOTHER! To make the matters worse it's my fault she died. Oh baby my precious baby girl is gone and dead. Precious I love you, and I will kill those bastards that killed you. 

Precious would be sixteen today, and so is one of my clients, her name my precious baby girls name was Madeleine, my client will take  he  place she will be my new Madeleine, but I must change her name and move us to my mansion in Florida. My client will no longer be my client, because she will be my PRECIOUS!

Please don't copy my book because I would never do that to you, if you believe that I am copying your book please tell me so that I can fix that, because if I do copy your book it's not on purpose. When the book is finished I might go through and edit it but that won't be for a while so sorry! I will update every week at least once!
love ya,

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