Feel Free Book One

"You shall be my new daughter," My 'father' exclaimed as he walked out the door.

There is a man, a crazy man, who's daughter died at the age of six. It's been ten years, today would be her sixteenth birthday. This man has hunted down and tortured over six hundred six year olds to make up for his loss. One day he doesn't take a six year old. Today on my birthday and hers, he took me.


3. Chapter Two- What in the name of God is Florida

Hedi's POV

Ugh my head hurts, wait where am I? I sat up and blinked, there's literally no light in here whatsoever, I can barely see my hands. Click, that must've been the door, I immediately lay down and pretend to be asleep. "Ah ah ah precious don't even pretend to be asleep, I know your awake. You see precious I know everything," I slowly opened up my eyes and looked up at my captor, "Precious your finally home one waited ten whole years to see my baby girl again. They lied to you baby girl your name isn't Hedi it's Madeleine. Oh precious baby girl no one can hurt you now, daddy's got you." I looked up at the man, does he mean to say I was kidnapped when I was six by my parents? What the hell? Is this man my father? "Baby girl say something?" I looked up at him, "Where's mum?" 

"Your mother died trying to keep you away from those horrid people. They kidnap rich children at a young age and raise them poor then when they turn eighteen they brutally murder them and mover countries."

"So it took you ten years to find me and get me back, good Lord if you waited two more years I would be dead."

"Exactly precious that's why I had to find you, follow me and I'll take you up to your mum's old closet so you can find something to wear then Blake will take you shopping!" Shopping! YAY! I've never been shopping before all my clothes were hand me downs from my ex parents aka the original kidnappers' friends. Everything was so confusing to me, like so the people who claimed to be my mom and dad kidnapped me from my real father so he stole me back and it turns out he's a billionaire life could not get more perfect. This year, my senior year will be different this time I will be the popular girl, just not a bitchy one. 

  Step One: The Look

So for the first step of my plan I'm gonna need to upgrade first off contacts, no more little kid glasses. My contacts would have to be grey ones to bring out the colour in my eyes. I told Blake about my plan and he thought that it was perfect, (it turned out Blake's younger brother once fell for Whitney's charms. As I recently learned Whitney is the school bitch the one who I will have to beat,). We walked to the eye doctor, after a few minutes he brought out the contacts I would need along with my prescription. "Where to next Misstress Milady Magnificent Madey?" Blake asked me jokingly, "To the clothes store and Victoria's Secret Big Bad Blakey." I said while giggling. Blake was pretty cool and would probably be my new best friend, I wonder if I would ever see Garret again. I went into Victoria's Secret by myself, trying on different types of lingerie. Once I finished clothes shopping, we went to a hair stylist, my Brown stick straight hair would never do in a school like this. I needed blonde beach waves. The salon lady taught me exactly how to style my hair properly, and even taught me other styles I could do. Next time for nails every girl has got to get a mani-pedi or else she'll go crazy. Blake looked at me with a strange expression almost pity, but I decided just to brush it off. After we were done shopping for everything Blake drove me home. I walked through the door and saw my father watching tv, "Hi daddy! I dyed my hair blonde so it goes perfect for the plan. You see I'm gonna make sure every single mean girl in that school gets her but handed to her in Christmas wrapping. Afterwards I'm gonna dye it back to its original colour, frankly I like the brown better. But sacrifices must be made in order for evil queens to come down." He smiled at me and hugged me back, "I love it my precious baby girl." I was so happy that he approved. I've never really had an adult approve of me before. I went upstairs and crashed on my huge bed.


Fred's POV

She's so innocent little Hedi. Of course she'll never understand why I lied to her. My little girl was gone and Hedi was simply another replacement. This one thought, Hedi was the one who would be married and hive me grandchildren. She will never figure out my lie.


Sorry I have writers block and well this chapter is shorter than I wanted it to be but to make sure  everyone understands, Fred kidnapped Hedi to replace his dead six year old who wa  killed in a break in at the same time as her mother. Fred was upset so he kidnapped multiple girls to make up for his dead daughter Madeleine none of them were perfect, so he found Hedi and she was exactly who he wants  to act as his daughter. He lied to her saying that her parents were the murderers not him. Hedi is also extremely smart and was skipped two grades so she is a senior. Sorry for the shitty content but I mean if you don't like it don't read it don't blame your taste on my awesomeness. Also everyone who puts up with this book y'all are awesome.
Love Ya,

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