Feel Free Book One

"You shall be my new daughter," My 'father' exclaimed as he walked out the door.

There is a man, a crazy man, who's daughter died at the age of six. It's been ten years, today would be her sixteenth birthday. This man has hunted down and tortured over six hundred six year olds to make up for his loss. One day he doesn't take a six year old. Today on my birthday and hers, he took me.


2. Chapter One- Happy Birthday To Me Said No One Ever

Hedi's POV

Beep beep beep, my stupid alarm clock rang, well at least it's my sixteenth birthday! Finally I can take my drivers test and get out of this dump. I slowly peel the covers off my long legs, only to be met with the freezing cold air. My family of seventeen couldn't afford a heater. Since I am the oldest and the only non adopted child my parents let me have my own room. I ran to my closet, and grabbed short summer dress, not short enough to be caught breaking dress code, but short enough to draw attention from guys. I put the dress on and headed towards the bathroom to do my make-up, I only do simple make-up I put on light foundation and some powder, mascara, and some light  pink lip gloss to match my dress. I walked downstairs and grabbed a slice of toast, everyday my family has toast for breakfast, probably because it's super cheap and easy to make. I ran out the door and hopped on my bike, my mom wouldn't let me have our second car until I officially had my drivers license. It took me about three minutes to bike to my school. I had this really weird feeling that I was being watched, which I mean could never happen I'm the loner girl, I literally have no friends. I chained up my bike, and walked through the front doors, most kids would usually be listening to their iPods and shit but my family can't afford any of it. My homeroom class is Maths I HATE this class like who cares about finding the X not me! I plan on marrying rich so I can give my kids more than what I have, I'll worry about me getting a job later. I quickly walked to my locker to get my books, but Chelsea beat me to it. (Chelsea is the head bitchy slut of this school she has the locker next to me and likes to make out with her latest flings on my locker) "Hey Chelsea can you get off my locker please?" I asked her for the third time. She shook her head and pressed closer to Jason the schools biggest man whore. I sighed and pushed them off my locker, grabbed my books and turned to leave when Chelsea shoved my books so they went flying every where. I bent over to grab them and Jason thought that would be the perfect moment to slap me on the ass like no Jason I HATE YOU go back to your whore. Chelsea didn't like that and pushed  me onto the floor with her seven inch heels, "OMG HEDI YOU ARE SUCH A SLUT JASON IS MY BOYFRIEND AND NOW BECAUSE OF YOUR WHORISH WAYS HE THINKS YOUR ATTRACTIVE AND GUESS WHAT YOUR NOT AND NO ONE WILL EVER LOVE YOU! URGH!" She screamed at me and stomped off. Chelsea hates me. Garret (probably the closest person to me ever) came up and helped me get my stuff, "Garret you didn't have to do that I can handle Chelsea." I gave him a pointed look. "Hedi you obviously need the sexy mass that is me to get rid of that bitch or else your pretty little ass wouldn't be on the floor now would it?" He asked, I sighed. I still felt like someone was watching me which was weird because  everyone thinks I'm a slut because I was raped when I was fourteen, no I didn't get pregnant because I was on my period. Garret was the person who found me and says that it's because destiny put us together or some shit like that. I walked into my Maths class late, "Ahh Ms. McAfee so nice of you to join us would you like to explain to the class why your late?" My exceptionally evil teacher Mr. Adsvee asked. He's Chelsea 's dad and he hates me he won the lottery last year and their whole family has billions. I shook my head at him an  he chuckled, "Well them Ms. McAfee detention after school from 3:00 to 5:30 have fun." He said, I just glared and walked to my seat. After Maths I went to English and then to Spanish. 

Spanish is finally over and it's time for lunch yay!!!! I get free lunches from the government. I got a pepperoni pizza with a Pepsi and a chocolate chip cookie. I snuck outside to eat, I always do this because technically we're supplied to eat inside but it's more peaceful outside. I was just about to take a bite when I saw a man with an goldfish looking rag in his hand standing over me he grinned, "Precious you are gonna eat a feast when we get home." I dropped my food and ran, it was a stupid decision to wear a dress, because my feed got snagged on a tree and this man ran up and grabbed me, "Now now precious don't run from your father haven't you learned better?" The rag covered my face, and everything went black.


Unknown POV again

My new precious is sixteen today, just as my old precious would be. She finally got out of the house and rode her bike to school, ahh my precious is truly beautiful, just like her mother, she has stormy grey eyes, tan skin, long legs, her thick naturally straight brown hair reached her waist, she had a tiny pixie nose, a heart shaped face, and plump pink lips. Oh how I wish precious's mum could see her today, she would be so proud. Precious is not a virgin and I don't care if she has sex I will let precious do whatever she wants just so long as precious is happy and stays with me, she's free to do whatever she likes. She goes by Hedi it's normally spelt Heidi, but the woman who named her wished it to be spelt Hedi. Of course her real name is Madeleine and that's what everyone shall call her, her full name is Madeleine Angelina Destiny Evans. My security guards Toby Orr and Blake Ethans are in my limo. Did I mention I'm a multi-billionaire. That's right I'm Fred Reed Ethan Evans. I have a girlfriend also she's very sexy she's twenty two with huge curves, blonde hair, big boobs, and a nice round, ass. She has a job too, as a stripper. Her name is Ivangeline McFadden. I figured my Madeleine would need a mother and a sibling so I'm engaged to be married to Ivangeline tomorrow and Ivangeline is pregnant! Truly this is one of the best days of my life my precious is coming back home. Her Spanish class is almost over, then it will be lunch time and I get to take my precious home. I pulled out an old looking rag that had chemicals in it that knock you out for three days. My Madeleine came outside to eat, she looked at me and I felt compelled to speak to my daughter, "Precious you are goin  to ear a feast when we get home." She dropped her food and ran from me, well I guess I'll have George punish her when she wakes up. I chased after precious her dress got caught on a tree branch and I grabbed my baby girl, "Now now precious don't run from your father haven't you learned better?" I asked my precious as I put the rag on her face and she fell unconscious. Blake picked her up and put her in the car. After a few hours we got to our private jet I had to take precious from London to Florida she would be mad but now I have my precious. I climbed into my seat and was able to sleep peacefully knowing that my new precious baby girl was coming home.

Hey it's me Bella I wanna dedicate this chapter to Pride_Heart for being so awesome and offering to help me out with my writing, I'm not the best author and well at least I'm trying but anyways I'm trying to make the chapters longer and i wanted to say that this is a rated R book some chapters will have sexual content but I will warn you when it starts and when it's over! Pride_Heart is a wattpad user this story is also up on my wattpad account which the user name is ultimatenerd1902
Love ya,

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