The Hunter (The Hunter series 1)

Rule of Hunters 1: Never fell in love with them.
Rule of Hunters 2: Never try to save one of them.
Rule of Hunters 3: Never get turned into one of them.
Rule of hunters 4: Always save humans by killing the vampires.
Rule of Hunters 5: Kill yourself if you become one of them.
Rule of Hunters 6: Never let them know that you are never weak.

Gabby has yet to find that her heart does not belong to her father's like she thought that it had. She found someone. She thought love was not real until the one day she leaves her safe home and comes to a lab full of idols. She gets the one vampire that catches her eyes a chance and that is where she had failed her father. She made the mistake of falling for him.

If only she knows the most important thing. Her life is changing faster than she can understand it. She makes all the right moves but does she make the right choices? Can she still be a Hunter after this? Can she even be called a vampire now?

I am making some changes to this.


13. Who is Ambrose To Me?

           I woke up with lips moving slowly over mine. I sighed and opened my mouth to them. It was like the world was kissing me awake and I liked the way they tasted. I moved my hands to the hair at the base of Ambrose's neck. At that thought, I pulled him back and opened my eyes. He looked pleased with himself and happy that I had finally woken up. "About time. You have been asleep for days. I mean days," He said putting more on the word 'days' than anything else. I laughed and pushed him to get up. He laughed back softly and let me go. When I got up I realized I was wearing a new shirt. I looked over at Ambrose who smiled wickedly. 
          "What did you do?" I asked him looking at him. He shook his head and watched me leave the room to go to the bathroom. I did everything that I needed to do and walked back out of the room. Ambrose was wearing the shirt that I had been wearing before I had gone to sleep. I felt very well rested now. "What is going on? What did I miss?" I asked him as I sat down on the bed again. He smiled at me before he moved me over him that way he could play with my very curly and very red hair. 
          "Like I said you were asleep for days. I hope that you are rested now. After you said that you hadn't been getting enough sleep. I may have called a witch friend that loves tea healing to come and help you out. She made sure that only a kiss was going to wake you up. A kiss from the last person you kissed or kissed you. That was me, so all I had to do was make sure you had the tea ever time you started to stir and you went right back to sleep. I hope that you don't mind," He said and pulled me up to look in my eyes and see if I was mad or not. I should have been mad but I wasn't mad about it. 
          "I am not mad. But I will tell you one think. You kiss by th' book. But if thy have cleansed thous sin dost I now haveth thous sins?" I said quoting Shakespeare. I was hoping he got the quote.
          "Sin from my lips? O trespass sweetly urged! Give me my sin again." He quoted and smiled at me. I did what he asked and kissed him again, as he asked me to. I broke the kiss on a laugh as we both started laughing at it. "Ay thou know Shakespeare," He said and got up holding me. 
          "I do know Shakespeare," I replied and got up from his arms. I titled my head to the side as I heard and felt my fangs coming out. I heard my stomach rumble as my fangs came out and the same went for Ambrose. He smiled and sat back down on the bed making me come with him. He kissed me once and then again and again before I stopped his playing and kissed him full on. He smiled against my lips and we kissed each other for a little bit before he moved his lips to my neck and I felt him bite me. I knew that he was taking my blood so I was going to take some of his. It was only right. I bite into him and felt the merge of our minds together. 
          "I hope you know what this means now," He thought into my thoughts. I closed my eyes and saved the tasted of his blood running down my throat and feeding the beast that I had forgotten to feed for a while as it seems. "This means that we will be together now until the day we die," He thought to me and I thought I heard a smile in his thoughts.
          "Why? How do you know this Ambrose?" I asked him through my thoughts. I felt him groan and save the taste of my blood running into his mouth. 
          "You bite me after I bite you. The sure signs of finding your A vita mate in," He thought back to me. We were still drinking each other's blood. I was getting weak thought. I pulled away from him. He did the same and laid down with me on his chest. 
          After a moment of silence, I broke in with a question that had been bugging me since I heard it. "What is A vita mate in?" I asked Ambrose. He looked at me for a moment shocked. 
          "Didn't Jasper tell you about this? He should have. You of all people have a right to know what that means. A vita mate in is someone who loves you very much and would do anything for your happiness. If that means to never really love you then I would do that if I thought that it would make you happy. I am the one person that would make you happier than all others could even begin to make you happy about life. I would be the one person that would never let you down. Never leave you unless you told me too. The same goes for you. I know that you would never leave me unless I asked you to and even then it would be very hard for you too. I even would have to answer all of your questions and the same goes for you," He warned me. He knew what I was about to ask then.  It would have been a question for a question. That wouldn't have been fun. 
          "Okay. So I am going to ask you one question and I want you to answer me back and then I guess I have no choice but to answer the question you ask me," I sighed while Ambrose laughed at it. I closed my eyes for a moment before I opened them and asked my first question. "What is it your hiding from me?" I could tell I asked just the right question when he looked scared at me. 
          "I am hiding something from you yes. I know that I said I couldn't lie to you but you might not like this question at all. So I am going to move and much sure that you can't leave me until I answer your question and then you have to answer mine," He shifted himself over me, which pinned me to the bed and I couldn't move he even held my wrists down. "You are a queen. That is what we have all been hiding from you. You were supposed to find this out on your own. I will tell you all that you need to know just let me help with it okay?" He asked. I was still with shock and fear over what I just learned, but I did nod my head slowly looking at him but not really seeing him. He rested his head on mine for a moment before he asked me his question. "What wee you like when you were human?" He asked me. I thought he was going to ask me something about how I feel about him. I let out a breath of relief and smiled at him.
          "What was I like when I was human? Well, let's see. I can safely say I was a force to be reckoned with. Screw with me, my father was alive would have gotten you killed by him and me. I was little and had no friends. It is hard to make friends when the only think that you know how to do is point out vampires and how to wield a stake. My only friend at that time was my stake and even then I had to burn it. My father told me a hunter had no friends but other hunters. I could make friends when I get older. And still, not much older then as I am now. Then you hit my father's death and my mother's death. Those were the worst years. Then in comes, Jasper and everything was fine aft that. Hell, here I am being pinned down by a hot man that claims he loves me. But he also told me that I am something that I am not even going to try and understand just yet. Yours caught up in my life," I said cheekily. He laughed at me and kissed my lips softly. When he pulled back his eyes were closed and his forehead was resting on mine. I forgot about everything and let sleep claim me once more. 
          This time I didn't go into a dream and I was grateful for it. Those dreams had been keeping me up a lot. I look over as I feel something tighten around my waist and something warm at my neck. I wasn't bothered by it this time. I was much more relaxed and I only wanted blood because my stomach was hurting me. I had a grumble from Ambrose's stomach as well as a growl to go back to it. "I don't want to get up yet," He mumbled and held on to me closer. I didn't know when he had moved me but he did and I was feeling much better now that my arms could be around myself. I reached back and grabbed his head to pull it to mine. I kissed him until he woke up and kissed back. I broke the kiss after he started to do some of the work and got up from the bed to go and get some food. "Blood, Ambrose. I do need blood," I told him. He smiled at me and got up to open a little cooler in his room full of blood. I was grateful for it and popped my teeth into one of them while Ambrose did the same. I ripped the bag from my teeth the moment it was finished and made to grab another one to see that there wasn't another one. It seemed that we had the last two then. 
          "I am hungry, Ambrose," I pointed out as he laughed at me. He stopped laughing and hugged me to one said of him before he walked over to the bed and made me put on my own dress. I laughed at that one.
          "You brush your hair. I am going to go upstairs and get you some more blood bags okay, sweety?" He asked me. I blushed at the nickname while he just beamed when I did. He kissed my head again and left the room. I found a brush and tried to brush my hair but it was painful to do so and I just couldn't do it without taking a shower before I brush my hair. That was a tempting thought but I knew that he was going to make me feed in the shower because I told him I was hungry. He came back to the room as I was having a staring contest with the brush in my hands. He handed me the bags of blood and I popped one to my fangs just as he took the brush out of my hands. I felt him push me to sit down on the edge of the bed facing away from him and I knew he was standing behind me. I felt a small tug here or there but that was about it. I finished the bags of blood he brought down for me and waited to be told I could look in the mirror. He told me to stay right where I was when he was finished brushing out the knots in my hair. 
          I heard him leaving the room and moved my head to the side to see that he was gone. I looked down at my hands and waited until he came back into the room. I knew that he wasn't done just yet. I turned my head when he came back into the smell of flowers came with him. I turned to look at them but he pulled them behind his back before I saw them he made me look the other way as he set them down somewhere I couldn't see. I wanted to do something to see them but I couldn't because Ambrose's hands were back in my hair. He pushed my head one way and then the other way and I felt little tugs here and there. I had no clue what he was doing. "You have thick hair, Gabby," He said as he played with my hair some more. 
          "Thanks. I don't like my thick hair," I told him sounding less than pleased. I heard him laugh before he made me face a different way. He was braiding my hair. I could feel that much but I didn't know why. "What are you doing to my hair?" I asked him feeling kind of scared about the answer. I heard him laugh slightly. 
          "I am braiding it but I am not going to answer the rest of your question. I want you thought to tell me about your life until I am done with this. So tell me what was being a hunter like?" He asked as he went back to work on my hair. I sighed and wanted to laugh at the same time.
          "Being a hunter huh. You don't go for easy questions. Being a hunter is like being an olympian from birth. It is that bad. Training every day. Working harder and harder and never skipping a meal even though you're not hungry at all. Only getting better and better until you just hit that stage where you can only be the hunter and you know nothing other than hunt and kill. I mean for a while when I was little I really liked it. I didn't have to go to school. I didn't have to do much of anything but wake at five, warms up until seven, and train until nine at night. I did get breaks don't get me wrong. My father was there helping me learn and training me to do everything that he could do. That was where he got something wrong thought. He shouldn't have been there with me. I had trained for five years with him at my side until he just wasn't there, and then training didn't feel right and I trained with one of the Hunters that had come by all the time asking my father for help. He felt sorry for me and he knew he could learn something from me by helping me train. But I haven't seen him in a long while. I have been training thought. It helps me get my mind off of things. I also do a lot of hunting with my bow if that wasn't clear. But back on topic here. I was very close to becoming one of those hunters that wasted away because the only think that they had been taught to do since birth was hunt and kill. My mother didn't like the idea that my father was teaching me but she had no say in what happened. My father was the man of the house whatever he said went. Well, until he died. Then it was my job to do that. My mother died because she didn't know how to fight. I should have been the one to train her up after the first fight but I just couldn't bring myself to do that. She was nice and innocent. She hadn't been kissed by the sun or turned rock hard and stone cold to anything that could feel. My father made sure that I would never be the same ever. Even without him here with me, he made an impression. I am just not sure if it was the right one to make on your daughter. I am not even sure if I have a right to that name. I wasn't called daughter before and the only one who has ever called me that would have been Jasper," I paused and wiped a tear that I felt coming down my face. I hadn't noticed that Ambrose was finished and sat in front of me.
            Ambrose wrapped his arms around me and hugged my tightly without touching my hair that he worked on. I pulled away from him asking without words if I could see what he had done. He nodded and took my hand. He leads me to the bathroom and I looked into the mirror. It seemed that he found a way to use the curliness of my hair for good and not evil. He had braided my curly hair and put light blue flowers in it. I hadn't even seen light blue flowers in his little garden. I looked at my eyes and saw that the red was growing in them. It was becoming more noticeable that they were red and not just brown. He put the light blue flowers in a very easy pattern. There was a little light blue flower in every other notch where the braid was. It looked beautiful. But my skin did not. I was as white as a sheet and looked like a brought to life porcelain doll without the creepy dead looking eyes. I looked up at Ambrose, who wrapped his arms around my waist and put his chin on the top of my head.  "Why do I look like this?" I asked him looking into his reflected eyes. He looks into mine for a moment before he turns me around to face him. 
          "Because you are queen. The last queen had white skin as well. It was porcelain like skin just like yours is. I would like to know more but I have a feeling you're not going to tell me more," He said looking into my eyes. He wasn't asking but I shook my head anyway. He smiled and nodded his head once before he dragged me out of the bathroom. He sat me down on the bed and stood before me just starting. He was looking for something and I was determined to not tell him it. But he found it anyway. He sat down on his knees and hugged me. When he pulled away I was starting to get teary. Although I knew that the tears were not for my father, I couldn't help but think that they should be. I just wasn't ready to be out of his arms and I wrapped mine around him to hold him next to me and he got the hint that I wasn't ready to let him go just yet. 
            When I was done crying quietly I pulled away from him and smiled weakly. I touched my hair and my smile bright if only slightly. "Ambrose, where did you learn to do this?" I asked him and pulled him up on the bed. He laid down next to me and I put my head on his chest and played with his shirt. I felt one of his arms around me and pushed myself closer to his body for warmth that I knew would warm my cold skin. 
          "I have been around for a long time. When you're around as long as I have been your pick up on things. That and when I was human I had a sister who needed someone to do her long hair up all the time, a mother who was too busy raising a family to worry about everyone in the family and a lot of free time. I learned from the females in my village when I was younger how to do hair. They thought that it was odd that I had an interest but they were always there for me and knew I had sisters who needed help with making sure their hair isn't in there face. I saw them one by one married and one by one they died as well. I looked at them as though they taught me themselves," He said and pulled me to him tighter. I smiled at his possessiveness over me and cuddled into the warmth. I was going to fall asleep again if he kept this up. 
          "Well, it is beautiful. Thank you for doing my hair. I am still getting used to the whole long hair thing. I didn't know I was going to have to do something with it every day, though. But you made it something fun," I said and rubbed my hand on his chest. I was smiling and I knew that he was smiling. It was good to be in something that was bigger than a friendship or someone acting like a father to you.

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