The Hunter (The Hunter series 1)

Rule of Hunters 1: Never fell in love with them.
Rule of Hunters 2: Never try to save one of them.
Rule of Hunters 3: Never get turned into one of them.
Rule of hunters 4: Always save humans by killing the vampires.
Rule of Hunters 5: Kill yourself if you become one of them.
Rule of Hunters 6: Never let them know that you are never weak.

Gabby has yet to find that her heart does not belong to her father's like she thought that it had. She found someone. She thought love was not real until the one day she leaves her safe home and comes to a lab full of idols. She gets the one vampire that catches her eyes a chance and that is where she had failed her father. She made the mistake of falling for him.

If only she knows the most important thing. Her life is changing faster than she can understand it. She makes all the right moves but does she make the right choices? Can she still be a Hunter after this? Can she even be called a vampire now?

I am making some changes to this.


2. The Story Begins

    It was today that I found myself walking down this brightly lit sidewalk with a hood up over my eyes and my fingers dancing to a stake that I have hidden in my pocket. I walked up to the 'old lab' as it was called. I found out where it was by asking a few people on the streets. They looked at my questioningly and answered me in a tone of voice that said I should now this unless I was the one that lived in the 'weird old house that needed a paint job. I followed what they said and it lead me to an old run down building that I could have sworn was up and running the last time I had seen it. A white ford fiesta was out front with a young looking man sitting in the front sit smoking what I think could be a joint. The moment I was in his line of sight he dropped the joint as his hand quickly grabbed for a thing on his dash. I jumped up and caught his arm as fast as if I was a vampire. He looked up my arm and into my eyes. "I am a hunter you now that right?" I asked him through gritted teeth. When all he did was nodded his head I let his arm go. "You never do something like that when in the presence of a hunter. I could have taken off your head or worst I could have scared you much more than making you soil your pants. And by the way that joint, or whatever it was. I would pick it up and throw it out before this somewhat nice looking vehicle blows up. And while you're at it maybe change your pants," I told him and walked away from the car. I knew that I had scared him badly. I knew that he was never going to like me again. I was far enough away that if e did that again he would lose his head and if the car did blow up I was not going with it. 

     He looked at me a moment before reaching his hand down and grabbing the joint and put it out the window to let it drop to the ground. I watched it fall. I looked back up into his eyes to see that he was watching me. It was at that moment I realized that he couldn't see my face. I sighed and took one of my hands out of the pocket to pull the hood off my head. I knew that he was shocked I was a girl and a somewhat good looking one at that from his gasp and jaw opened look that he gave me. He shook his head to get his mind out of the state it had been in and reached, slowly, for the thing on his dashboard. I saw him push a button and talk into it before he dropped the thing and looked back over at me. This time he raised a hand and told me to come over to him. I did but carefully. He pulled the door behind him open and motioned for me to get in the car. I got in not taking my hand off of the stake in my pocket and let him drive me to where we were going.

     It took about an hour to get there and he kept looking back at me as if making sure that I was not going to switch into a demon. When the car stopped I jumped out of the door as soon as it was opened for me and was almost kissing the ground. I was not a car person. It was not my thing and me much rather preferred to walk. I looked over to the person that had driven me here to see that they had gone up to a gate and was now talking to someone that was looking over at me. I slipped my hood back over my head and walked around the whole 'lab' that they had here. I saw cameras everywhere. The farmers were placed about three feet from each other and one the corners. It looked like they did not want anyone coming and finding out what was going on here unless they were ready invited or ready to die. When I finished walking around the whole building I saw that the two people who had been talking were now sitting and waiting for me to come back so they could go inside.

     The two stood up and walked to a door where they stood and waited for me go through it first. I thought at first it was just them being nice but when they closed the door behind me I turned and pounded on it. People met me on the other side of the door and tried to calm me down. I swung around and looked like was a caged animal. "We are trying to get you cleared so you can go through and see who asked for you," One of them said through the mask they were wearing. I looked at them and started to slowly stand up. They looked like they were starting to calm down until they said that I had to take off my hoodie. I shook my head at them. They looked over to each other before they looked back at me. My fingers were wrapped around the stake in my pocket as though it was the only way to keep me on this world. 
     They came closer and I noticed their eyes. The eyes of a vampire always shine like the night predator they were and their eyes are odd colors. The moment I noticed this I looked to see a camera watching mine carefully. I smiled at the camera that was on my right before I reached into my pocket and ripped the stake out of the pocket before I tried to put it on the hoodie. One of the vampires had come close enough to me that all I had to do was quickly shot my hand out and pull back. I got down low to the ground as though I was a snake coiling about to strike someone down. He looked at his fallen buddy and then back at me sacred. I just smiled and ran at him. I was too fast for him to even move before he was on the ground with the stake sticking out of his chest. I stood up and wipe my hands off on my shirt before I looked over at the camera that was moving slowly. I bent down to tear the stake out of the dead vampire's chest.
     A door in front of me opened and I walked through it. I was stopped almost immediately after the door closed behind me. A hand was held out in front of me. I looked at it for a moment before it dawned on me that they wanted my stake. I reached into my pocket and pulled it out. I wanted to just kick their butts and run out of that place. But running was for cowards. I gave them my stake and walked ahead. I walked into the next three rooms where cameras were watching my very step as though I was going to go after them. At long last, I made it into a room with other people. They gave me my stake back and lead mine to a room in an empty hallway. I took my hood off of my head and they looked at me and then to each other and turned me to another hallway. This one more empty and dusty looking than the one that I had just been in.


     I waited for three days in a room that was made just for me. The room itself was not bad. The walls were painted dark green with a strip of white near the floor. It looked somewhat like my room at my house. The only thing missing was my collection of knives and weapons that I kept in the corner, and a punching bag hung up in the middle of the room. Three long and boring days was how long I waited to see this person, and I couldn't take it much more. I lived in a quiet home on a quiet street for many years even if I did have to leave I was only gone for an hour, and I could stand it but there were people around in my home there was never someone around here not even a rat was in this place. In this hall, it was like a ghost town in the middle of a very apocalyptic world.
     This was the girl's hallway. I didn't have to worry about someone being too loud seeing as I am the only girl hunter that they know of. I am sure that all over the world female hunters are being born without the knowledge of being one. But they thought that I was a boy in the first place so they had set me up a room there. They also kept telling me that if I wanted the company to just talk a walk and see if I can find the boys to spend some time with. That will happen the moment I know they will not be jaw dropped when they see me.
     The people here thought I was a guy. I laughed at them like that vampire did at me, his laughing seemed to haunt me even on my best days. Ever since I killed him and the last thing that he had done was laugh at me. I even gave them the same look that that thing gave me before I killed it. I liked their scared look when I did. Then when it was my turn to leave the room, I found out that I had to wait in a line, thought I should have seen it coming. They did have a lot of people in this place. I was the only girl there. I took my hood off my head when I got into the line and I could have sworn every head in that small room turned to see me. I knew that I looked nice but not what these boys would have been nice too. My skin white as a porcelain doll, my hair curly red and too hard to try and tame it, my eyes to small, as if the world was trying to make it where I could not have them. But I knew that if I was me than be the best me. After their moment of jaw dropped they started to laugh, I wanted to tell them that they can not touch me in a fight, I wanted to tell them to try too. But I was taught better. I let them think what they did. They were wrong, they were very wrong. I didn't let them get to me. And I loved that I didn't if I had then they would have some ego.

     After an hour of waiting in a line that only seemed to grow longer the closer I got to the front, I was finally in the front of the line. A white door shut behind me. I knew that when that door opened or the red light above it turned green that it would be my turn. I walked into the room just as the light turned green without a fear that I would lose my life. The thing is that once you lose everything that you care about then you have no point to fear anything at all. I walked into the room as quietly as if I was the vampire itself. I was at the vampire when I bent down to it and it stilled, "You poor thing. What have they been doing to you?" I asked it as my fingers stroked down the side of his face. His eyes shot up to mine as if he was thinking about what to do. I smiled as he got to his feet without answering my question. He must have been hungry because he was bent over a corpse. I moved away from him and got ready to fight.  I had the stake behind me. He couldn't see it so as he stepped closer I moved behind him. I wanted to play with my prey like I did on my last birthday with my dad watching me. So he turned around. And tried walking toward me again, but a little faster than the first time. And I did it again I made a step and was behind him. It was one thing that I loved about what I did. Being a hunter meant that I trained. I trained all the time. I was training when others were sleeping. I was sleeping while others were at work.
     "You'd make a great vampire, you know that?" He said to me as he turned to look at me. He had something written on his face, but I just couldn't put my finger on it. It might have been wonder or even curiosity like most other vampires that I come across, but it did not look like wonder or curiosity. To me, it looked a little more like amusement and happiness. I did not much care for that look.
     "Thanks for thinking so, I have been told that many times, but I would rather die than do that." I smiled and laughed at him. I really wanted to play. When I got in a playful mood the only thing that I seemed to think about was killing them and laughing and dancing while I did. I was always in this playful mood when it comes to this kind of thing.
     "Even the laugh of a vampire? How do you know how to laugh like us?" He asked even as more curiosity leaked into his eyes. Something I just couldn't have. I had to make him fear me.
     "Because I have heard your kind laugh just be for I stuck a wooden stake through his chest like I am going to do to you," I said in the sweetest voice that I could muster, and I pulled the stake from behind me to in front of me to hold the sharp point in my hand and the other end with my fingers. That time I got what I wanted. I got the fear that I loved so much out of them. I could see it and smell it. It was like candy to me but candy that I could not eat. It was candy that you could only smell.
     "So you're the Hunter?" He asked scared. That was what I was looking for. Now time to end this game, it was getting boring anyway. He was backing away from the center of the room as fast as he could without trying to make me go after him and trying to get as far from me as he possibly could.
     "The honor is mine," I said and bowed as though I was a gentleman. I came closer to him this time and I started to run faster and faster towards him and then I ran past him and he had a piece of wood sticking out from his chest.
     "Bye bye mister vampire," I said with my voice filled with laughter and anger and a sinister hint that no one had and he fell to his knees on the ground shock on his face. I knew he wanted to say something but he couldn't because the time he thought it and the time it would have taken for him to have said it he would have been dead.
     Only I was the one to have killed the 'beast' in the white room. I could have done it in seconds, but I love to play with them, make them think they were safe, then I turn cold on them and kill them. The scientists were so impressed with my work they started to pay me for showing them what I knew. For me to teach them and tell them the things in my head, the secrets I knew. How was I smarter than them? But every time I do they always offer me four different weapons and they are always the same with first the throwing daggers, I am not very well trained in the art of aiming them, I would more or less kill them if they wanted me to shoot an apple off their heads with one. The silver knife, they are not werewolves silver doesn't work on them, a stake, which would kill anything and anyone. A whip, but please I can't control those things I have tried and failed, and I always choose the same one. The stake. I was taught with a stake and nothing else. I would have been trained to use them all but my father died before I had the chance.
    They always looked scared by my choice, as if I wouldn't be able to protect myself; being the Hunter is a dangerous thing. There are many ways to kill vampires. But I only know a few. My dad would have taught me more had he been alive. But he is not. And my training left unfinished, but at least I had training. I have to realize that my father had not trained at all. He learned this all by himself. With and without a stake. The stake just makes killing them easier, but you could also use a bow and arrow. With that, you can stay a safe distant away from them and kill them without them ever knowing that it was you.

       I finally got a chance to meet all the vampires they had. They were locked up in cells and looking somewhat curious of the newcomer and visitor that they had. I wanted to laugh at all of them. But they looked at me then wanted to run so I never really had a chance to laugh at them, but sadly not all of them did that. Some just stood there and watched me as if I was something that was going to change under their gaze. I did try to scare them but they would have known of it. They were making me mad. One of them even smiled at my poor attempt to scare him. Most of them in here are male, Gabby, so you can't blame them too much. They probably don’t see too many girls, I thought. And at that, one frowned at me like he was reading my mind.
    "Wait. Can you read my mind?" I asked him through my mind. He nodded his head slowly and looked shocked at the same time. I didn't know why. He even bowed to me. I didn't know why. I stopped in front of his cell and watched him. He stood straight and watched me.
    "Why?" I asked out loud. He got the what I was asking. I knew that he did. I didn't think that he would answer me, but I was going to get an answer even if I had to break the cage and hold him to the ground with a stake at his chest to get it.
    “Gabrielle, come along now. We mustn’t waste time,” Someone that was leading the tour stopped and told me. I didn’t move. They knew better than to touch me. The first and last one of them to touch me was never going to do it ever again. They can not touch anything anymore, at least for a good three months. I broke their hand and wrist. Ever bone in their hand was broken and their wrist snapped like a twig.
    "No. I will not go until I have my answer," I said back to them ignoring that they called me a name I didn’t like. I heard their shock but didn't see it.
    "Do not answer, Daniel. She does not know yet," Said another one. My head snapped his way to see him bow. I watched him as he straightened.
     "I want my answer. I will break this door down if I have to I am going to get my answer!" I shouted at him. He just smiled at me. I looked back at the one I was standing in front of and saw that he was watching me carefully and trying to do something. I felt him in my head. I pushed him out and looked over to the person that was leading the tour. "White room, now. I want to speak to him," I said to them pointing at the one in front of the cage. They nodded their head as I walked back to the white room looking grim. The people who watch me while I am in the white room even seemed to feel that I was not happy about something. They opened the door and let me in. I told them which one I wanted a chat with and they brought him in.
     "Tell me now," I demanded when they let him into the room. He stood up and looked me in the eyes shaking his head. I rushed towards him and saw him flinch before I even touched him. "Now!" I yelled at him. I knew that I was being watched. That this was the first time that they had seen me mad. He got back up and shook his head. I growled at him and gave him a look that would kill him if looks could have killed. 
     "You are not yet ready to learn the truth," He said weakly and looking at the ground. I growled more at this and slapped him across the face as hard as I could. I did not bring a stake in this time. All I brought this time was what I was wearing. I watched as my slap brought him to his knees on the ground while his head sunk lower and I knew that he was avoiding my eyes.
     "Tell me now or something worse than that will happen," I growled at him. I thought I heard something like a laugh come from him. I growled low in my throat and yanked his hair that way he was looking in my eyes. I was not going to let this go that easy. I saw that he was looking at me with a glazed look in his eyes. I threw his head back more than what could have been possible for a human being. It got his attention and made his eyes go back to the way they were before. 
      "What could be worse than this life?" He asked me sounding like my touching him was the most power he had felt in years. I growled at him not thinking of anything as an answer. "That is what I though. Kill me. I beg you to. I will not let you know what you want to know. Everyone knows but you it seems," He said laughing weakly. I picked him up by his shirt and slammed him into a wall. I knew that I had done something when he fell to the floor leaving blood on the wall. 
     I bent down and whispered in his ear, "Tell me why you bowed and you can have some blood," I knew I had got his attention but I also knew that from the look on his face that he was not going to tell me why. I sighed and put my hand on his chest, right where I knew his heart was. "I could do this you know. I could rip your heart out right now and make you eat it," I whispered in his ear. He was scared I could feel it in his chest. I could smell it in the air. He jerked away from me as I dug my hand into his chest. I sighed and let him go. He was looking at me like I was a goddess that had chosen to let him live. I ran a hand through my hair and thought about what to do. I looked at him once more before I had chosen. I rushed forward and pulled his heart out of his chest. The moment I knew he knew that his heart was gone I dropped it by him. I saw his head turn as if in a last way to see what had been taken from him. I walked through the door and grabbed the towel that was held out to me. I wiped my hands off and walked back to finish the tour.
      They must have known that I was the one killing them. They were lonely in their small cells, these cells had a place to go to the bathroom, a sink, and a place to sleep. The cells they were like jail cells. You know the normal jail cells, but the bars were made of gold. Oh well, they were soon to find that I am no joke that must be why most of them wanted to go. They even showed me the room I would be working in. It was a white room with two doors in it. It was not the white room that I was used to being in. One door for the vampire, the other for me. They also had a one-sided mirror. They could see in, but you couldn't see out. I loved this room. Just the thought of the fact that I would wake up and see this room covered with vampire blood made me smile. And the monsters will all pay for what the one vampire did to my father the vampire that I killed. My revenge wasn't done. I was taught to stop when I'm dead. I can't wait to kill them and have them pay for what they did to my dad when I was ten. I may have killed the one who did it but that's not good enough for me. I have to kill them all. I was the one who finished him because they left me no choice. No one knows the mental scarring that can cause. And when that vampire went after me I killed him, plain and simple.
        Oddly enough it was only me, my father taught to kill. I wondered why over the years but I finally realized why he taught me and only me. Out of my two other sisters, one older and one younger, he only taught me. My older sister being 21 years old now. She is old enough that she lived on her own. She had brown skin, brown hair, and brown eyes. But for the brown hair, she changed its color so many times I didn't know the color of her hair when she said she would come over. My older sister was very pretty to me. She had a sleeve of tattoos. In my eyes, I wanted to look up to her. I wanted to be just like her but still just be like me. Her hair wasn't very long, but it also wasn't too short either. She was always doing something to it. She would curl it, or make it wavy. But she was still the best person I could think of for an older sister.
    My little sister, now she has white skin. But she never liked the color white and always tried to tan herself, but she never got tan. Her skin wouldn't allow her to get some color. But as for her hair and eyes well her eyes were the color of a stormy day. They were gray and always seemed to be moving. It was weird but beautiful in its own way. Her eyes made it hard for someone not to fall in love with her. But her hair was a lovely brown. But she didn't think so. She dyed her hair red, and purple, and all sorts of colors, and had highlights. I hated that she would do that to her hair, but she did want she wanted. She was also the girly girly type. Her name was Madison. Wearing dresses and caring how she looked when she was beautiful just without trying. My father taught me how to fight because he could just tell that I was to be the next Hunter. He said that I would act like one and even when I was playing board games I would be sneaky and win them without anyone, but my dad, knowing what I did.
        Soon after my father died, my mother died to one just as my father did. I bet she was happy that my younger sister wasn't at home that day because I could deal with blood and she couldn't. Not having to see her die, as well. She knew that I had seen death. That I was used to it. I had caused it too. 
      My sister, she was adopted by a great loving family that I knew would love her after our mother was gone. I had nowhere to go but back home. My skill was to kill. Nothing more, nothing less. So I was kicked out of that place. And went back to my lovely home burnt and the blood was still on the floor. I didn't care that the paint was peeling or anything like that. I spent my whole life in that dump I intend to keep it that way.
     My mom, now she was lovely in her own way. She always kept her dyed blond hair short and with pink at the end on the backs. Pink being her favorite color. She was like my little sister and me with white skin, but she wanted a tan skin color. Her eyes were the color of the sky. They were blue with bits of light blue being the clouds of the sky. Her skin had a slight color to it. She wasn’t as white as my little sister and I were but she was still not tan like people who spend their days outside all the time.


     The day finally came when I saw him and not dead on the ground for once. He looked at me like I was some sort of ... girl. I am a girl, but no one has ever looked at me like that. Either he has courage, is just stupid, or has a death wish. No one has ever had the courage to look at me like that, so I can only assume he has a death wish that I can answer if I chose, but he was nice to look at as well. I eyed him curiously. He had blond hair, beautiful short blond hair and eyes so black they looked like coal. And he was clearly not from this time zone. I had gotten good at telling when a vampire was made. He must have been made a very long time ago because it looks like he could wield a sword. He also had an old-time charm to him, something that you would never find in anyone in the time we are in. His fingers were a little longer than what was normal. And he was tall, taller than me and I was the tallest person in my family standing at almost five feet.
    He stood up and bowed to me as I entered the room,"Hello. I am guessing you are the one they were talking about and are so afraid of. They call me Jasper. What do they call you other than the Female Hunter?" He said the nickname with a sort of twist in it. Like doubt that I could kill anything more than I fly. I wanted to prove him wrong. That I could kill him as fast as possible.
    I looked at him for a moment then said, "My name is Gabrielle. But you will call me Gabby if you want to keep your heart and head where they are right now. I am also known as the Hunter." All he did was smile after he was over his shock at my just saying the fact that I am the Hunter.
     "They want you to do something. I can hear that they are looking for you to kill me or convince me of something but they seem to be guarding something in their small, little, heads. What would that detail be?" He said carefully of his words and his eyes sliding over my clothes with caution.
    I looked at him, shifting uncomfortably with his eyes sliding over me and crossed my arms over my chest when his eyes seemed glued there. His eyes shot up to mine when his view was ruined, I told him what they wanted me to do, "They want me to kill you or get you to come out and never kill anything but animals but mainly the ones that are overpopulating, the ones that are taking over. But since your kind killed my father I would just kill you anyway. Whether or not your harmless or harmful I will still kill you." His eyes got wide like he just saw a ghost. I was pleased with this reaction and smiled to myself.
    Then he said,"What? What killed your father? What happened that night? And why can't I read you like I can read them?" He asked with anger in his voice and his finger pointed to the glass at the last word. I looked at him with a face of confusion. But nothing in me was saying, kill him he yelled at you!
    He just got up and said to the piece of glass, "That is right I can hear you and what you are thinking but yet I can not read her." I looked at him confused as he faced the one-sided mirror. I heard nothing beyond it all I could see was him facing the mirror looking oddly mad.
    They opened the door and told me while looking at Jasper afraid that he was going to take that chance to run for the door and freedom. They told me while looking at him, "Gabrielle, come on out we need to speak with you now."
    I got just a little mad at them calling me that name so I yelled, "Did you not hear me right or what? I do not like being called Gabrielle! The only person who has any right in this whole world to call me that is dead!"

    I got out flaming red and angry while they put a smiling Jasper back in his cage, they didn't know why he was smiling, but I had an idea of why. I proved to him that I could stick up for myself; that he didn’t need to help me out in that way. They took me to a room and questioned me like there was no tomorrow. I answered all of their questions and then answered them again and again, then went to the room I was to stay in. I was up that night just laying in my big queen sized bed thinking. I was also sharpening my wooden block to a point without actually thinking about it. Woodcarving came to me just like people thinking. It helped clear my mind and come aware of facts that I didn’t see when things got interesting.
    I must have fallen asleep because when I woke up in the morning it was five A.M. The normal time I wake up. But this time before I meet with him again they wanted to see if I would be willing to risk my life and try to 'tame' him. After that little talk, they got me a stake because I felt safer with it and just in case he does try to hurt me I can defend myself in my normal way.
    So I went in with two chairs and a stake in my hands. Since I only have two hands the chairs were in my hands and the stake in my mouth. Jasper was already waiting for me. When I stepped in he helped carry the chairs over and we just started to talk. I eyed him curiously as he sat the chairs down and waited for me to sit before he sat down as well.
    I said, "Thanks for helping with that. That was weird to hold a stake like that," I took the stake out of my mouth and pointed the sharp end up to my arm. The way that I was told to hold a stake was to hold the tip away from my heart up the sharp end points up my arm. If it came in handy I would pull the stake up to my heart and take aim like I take breath.
    He replied,"Your welcome." Smiling at the last comment I made. His smile made me uncomfortable. Usually, it was this part I was walking out of the room washing my hands off on my pants.
    "I hate to have to do this but it is the only way to get you out of here," I whispered trying to not have the scientists hear me.
    "What is the only way for you to get my out of here that you ha-" he whispered like I did not to be heard, but he didn't know why. He didn't even finish his sentence before I cut my wrist with the sharp stake. His head snapped up at the smell, his eyes had gone to the floor, but from what was left of his face I knew that he was focusing really hard not to stand up and rip my throat out if I ever gave him the chance he would have done just that.
    He then understood and calmly stood up and went to the window and yelled bitterly," You're making her do this? Why would you make her do this? Can't you tell she has been through so much in her little lifetime? More than any of you? More than even I could have imagined and now you are putting her through this?" He was very upset. We just met and he was already standing up for me. But was that life comment an insult?
    I made him sit back down just to say, " They aren't making me do anything. I chose to do this. And want to help you get out of here as well as get out of here myself. They are giving me a bad feeling as well," I whispered the last part.
    He heard and started to blink in happiness. "All I could do last night was think of you. Even my dream was about you." I whispered leaning closer to him. The chairs that I brought in are very close to each other so when I leaned closer I was close to his ear. He did move his chair away from me when I finished my sentence. He still looked shocked. But he snapped right out of it when I cut my other hand. He looked at me. Then we just started to talk again in a normal like conversion.
          He finally asked the question that was bugging him, " How do you plan to get me out?"
          I said," I plan to get you out by you not biting me. See I have already made a deal. If you show self-control by not biting me they will let you out into a jungle. And from the jungle, if you don't feed off me ever for one year, not like I would give you the chance, you will be let go." He looked shocked.
            He was thinking, one year? How is she supposed to live out there with me for one year? Will I be able to help myself? I don't want to bite her. I like her. I want her to like me as well. I just shrugged I could see the question in his eyes and see what he was thinking from the way his face changed with the questions. As he looked away I cut just above my cut on my wrist. And he turned my way then he got out of his chair and got so close to my neck I was afraid he was going to bite me so I had already aimed the stake at his heart. I was wrong he just wanted to smell my skin even with the blood coming from me, and then turned and sat back down in his chair facing me. Then I cut just above my other mark that I had made. Then both sides of my neck. He still didn't give in. So I just got up and left, leaving the chairs in there with him.
         When I was done putting on bandages I said to the scientists, " Time to let him go. Now." They looked so scared because I had been in there well over an hour.

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