The Hunter (The Hunter series 1)

Rule of Hunters 1: Never fell in love with them.
Rule of Hunters 2: Never try to save one of them.
Rule of Hunters 3: Never get turned into one of them.
Rule of hunters 4: Always save humans by killing the vampires.
Rule of Hunters 5: Kill yourself if you become one of them.
Rule of Hunters 6: Never let them know that you are never weak.

Gabby has yet to find that her heart does not belong to her father's like she thought that it had. She found someone. She thought love was not real until the one day she leaves her safe home and comes to a lab full of idols. She gets the one vampire that catches her eyes a chance and that is where she had failed her father. She made the mistake of falling for him.

If only she knows the most important thing. Her life is changing faster than she can understand it. She makes all the right moves but does she make the right choices? Can she still be a Hunter after this? Can she even be called a vampire now?

I am making some changes to this.


15. The shopping trip

       "We are here. And Gabby, try not to look so scared will you? Everyone there will only see a group of hot guys to them walking a little lady around." William told me. We were pulling into the parking lot of a target.
      "Oh don't be so egotistic! And if you ever call me a little lady again I will make sure I kill you." I threatened and looked at him again. Now how was the one scared. He was scared of me.
      "Fair point. I will not judge you any more. Seeing as how you can threaten me and I will scare, but the thought you of going to a store will scare you more then your threats to me." He got out of the car as I opened my door. He was at the side helping me out before I got turned that way.
      "I can get out of a car myself you know."I said. He was getting on my nerves. But the moment I saw the store I slowed down and stopped right in front of it and everyone looked back at me.
      "What I have a fear okay? Happy I have a fear!" I yelled almost sounding pissed off. But someone put an arm around my waist and dragged me in.  I could feel that they were putting effort in it to. I didn't want to be moved and I was being forced to. I knew that it was for my own good. I couldn't fight in a dress. I hated that my weakness was me going to a store.
       I was looking around the burning store. I might not have been wearing anything on my arms and face, but I was burning up. You could see the thin layer of sweat I got from being in side the store. I might have only been in for a few minutes. Those few minutes to me felt like days. I couldn't go in a store without burning up. It felt like a moveable fireplace was following me around.
      "Are you okay, Gabrielle?" Someone asked me. I shook my head, but they knew that it was because I was scared. They seemed to understand. They men with me took me straight to the clothing part of the store. I grabbed a black silk shirt and some black loosely fitting pants. I thought to grab a leather jacket and was out of the store before I knew it.The moment my feet left the store I was sucking in a deep breath and allowing the cold air from outside cool down my red skin. I though my skin was red at least. It could have been white. But I am not sure everyone else saw that.
      "You can breathe again, Gabby." William said and smiled at the fact that I hadn't breathed the whole time we were in there. It was about ten minutes that we were in and out and I had someone holding on to me the whole time we were in there. They found out fast that if you didn't hold on to me I was more likely to stay put or fall to my knees. But I did start breathing the moment I was outside.
      "It was really hot in there." I said as I took another deep breath. And everyone smiled at me.
      "No, Gabby, it was not hot in there it was very cold. You were the only one who was sweating in the store. You got a lot of peoples attention in there too. They would ask you a question and then you would act like you didn't hear them. But I don't think that you did hear them. WE asked you question a lot in there and you only nodded to one." Eric told me. He may be teaching me how to fight, but he was still on guard job. As was everyone. I hated that they all now knew that I hated shopping. That I couldn't stand to be in a store. Now if they were to have taken me to a out door one. I might have been able to walk around on my own.
      "I forgot to get shoes." I groaned and shutter again at the thought that we had to go to another store and get me some. At least some that were exceptionable to fight in. These flat shoes that I found are hardly a poor excuse at shoes.
      "It's okay we will be there for you. But it is odd. I have never met a female in my life that hated shopping. But it seems that you have something new going on with you every day of your life. Something that no one thought of could happening is something that would happen to you." William said. He was curious I could see that but what I could also see was that he was happy I was being myself.
      "Then you haven't met someone like myself. And stop being happy about me being me. I hated being in there. Going shopping is a form of torturer. Unless it's to get books then it is fun." I snapped back. I knew that it was true and that they wouldn't leave my side for anything even if I asked them to. The most that they would end up doing would let me go around freely, but I didn't think for a moment that if they let me walk around in a store freely that we would move much.
      I got back to the car. Sadly it was a car. I would have liked a truck to make me feel much more at home, but no one had a truck that they could use at the moment. The person I was riding with, thank god that it wasn't the mind reader, was not much of a talker either. His name would be Taurus. But the moment I asked him one thing he would go off talking and then fall silent again. He went to a shoe store and held my hand when I had to walk through the big doors.
      The smell as I walked through the doors made me stop and cover my nose. He saw and took my hand away from my mouth. He made me not fight the smell. He also sent me some calming emotions. He was the one that sent emotion to others. I was glad for that. I got a nice pair of black sneakers and we were out. And everyone saw how calm I was when I left the store they were curious about it.
      "He made me calm. He can send emotion and I am very happy he did. I would have freaked out again and we more then likely would have been in there a lot longer then how long we were in there." I said.
      "Yes she did do a better job when I was there to send calmness to her. It might have been my clam but it seemed to fit her well." Taurus said and took me to the car. I got in.
      "Thank you. I really needed it." I said. I knew that he had to work harded then normal but he still made m calm.
      "Your welcome. You needed the clam much more than I needed it. So I am happy to help you out. and besides it was weird to see my queen afraid. I felt bad for you and had wanted to help you out. It was weird and I didn't like you being afraid it made you harder to move around. But I could feel how much you feared going into the store. Anyone could if they saw the look in you eyes. But I hide that look pretty well for you.  But I am surprised you allowed me too. I thought that you would have killed me had you been more aware of where you were and what I was doing." He said. I hated the fact that he would talk for a long time and then just stop. He gave me some answers thought. I had one question for him that I wasn't going to share. I did want to know that answer but on that same level I didn't want to know the answer. What was he doing to cover the fear? I was very curious about it.
      "Finally home again." I said relief sliding through my voice. You would never know how much better I felt at the idea of being here again. But I just called it home I had only been here for one day. This can't be home yet.
      "Yes and then I could use a rest. It takes a lot out of me to do what I did. But as long as you were not scared." He said and drove as fast as he could to get me home. But I think that it was to get to sleep for him.
      I walked in to the living room where most of everyone was staying. Ambrose and I and the bedroom down stairs so everyone knew to not go in there. When I stepped in to the living room I was pulled into a hug by Ambrose.
      "I heard how scared you were going shopping. Does that having anything to do with your dad coming after you?" Ambrose pulled me back to get a look at my face. I shook my head. It had nothing to do with my father.
      "The what? If not your father then why were you scared?" He asked me. He wanted to know the answer, and I wanted to tell him just not in front of everyone else. He was the only one who didn't go with me.
      "Can I talk to you about it in private?" I asked him. Everyone was looking our way. I knew that he was worried when I asked that but I had to tell him about what I said. He nodded his head and gave me the sigh for lead the way. I left the house and he followed. The only way that I was sure that we were not going to be heard would be if we were to go outside and talk. When I stopped we were at the edge of his property.
      "So what do you wish to talk about?" He asked me. I was afraid to let him in on the secret, but I  knew that I had to.
       "I have a fear of shopping. That is why I was afraid. I also have to tell you something. Something that is good. But i know that you will love to hear it." I said. He looked shocked that I was afraid of something like shopping. Not even having a  face off with my father scared me. It was shopping that did it.
     "What is the good thing that you want to tell me?" He asked. I could hear that he was afraid of the good thing I had to tell him. Why?
      "I called this place home when I was getting out of the car. I have only been here a day and it feels like home." I said and looked at his face. It was hard to read now. I though I saw a moment of surprise and then something else. I can't describe the way he looked at me. It was one of those looks that you have to see for your self.
      "I thought that what you were going to say was going to be bad for me or something. But the fact that you feel at home here only after on day makes me think we have a future together. And that makes me happy. Does it make you happy to know that we might be together safely?" He asked. I knew that he was looking for my reaction. So when I flashed a evil looking grin he looked nervous. I could tell that I was making my face hard for him to read.
      "Stop doing that. I know that you make yourself harder to read. I know that you do that to make sure no one knows how you feel. Tell me and stop playing this game of your." He said. He looked slightly happy and slightly mad at me. But I knew that he was going to love me.
      Instead of using words I kissed him. He knew the answer from that moment. I knew that he was liking my answer to his question but I also knew that this was one of the worst way to met someone. You thinking your dads dead when he is not. And then Turing into a vampire. only then to realize that you have to lead them all. And then having to kill the only person alive that gave you life the moment he helped make you. One of the worst ways to met someone you love other then him being at your death bed and realizing that he loved you.

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