The Hunter (The Hunter series 1)

Rule of Hunters 1: Never fell in love with them.
Rule of Hunters 2: Never try to save one of them.
Rule of Hunters 3: Never get turned into one of them.
Rule of hunters 4: Always save humans by killing the vampires.
Rule of Hunters 5: Kill yourself if you become one of them.
Rule of Hunters 6: Never let them know that you are never weak.

Gabby has yet to find that her heart does not belong to her father's like she thought that it had. She found someone. She thought love was not real until the one day she leaves her safe home and comes to a lab full of idols. She gets the one vampire that catches her eyes a chance and that is where she had failed her father. She made the mistake of falling for him.

If only she knows the most important thing. Her life is changing faster than she can understand it. She makes all the right moves but does she make the right choices? Can she still be a Hunter after this? Can she even be called a vampire now?

I am making some changes to this.


4. The Hunter's Background

          I saw him pause to take it in before he tried to lean in again and kiss me. I didn't let him. I did not run from him I just stepped behind me smiling at his failed attempt. I walked over to my tent before I looked back to see him trying to follow me. I shook my head and pointed at my towel. His smile faded but he nodded his head as if understanding what I had meant by that. The moment my tent was shut behind me I let the towel drop and went from my pile of clothing. I just had to get dressed in something. I slipped on a black silk shirt and some black pants that hung loosely. I was the kind of person to wear lose things or skin tight things and nothing between. I went through my things to find a comb that I knew I had thrown in at some point. By the time I found it my stomach was angry at me for not getting it something and my hair dry and wavy like it is no matter what I do to it. I sighed and dropped the comb back down, not even going to bother trying to comb it out. I walked out of my tent to see a fire started in the fire pit and Jasper standing over it looking at it like it might vanish. He looked up and smiled when I cleared my throat to tell him I was out now.
        When he said, "Well I am hungry how about you?" I simply smile at him. My stomach made an angry growl and we both laughed at it. I shook my head and sat down in front of the fire. It was getting somewhat light out and I knew that I was going to be sleepy in a few hours.
     "Starved, if you didn't already know from my stomach!" I said laughing slightly, "I've had a little difference when it has come to food for most of my life. Well at least since I was ten when my whole life was changing right before my very eyes," I confided in him. I hated doing it at first but I was getting more comfortable around him. At that thought, I got very tense. I didn't like the thought of getting comfortable around a vampire that I had been taught to hunt and kill all the time.
        "That sounds rather interesting. Would you tell me more about you when I get back then?" He asked looking down at me from where I had placed myself on the side of the campfire.
        "Sure, why not?" I said trying to fake enthusiasm. But he smiled and left to get his food and mine. I could have very easily gotten my own food, but I was told not to show anything that might make him scared and want to not be around me because he would run away. Not like I had not already done just that, but my stomach would have scared the deer away. 


     "So you want to know about me? Well fine. First, I was not a daughter to my dad. I was not near being a daughter to my dad. I had no place in his heart for a title like that. I was proud to say that I was his little Hunter. I even image going to school one day and telling anyone who would listen to me that I was a hunter a very powerful one too. But that did nothing. It only made sure that I had no friends and was thought of as the crazy girl with crazy parents. I had two other sisters, then. One younger than I was at the time and when older. And out of those two, he chose me to fight." I smiled slightly and knew that I was going to get lost in telling this story.
      "Why only you? Surely he could have told them to fight as well?" Jasper asked tilting his head and looking into my eyes. My head snapped up at his question and I realize what I might look like to him.
       “Well yes, but he said that there was something in me that my sisters were missing. Something that only I had in me. Like I was different from them somehow. He taught us all defense at first, and his excuse for that was to make sure that if we got caught somewhere where we had to fight and disable the person that held us so that we could get away to find help, and I was the only one who wanted to keep learning that. He was looking for that apparently. And he found it. My time went to him. I had no room for anything but him and his training. He taught me to be fast, strong, and better than anyone would have thought would be possible. Hell, he made me lift weights for a month before he let me even touch an arrow.” I smiled and shook my head at the memory of it.
     “So that is how you got to be called the Hunter? That is very interesting. I didn’t know that you had to know the last Hunter personally to be called the Hunter,” Jasper was looking at the ground and not at my eyes as I told the story. I knew that if he looked into my eyes he would see me somewhere that wasn't where we were sitting right now. I was off in my own little space and time and world telling a story like a narrator.
     “Yes. And the last Hunter, as you put it, was my father.  But the funny thing is was that he had only met the Hunter before him in passing. He trained by himself for years before allowing himself the glory of finding my mother and having me. He only started training when he was- let me see- 19 if I am right about it. I told him everything that happened to me. Like if my eyes got slightly better in the night or during the day. He would test them and then we would go straight back to training. We never had any breaks. He made sure that I had the proper food and drinks in me. He made me eat what he knew would make me stronger and help me out when we would be working so hard in the hot day training as hard as he was willing to take it even if I told him that it was too easy and that I wanted something harder." I paused a moment feeling the unshed tears in my eyes.
       "Homework no. 'Why should she do homework?' he asked my mother one time. I knew that he was just giving her a reason to take me out of school at the time. I knew all the basics so I had no reason to learn anything else, that was his thinking and his logic. 'It's just taking her life up with something stupid. She needs to learn how to save herself and others. She’s a hunter, a protector. Her sole purpose on this earth is to be able to save it and give her life up trying if she has to. She knows what happens if she will become one. I have it printed in her head like a poem. They are dead your not, she is not dead. If they make you or her one,  she will kill them then kill herself. But don't waste time on school for her.' I have been honored that my dad was the Hunter and that I had the genetic code to be one. I-"
     "Genetic code? You have to have something in your blood that makes you a Hunter?" Jasper asked again. I liked that he wanted to understand the Hunter better than what most do, but on a different level, it was starting to creep me out. I wanted to know why he wants to know more about the Hunter and how I was raised.
       "Yes. It's like knowing what color hair you are going to have, how you're going to act and so on. I was great. I loved it. I loved the idea of being the Hunter. My dad, he loved it too. He loved how I would act when he called me his little Hunter. He taught me. But no one taught him. I was his daughter I was glad that I got to learn from him from other Hunters they had said that he was great at what he did. Not even the best female Hunter was as good as him. People wanted to come to him and learn from him, but he never let them. He would turn them all away just so he could protect his family and train me. I was so happy that I couldn't stop saying, 'I'm the Hunter' at the top of my lungs for about a month after I found out. My dreams were always about killing them, killing your kind. Sorry if that sounds mean. I loved the idea I wanted it. To save the thought that very moment when he said that I had the potential of being the Hunter. I loved him more than everything and anything. So when I was turning ten he got me a knife and a wooden block.
      "On my tenth birthday. He caught and saved one of his findings for me. I was so happy when I found out that my present was going to be somewhat alive. I was jumping up and down at the thought. I had waited so long to get this gift. He said that when I was ready I would get it. And by ten I was better then he would have seen fit. So he made sure that he was safe, handed me a stake, and let the vampire at me. I played with him, of course." I paused and smiled at the thought barely seeing anything in front of me," I love the game. I always play it. I make them feel as though they are going to win the battle and then I show them what I am made of. And over the years a lot have told me that they wish they could tell the vampire that turned me that they were in for a hell of a ride. I didn't know what they meant and I still don't. But still, that first kill was the best thing in my life. I felt power rush through me the moment I was done having my fun. I love the feeling, I am always trying to save it. You know the feeling? It's kinda like when you go in for the feeding for you. When you corner they and make them feel weak and that there is nothing they could do that would harm you or make you leave them alone? It feels like that to me. The power of knowing that they are going to die at your hand. No one else's hand but yours. You know the feeling when you get to track down your prey and play with them? Yeah, it’s that feeling. That is what I  feel when I play with my prey. It is much better when I finally kill them, though,” I asked looking at him now. He understands now what I feel when I kill his kind.
     He nodded his head looking at me and seeing the joy at remembering my first kill. And at how happy I was at seeing the fear and shock on his face and when someone finds out my history I like that they have a look that tells them that they have to run away from me. I was smiling and Jasper knew why. He felt the rush that I feel every time I kill something that was already dead.
     "Yes, I understand the feeling. I understand the feeling a lot," He said looking me in the eyes.
     “And I was so happy that I had pleased my father that I ran up to him after he said that I did fine. I hugged him. Even though I was always told not to hug him. I did. I couldn't help myself and neither could he. That was the first time I had seen him pleased with me. And the first time I had seen anything in his eyes for me and him showing some type of emotion to me.
        "He was teaching me how to make a make-do stake after the kill. I had waited for this. I loved learning things from him. He was a great teacher. But as time went on we fell under siege. Someone had followed him without being seen or heard. And they got into the house and caused a mess. My father and I were the only ones that could save everyone. But somehow we didn't do it good enough! We didn't protect ourselves enough! He went after my father first. But he knew that he wasn't going to win alone. He called some of his friends and they came to help him out. We fought like there was no tomorrow. There might not have been. We were both very aware of how dangerous it was to be the Hunter. My father protected my the most out of everyone in the house. He cared about my mother and my sister but he had to make sure that I lived on even if I had to do it alone. And we both still didn't care about how risky we were being, playing every card in our books. I think that they might have tracked down their friend that I killed and watched me kill him. They were not aware of my strength at that time. But they found out the hard truth when it came to me, my dad, and battle.
    “I can still remember how shocked they were when they saw me kill and the look of happiness I got when I did it. They, who thought I couldn’t fight, got scared that I got so happy when I killed. I made them pay for what they did. I was the one who ended the whole thing for everyone in the house. It was up to me to stop the war that my father had brought upon himself by letting me kill one of them. He knew that it was going to happen some day. He just hoped it would have been before I had been born. I knew that if it had happened before I was born I wouldn’t have had a father. And I couldn’t have that. My father was my idol. I needed him as much as I needed my next breath. I had to have him around and they all knew that hard truth for me as well. But what they didn’t know was that if you mess with my father you got me as well. I took his death hard, but I have always done what I have always needed to do. I had always had the upper hand in battle because of the fact that no one thinks I can fight. And when I show them that I can it would have been too late for them to try to fight back. That and I fight harder because I have nothing left to lose. I lost everything that cared to me. I had nothing left for them to take from me.
     "We had killed one and they were coming after us. That one we killed that was my first kill. I didn't know who it was and I didn't care. Father always said,' if they're dead kill them again if they're alive protect with all your might until your heart stops beating. And if you are to become one kill the maker and then yourself to protect others.' I wrote it down so many times I know it by heart.
      "And I missed his voice all the time when I was eleven I didn't do anything when I was eleven, my training had come to a standstill. Without him, I was lost. I had no clue what I would do. Was I still going to be the Hunter? I really wanted to be. I just had always had his help with training. He was always there until he just wasn’t anymore. I was always moving and always up and doing something. If there was something that needed to be done that would have been done by my father I did it. I sat in my room with a knife and a block of wood for a long time. I played darts with that knife. If I could show you my room right now you would laugh at how many little holes that I had put in the wall with that knife. I can even go in depth about how the bigger ones got there. And the slashes against the wall I can give you a story that would haunt you in your sleep. But we must keep going. 
     "A few days after my birthday the day I learned to make a make do wooden stakes was the day one slipped in my house. He came after me but my dad stopped him. But we were outnumbered so fast.
       "He got bit somehow and blood got down his throat. And I kept fighting all of them off. Ten years old they thought I couldn't fight them off, they thought I was not a threat, they thought I wouldn't be able to kill them, that my father didn’t give me the right training. They saw me kill one and all tried to kill me I killed them first. I was too fast for them. I was in the circle being surrounded and then behind them in one step. And then they would turn and go for me there but I wasn't there for more than a second I was killing them off one by one. I thought it was funny to play games with my prey. It was fun to watch them watch me and have them be so curious about me moving faster than them. I am human and they're not. I was faster and I loved to play. THAT has always been my weak point. You offer a game and I will play it and win it. But one was going after my mom I didn't notice. I went to help my dad he ... what he said was so sad to me but I never cried, I was always taught not to show what I was feeling.
      "He said, 'Your mission is to hunt and kill all vampires. Even if I am to become one. I want you to kill me. And even the ones left. I want you to take this and put it through my heart right here to make sure I don't come back. Gabby, I am so sorry that I can't be there for you anymore.' Then I turned cold to him and stabbed him in the heart as the one after my mother stopped and looked to me to see that I did it and never cried for him. Then when I was 13 I watched my mother die right in front of me again. She was bitten by one and I did the same thing as my father told me to do with him. Soon after that, my little sister got adopted by a lovely family. I knew that they would care for her if I thought that they wouldn't make her happy I would have scared them off. They would have taken me too. If I wasn't too scary to them. I scared everyone in there so I went home. And never really went outside. Just stayed Inside all the time until a few days ago when I meant you," I said slowly being pulled out of my long story that I just now noticed probably sounded really messed up. I didn’t realize that I had started to cry and curled into a little ball to try to hide and protect myself from having anyone else try to see what I was feeling. I felt Jasper’s hand on my shoulder and his pulling me closer to him. I knew that he was trying to make me feel better, but the tears didn’t want to stop.
        After he had calmed me down so that my tears stopped flowing down my face he held me away from him. I don't know what he was thinking but I do think that he would have hoped for something a little less in detail about death. I watched him watch me. He left after that, without saying a word, to go get some more for us to eat because we had burned the thing that we were trying to cook and I was still hungry.
     I watched him drink the animal with a sick kind of fascination. I wanted to see him drain the things life away. With the animal's life, it took my fear and hatred of his kind with it. When he was done he gave the thing to me and watched me do my thing to it. When I thought that it was good enough I put it over the fire and cooked it. And when it was done cooking I let it cool for a while because it would have been too hot to eat right after it finished cooking away over a hot fire. But while it was cooling Jasper though it would be fine if he kissed me for a while. But I didn't trust him when he was looking like he might bite me. So each time he tried to kiss me I pushed him back. But he was never out of arm's reach for me. I thought that he might feel something for me, but my thought always shied away from that.
     "What was that for?" He said in a playful tone.
     "That is for looking like you might bite me. " I reached up and kissed him softly on the lips. I bite his bottom lip playful and heard the effect it had on him. I felt him trying to move me closer to him and his gasp as I played with him.
     "And that is for being so damn cute," I said a little like the tone he used.
     He started to blush,"You ... you think I am cute? And is it really that bad? I know that the animal's blood tasted bad but I didn't know that it would make me look like I might bite you. I would never do a thing such as that to you. Not after what you have gone through. And most importantly not when I feel that I have to bet your dad and make you my little girl even if you didn't come from me," He said a little scared.
     "Well if you are still hungry after the next animal then and only then you can-"
     "NO! I will not feed off of you. That is such a dangerous thing to even be thinking about let alone do you say it aloud," He said with a touch of horror in his voice.
     "Well, I can't leave you like this. And what else would you expect me to do? The first time I left my home in a few year was a few days ago. I don't know what everything is like still. And even then I left at night just to find that someone came and put a note on my door." I said with an angry gathering in my voice. But he made the anger go away fast. Just one kiss had me tripping over my shoes. But when it was done I took a noticed of how close I had gotten to him and my arms and hands were on his chest like they had a mind of their own and thought that they should do that. While he was around my waist. We both looked startled and backed away slowly like something bad was going to happen if we stayed too close. But when I went to my tent he went into his just to come out and say goodnight. But he didn't know what I was doing. I was getting in pj's and just taking my underwear off and he was just watching me. I felt him in the tent with me even before he spoke.
     Then he said from still inside my tent,"May I come in Gabrielle? Or are you busy?"
     I froze what I was doing and turned to him I went up to him and kissed him on the lips.
     "Yes, you may come in. But only if you intend to help me get dressed and not help me get undressed," So he walked out. I knew my answer. So I was getting dressed by myself.
     When I said,"You may come in now." He came in and took both my hands in his, kissed both then kissed my lips. My hands were still being held so I couldn't move them up and down his chest or move them around his neck.
     "Why did you come in here? And you know how I feel about being called Gabrielle. I don't like that name," I said out of breath, but still managing to sound strong in my words.
     "That was your good night kiss. Did you like it?" He smiled at how out of breath I was. All I could do was smile and nod. Then I kissed him once more. I hugged him, I didn't want him to leave me.
     "I really like you. I really, really like you. Will you please stay with me today? I don't want to be alone," I whispered in his ear.
     "Really?" He started to blush," I didn't think you did." I smiled at him trying to stop blushing.
       Then said," Yes, I do. I want you to stay here with me for the night or day," He started to smile but I reached up and kissed him before he could but this time the kiss lasted longer than I wanted.
     My hands going up and down his chest. When it was done I said,"I am going to the waterfalls tomorrow morning to take a bath. You are welcome to join me if you want." I went to lay down on the ground and fell asleep being held by Jasper.


     I wake up and pick up my towel and shampoo. Jasper goes to his tent to get what he needs. With everything in hand Jasper picked me up and within seconds we are there. I got out of my pj's. And Jasper waited until I was done. I didn't know why until he told me to look while he got undressed.
     "Why do you want me to look at you get undressed?" I asked.
     He smiled at me then said," It is only fair I saw you getting undressed and dressed. So you get to see me get undress," But I wasn't looking like he asked me to. I don't follow anyone's rules unless I knew that I needed to!
          I just went up the falls and did a dive in the shallow water. When I didn't come up Jasper got scared and started looking for me when he found me I was on not dead but unconscious. He looked so scared. He brought me back to the tents fast and then went for the things we left. He told this to me after I woke up, that is how I know this.

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