The Hunter (The Hunter series 1)

Rule of Hunters 1: Never fell in love with them.
Rule of Hunters 2: Never try to save one of them.
Rule of Hunters 3: Never get turned into one of them.
Rule of hunters 4: Always save humans by killing the vampires.
Rule of Hunters 5: Kill yourself if you become one of them.
Rule of Hunters 6: Never let them know that you are never weak.

Gabby has yet to find that her heart does not belong to her father's like she thought that it had. She found someone. She thought love was not real until the one day she leaves her safe home and comes to a lab full of idols. She gets the one vampire that catches her eyes a chance and that is where she had failed her father. She made the mistake of falling for him.

If only she knows the most important thing. Her life is changing faster than she can understand it. She makes all the right moves but does she make the right choices? Can she still be a Hunter after this? Can she even be called a vampire now?

I am making some changes to this.


14. Jasper is alive

         I got up from the bed and walked to the kitchen. I heard someone talking and stopped where I was to see if I knew the voice. I didn't think that it was the pack of people that had followed us everywhere when we were at my home, and I just couldn't see it being my father just yet. I felt Ambrose watching me from the hallway where I was. I turned and opened the door that I thought was the living area. I was right on my first guess and I stood shock still as I saw who was talking. He was talking to himself of course, but that wasn't what I was concerned about right now. I was more concerned about who it was who was talking. Jasper was sitting on the couch talking to himself as though he was meant to write his thoughts with words coming out of his mouth. 
          He stopped talking and looked at me as I just stared at him with my mouth hanging open. I was trying to speak to him, but I found that my voice was lost and my mind was lost to any kind of reasoning. I felt someone behind me and grab me as my knees let me try and fall to the carpeted ground. I knew that it was Ambrose that had caught me before I fall. I was too shocked to even realize anything other than Jasper was alive and well and standing right in front of me. I felt Ambrose next to me and holding me up, but I couldn't think past the fact that Jasper was alive. 
          I screamed at the top of my lungs. I screamed out of emotional pain. I screamed out of angry for him leaving. I screamed because I just found out that the first person that had ever cared about me is alive and standing right in front of me. I felt Ambrose cover my mouth and hold me while I cried for the first time in a long time. It had been years since I had last cried out of hurt. I stopped screaming when I ran out of breath, and I heard someone whispering in my ear, "It is okay, Gabby. Everything is fine. Nothing is going to happen to you," was repeated in my ear until I was calm enough to have a right mind. I walked away from the arms that had held me up and towards Jasper, who looked someone scared. 
          I walked right up to Jasper and watched him while he looked down at me. I knew that what he was seeing was tears that were drying, and nothing but some sort of innocents in my eyes. I pulled his shirt down so he was eye-level with me. I could smell fear coming off of him. "Don't you ever do that to me again. I thought that you were dead," I whispered in his ear. He tried to jerk away from me as I let his shirt go. I grabbed his hand faster than he could move. I got angry and slapped him hard on the face. He fell to the side and jumped up faster than I could have thought possible. I stepped back and screamed at him, "I thought of you as a father! The first person who cared about me more than a fighter!" I felt the tears coming down my face and I felt Ambrose holding on to me making sure that I didn't do something that he thought I was not going to like. He got to his knees and bowed his head while Ambrose made me face him and calmed me down. 
          I cried and cried until I had no tears left to cry. Ambrose held me close until I stopped crying. I hugged him and felt the ground under my knees as he lowered me to the ground. I felt him looking over my shoulder towards Jasper. "I'm alright now," I said and backed away. I looked over at Jasper who was still kneeling on the ground. "Get up," I commanded Jasper as he looked at me.
          "I am sorry that I hurt you. Please, will you find it in your heart to forgive me?" He asked and stood up. I looked over at him and his eyes were on the floor not meeting mine out of fear. I nod once but say nothing to him. 
          "Ambrose, why is he here?" I tilted my head at him.
          "I am here because your father has found it in his cold heart to save me. I would have come to see that you back with me but it seems that you have found someone else to love. But enough of that. I have something that I need to tell you," He said still not looking at me out of respect now. It seemed that Ambrose had not lied to me about being a queen. 
          "Well, then speak," I told him and sat down on the couch pulling Ambrose down with me. Ambrose sat down first and I pulled my legs over his lap to hold him there and prove that we were together. Jasper looked at Ambrose and sighed. I could almost hear what he was thinking. 
          I grabbed Ambrose's hand as though it was my life's anchor. Ambrose looked over at me curious before he just let it slide. "I must tell you that you should get ready. Your father, he is not pleased with you and he is mad. Like crazy mad and not very sane at the moment," Jasper said looking at our hands and nothing else. I watched him for a moment before I walked over to him and put my finger under his chin. I saw him filch but look me in the eyes.
          "I may not like what you did, but don't treat me like I have power over you. I don't have anything over you. The sword is over there not hanging over your head and making you act a different way," I said to him slowly. I thought I heard a chuckle come from behind me. I knew that it was Ambrose who was laughing at me in a way. 
          A slow smile crept onto Jasper's face as he watched me with quiet eyes. I sighed and went right back to Ambrose. "So why have you come here other than to warn us? I feel more to your coming here than that," I said and looked into Ambrose's eyes while addressing Jasper. Ambrose watched me back quietly as Jasper answered.
          "Can't I just come see how my adopted daughter is doing?" He asked playfully. I shook my head no and he sighed and finished what he was saying. "Fine. You know Ambrose, I don't know how you fell for her but you did. I came to warn you and see what you have gotten yourself into. I wanted to know if you had gotten hurt or killed in such a short time," He said truthfully. I broke my staring contest with Ambrose and looked over to Jasper grinning.
          "A little late for that now. There has already been an attempt on my life. Someone staked me," I said grinning at him. At the last sentence, his smile was completely gone and he was frowning now. He got up from his seat and pulled my shirt down to see if there was a hole where the stake had been. "I took it out and it healed," I answered and jerked my shirt back up into place. 
          "We should get back on topic but speak of getting hurt. I never thought that you had such an arm," He said after sitting down in his seat and far enough away from me that the comment made sure Ambrose had his hands around me and was holding me so I didn't hurt him even more. "Are you even sure that you were a girl when born? I thought only men could hit that hard. And by the way Ambrose you have someone at your door wondering what that sound was. You better go take care of that," He said smiling. I looked over my shoulder to see Ambrose frowning and looking back at me. 
          "If you think that was bad then maybe you should try me and see how hard I can punch," I said back threating. He laughed and I felt Ambrose hold me tighter to him. 
           "I would love to see it too, but we have other things to deal with. That and I get to see it when you start your training with Eric," He said smiling wickedly before going back to frowning. 
          "Why don't you go do it, Jasper? It was your face that still has the red mark," I answered back as witty as I could manage.
          "What and leave you to to have all the fun?" He asked playfully. I shot him a look that said if he didn't stop this now he was going to get killed. "Fine. I will leave but you two have been warned. Start training now," Jasper urged and walked to the front door. Ambrose and I heard him talking to someone before he shut the door and then I felt Ambrose pulling me to face him.
          "That was very impressive," Ambrose said right before he kissed me. This kiss was like every other one. Amazing and hard to make it stop because I only wanted more of it. He broke the kiss when he heard a cough in the room coming from someone else.
          "It is nice to see you and Gabby getting along some nicely," I heard Taurus say amused at us. I looked up and saw that Taurus, William, and Eric standing in the doorway smiling at me. I looked back to Ambrose who held my hands above my head and looked right back at me. I pulled my hands out of Ambrose's and pushed him to sit up. I laughed when I saw that he was blushing at so many people seeing him make out with someone else. 
          "Let me feed first, then we can start with the training thing," I told them all when they looked to Ambrose, Eric than me. They nodded their heads slowly before walking out of the room. I felt Ambrose behind me and made sure to stop him before he left the room as well. "Still don't know how to get my fangs out, Ambrose. I might need some help," I said lightly and walked to his room again. I knew that he was following me and closed the door behind him. I turned around and pulled his mouth to mine for a moment before I broke it and held out a blood bag. He looked blankly at it for a moment before he laughed loud at me and kissed me again. This time he broke the kiss and smiled as he took it and held it up to my eyes. I smiled and shook my head. He titled his head to the side before he opened his mouth and let his fangs come out. He pricked his finger and held it to my mouth and nose for a moment before I opened my mouth and took his finger to clean the blood off. He shivered lightly and pulled his finger out of my mouth and handed me the blood bag smiling.
          He stayed with me until I finished three bags and started to look human again. I looked out the window to see where the sun was and I didn't see the sun. I saw the moon that shone as bright as a sun thought. "I think that I am good now," I said and walked to the door just to get pulled back to his side. I looked at him. He was smiling at me. "What?" I asked and tried to get out of his arms. He held me strong thought. I thought I heard him laugh before he turned to the door and opened it for me before he pushed me out the door and then back to his side the moment he was out of the room. 
          As he leads me to the kitchen and sat me down before he started to talk to the others my thoughts turned to being the queen. It felt weird to think the words. It just didn't seem like it was me. And being called queen and treated like one for that matter was doing a number on my ego. It was growing bigger and bigger, but I needed to stop this thinking otherwise someone was going to pick up on what I was thinking. "Love you," Someone said and my thoughts went straight back into the conversation. I looked around and everyone was looking at me. "About time you came back to the group," Ambrose said. I blushed and looked down at my feet. "Don't do that. You had a glazed look on your face and I thought I knew where your thoughts were heading. Well, thought is the wrong word. I was told where your thoughts were going," Ambrose said and made me look at him. I smiled sheepishly up at him from my seat. 
          "I am going to the bathroom. Don't follow me," I said as soon as I got to my feet and one other person got to their feet as well. They sat back down and looked at me. I walked out of the room and went to the bathroom. I took a moment before I even bothered to take care of what I needed to do. I had to use the bathroom and get away from them for a moment. I did what I needed to and looked into the mirror before I even thought about going back. It seemed that even thought it was a nice looking hairstyle nothing was going to stand the heat in Iowa.My hair was getting all frizzy and the flowers were going to get stuck in my hair if I left them there too long. I washed my hands and took the flowers out before I left the bathroom and went back to deal with the matter at hand.
          "So what are you going to do about-" They stopped talking the moment I walked into the room. I smiled and sat down again.
          "Oh don't stop talking on my part. I am only here to listen and see if I could add anything helpful," I said smiling and swinging my feet back and forth. Ambrose looked at me for a moment before he nodded.
          "So what are we going to do about you two being A Vita mate ins?" He asked again and bowed his head. I felt my eyes get wide and then they shot to Ambrose's as he watched for what I would have said. I zoned out of the conversation of the second time and let them talk about whatever they wanted to talk about. I didn't see any need to get into the conversation until William jumped in my head and told me to listen to this part.
          "We should start training her then," Eric said. I knew that he had heard what was coming and thought that it would be nice to get to teach someone. I heard it in his voice that in a match he still thought that he was going to win. 
            "About that training thing. Maybe you should teach me how to block the mind reading thing. Two reasons, one because I am tired of having him in my head; two because I want to just in case my father can read minds. I am sure he can think. I have been in Jasper's head and I am sure that I have been in his head at least once before," I told them. They looked at me shocked. I shrugged my shoulders and looked away from them all, to Ambrose. 
          "Who will train her thought?" William asked. I looked over at him tilting my head. I really didn't think that I needed this but it seemed they thought I needed it. I looked around the room and saw Eric, who was grinning like he was just very satisfied with something. 
          "Eric will," I said for them all. They looked towards Eric and then towards me. He was grinning at me; he didn't look away from me as he said, "It will be my pleasure to," with a smug look and got to his feet.
          "It is settled then. Eric will teach you to combat and William will teach you to block gifts. Everyone else will help and guard you until the day comes to fight your father," Ambrose said and wrapped his arms around my waist. I smiled and closed my eyes as I felt Ambrose kiss the top of my head. I knew that everyone in the room was happy for us both but they didn't like being close to us when we did this.
          I smiled and opened my eyes and saw everyone bow before leaving the room. I turned around to face Ambrose and reached up to pull him down to me. He smiled and pushed me down to sit on the couch. He followed and sat down right next to me. "I need some more clothing," I told him not smiling anymore. The thought had just come to me and I knew that I needed to get something more than just this dress to wear. He looked over at me and smiled wickedly at me. "What is that for?" I asked him as he stepped closer. I stepped away from him the closer he got with that smile.
          "You have to ask before we do anything," He said wickedly and I saw him move to grab me before he did and screamed more out of shock as he grabbed me and hugged me to his chest. Everyone in the group came in the room looking scared that something happened to me. I punched Ambrose in the chest to let me go. I was laughing and I was sure that he was laughing with me. I looked away from him and tried to run away but was caught by one of the others that had gone into the room after I screamed.  "Let me go! He is going to make me say it!" I screamed and they let me go before I even had a chance to think. I found myself back in Ambrose's arms laughing. 
          "You have to ask it before I let you go," He told me sternly. I laughed at it. As soon as I was done laughing I got the point that I was going to have to ask.
          "Fine. Can we go- go sho-shop-shopping?" I shuddered saying the idea, but I made everyone else laugh at me. "What I hate the idea of sho-shopping," I shuddered once again saying the word shopping. I have a fear of shopping enough to the point where I didn't think that would be able to go into a store by myself anymore. I had done nothing with about it. I shot everyone in the room a look that would have killed them if they were human and they stopped laughing. 
          "You really don't like shopping do you?" Taurus asked grinning at me. 
          I shook my head and grabbed Ambrose's hand and pulled him into the hallway to get away from the others for a little more. 

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