Never Be

Claudia had a simple life in Sydney Australia.

She spent her days wondering what her future will hold with her 4 best friends.

She has dreams, they have dreams... but do happy endings exist?

This is the REAL world.

She has conflicting feelings about one boy in particular, but to him, they are just friends.

But with hope can a friendship grow into something more?

Read to find out!

(5sos not famous)


33. Birthday

Claudia's POV


July 7, 2011 


12:07 am


I woke again with a shock, but then quickly calmed down. To my left was a sleeping Calum. He looked so soft and precious when he slept, like a baby. Full cheeks and full lips parted releasing small snores, messy fringed hair, porcelain doll skin. I sat for a few minutes watching him sleep and I just couldn't resist any longer. I reached out my hand and started playing with his dark hair. I started to smooth it out of his face and fix it up.

He started to move and flicker his eyes open.



"Did I wake you?"

"Umm, no." He looked over at my clock,

"Hey, it's your birthday! Happy 17th birthday Clauds."

I also looked at my clock, and it was past midnight, so it was my birthday. And Ashton's.

I reached over and went on top of Cal and embraced him in a big hug. He hugged back. I let go and supported my self over him using my elbows and he looked up at me.

"Hey Cal, why don't we go get the rest and celebrate?"


I was already wearing dark grey sweat pants, so I just ran to my closet and pilled out a random blank black tee and slipped it on.

Cal was also wearing grey sweat pants and a maroon tee and he put on a grey beanie and we quietly sneaked out of my house as to not wake up my parents.

We got out without getting caught, and the entire neighborhood was dead silent. Perfect. It was an oddly warm night, considering it was winter.

We ran across the street and went to the side of the Irwin house, and stood under Ashton's window. His window wasn't very high up, but it was still taller than the both of us. 

"Ashton! Ash! Wake the fuck up! Ashton!"

we both whisper- yelled at his window. Nothing. I was jumping up and down to try and look in his window and saw he was peacefully sleeping in his bed.

"Oh! I have an idea. Grab onto the windowsill up there and I'll lift you."

I reached up and I was thankfully tall enough to be able to grab the edge of the windowsill. Calum squatted and reached behind my legs and on a count of three lifted me and I was facing the window looking into Ashton's room. 

*knock knock knock*

"Ashton! Hey! Ash!" I whisper- yelled. He slowly started to shift in bed and I started to rapidly knock on the window to wake him up.

"Oi! Calm down, I don't wanna drop you."

I looked down and death stared Calum.

I turned back to the window to yell again, but I was caught by surprise and I screamed and let go of the windowsill and started flailing my arms around, and was about to fall backwards from lack of upper body support.

Calum did a quick move where he let go then grasped me again around my waist so I wouldn't fall.

He slowly let me drop to my feet and we both relaxed and l looked back up to see a laughing Ashton.

He opened his window, "Did I really scare you that bad?" he laughed some more.

"Yes! Now get out here so I can tell you happy birthday ya little shit."

He expertly hopped down from his window and gave me a huge hug. He whispered in my ear,

"Happy birthday, I couldn't think of anyone else I'd rather spend this day with."

I nuzzled into his neck and smiled to myself.

Ash spoke up, "Lets's get the rest of the boys."




(*Skip sneaking out Michael and Luke*)



We all agreed on a fun night out to celebrate.

What else could a bunch of teenage rejects do on a Saturday night at 1 am?

We ran back inside to change clothes. I Put on a maroon tee that rose slightly above my waistline, dark blue skinnies without the knees, my black converse high tops with white soles and laces, and I got a small bag to hold anything we needed.

I applied little cover up, ox blood- colored lipstick, and a winged liner. I took a record time of less than 15 mins, and snuck out to met the boys.

They were wearing blue skinny jeans and tees too.

We walked to the 24- hour store and bought essentials.

Spray paint, glitter and streamer cannons, glow in the dark body paint and an old Polaroid on clearance with 30 pictures left. We paid and left to begin the celebration.


First thing, we were not stupid and didn't go around our street or school, we went along the park east to our houses. 

The park with 'The Bench of Evil and Heartbreak'.

At all costs I avoided looking at it to not ruin my birthday.

This was my birthday. 

My 17th Birthday.

My day.           (and Ashton's)


We each grabbed a bottle of glow in the dark paint and started neatly painting designs on each other. 

I walked over to Michael and put green stripes under his eyes like a football player. I read the bottle and said, 

"Hey, this stuff is safe in hair. Want green hair?"


I took his fringe and covered it in neon green and when I was done he was smiling like a happy kitten. The rest of the boys also had stripes under their eyes, Calum with red, Luke with blue, Ash with orange.

Michael got the purple and put 2 stripes under each of my eyes. I smiled and turned around and picked up a glitter cannon and pulled the little string and it made a pop and the lid flew off cascading silver glitter above us, letting a load fall in my hair. 

"Let's get this night going!" I cheered.

We each picked up a can of black spray paint and I got the streamer cannon in my bag, with Cal holding onto the Polaroid.

We walked over to the west side of town, the quieter side, and headed down the main road towards a dead end famous here in the west of Sydney

(AN- haha, I don't know if this exists, but I'm gonna use this for the story-)

We got to the dead end, turned left behind a bush and walked over to a large old brick wall facing us, sides hidden by green growing.

The wall was twice my height, and was about 10' long. It was famous for spray painting, and it was the only legal place to vandalize that we knew of.

We shook our cans and began spraying. We painted whatever our hearts desired, and I put a mini quote and did small doodles. 

Me and my can were done, so I put it aside and looked at the other boys. 


The boys looked over and laughed their heads off, and then once they were finished Ashton got the Polaroid and took around 10 pictures of our art, and gave them to me to hold in my bag. 

Before I put them in, I shuffled through them admiring Ashton's photography skills.

We then took about another 15 shots of us posing by the wall, then ventured back home.

On our way back, I pulled out the streamer cannon and popped it behind the boys startling them. I took the camera from Ash and took 3 pictures of them, with streamers falling around them.

I handed the camera back to Ash and put the 3 pictures in my bag, with 2 pictures left.

We got back on our street and I started to jump up and down and spin and just go plain nuts.

"Claudia, what are you doing?" Luke asked

"I'm just happy! I mean I'm 17!" I then got dizzy and plopped down on my lawn and looked up at the 3 am stars.

I sat up, and put my bag behind me. 

"What a night, boys."

"Ya, it was fun. But, I'm pretty tired, and I know we will be busy with your birthdays tomorrow. I'm heading home, g'night mates."

"Night Luke."

"Ya. I'm gonna go too."

"Me too." Michael said.

It was just me and Ash.

"Well," he began, " I think the Polaroid is done. You can keep it if you want. I'm gonna head home too, tomorrow will be a long day." He stretched out a hand and helped me off my feet, and pulled me in a hug.

"Happy birthday Claudia."

"Happy birthday, Ashton. We're growing up too fast." He laughed at my comment and waved and turned around and walked across the street to his house.

I went up to my door and stopped as I grabbed the handle and turned around to see Ashton's feet disappear back into his bedroom window. I was about to open the door, when I remembered and went to go and grab the bag, then snuck back in and quietly got to bed.

(AN- so this published for some reason before I was done even though I saved it as a draft, so this is the finished edited chapter, so if you read this between Dec 2015- Jan 2016, it was the unfinished version. Thanks :) -)

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