Never Be

Claudia had a simple life in Sydney Australia.

She spent her days wondering what her future will hold with her 4 best friends.

She has dreams, they have dreams... but do happy endings exist?

This is the REAL world.

She has conflicting feelings about one boy in particular, but to him, they are just friends.

But with hope can a friendship grow into something more?

Read to find out!

(5sos not famous)


6. Beach

February 17 ,2002


A/N- this is now finally in Claudia's POV, I just didn't wanna do it at age 3 because that will be pointless, but she is the main focus of this story-



Claudia's POV


I was laying on my towel in the hot Australian sun attempting getting tanned. We were having a mothers and kids day, while our fathers went out fishing at the lake. No matter how long I sit in the sun, I won't tan. I just burn; people assume because I'm Australian I'm tanned. I was here with my mom of course, Michael, Lucas, Ashton, Calum, Karen, Anne Marie, Liz and Joy. I love the boys, as friends of course, they are my best friends ever, but Ashton and I are closest, because we've been friends since birth; literally. I heard the boys laughing, probably cause they saw boobs. Idiots. I then heard Lucas say...


I don't think I've ever done a more high pitched scream in my life. They dumped a huge bucket of water on me. But this wasn't the oceans water, oh no.

"Why is it so cold!"

"Its melted ice!" said Michael.

"I hate you guys I hope you know that." They laughed and walked back into the ocean. I needed revenge. I just acted on instinct and decide to attack. I grabbed both water guns and looked for more, but that's all we had, and the bucket broke when Lucas threw it aside after they drenched me. I snuck into the cooler and filled the guns with water that stung my hands from the icy temperature. I looked over to the ocean and their backs were facing me so I could sneak up and attack easily. I got really close and held both guns in my hands and took aim.

"Hands up losers!" I then shot them all and they screamed like the little girls they are. I threw the guns to the side when they started running away and jumped on Calum's back because he was closest. I laughed and he tried to shake me off until I fell back in the water. I was laughing until

"Smart plan White. But not smart enough."

"What do you mean Mikey?"

"Don't you remember?" Ashton and Michael held up a water gun each. I forgot I threw then aside. Lucas looked over to Calum and yelled

"GRAB HER!" I tried to run away but he grasped my waist and pressed my back against his stomach and wrapped his arms around my waist. I stretched out forward in a desperate attempt to run away but Calum went behind Lucas and took both my hands and wrapped my arms so they were behind mine and Lucas' backs.  He held my wrists tightly together behind Lucas' back.

"Ready Ashton, aim... on a count of 3 get her." 


"1,2... 3!" 

As Michael counted down my heart sped up at each digit. I felt Lucas squeeze me tighter and Calum tighten his grip on my wrists that kinda hurt. I hard '1' and I held my breath and closed my eyes as I was being attacked by Michael and Ashton mercilessly. They yelled as they attacked me and it was so damn cold. I guess the chill of the water fueled me as I wriggled free of Lucas and Calum's grip. I ran back to the shore screaming and stood close to my mother so if they tried to get me again, they would wet her too.

"Whoa whoa whoa! Whats going on over here?" Joy asked laughing,

"Water gun war." I casually replied

"Well. That doesn't look too good." Anne Marie replied looking disappointed. We all looked down ashamed.

"This is terrible. I can't believe this is happening, your doing it all wrong." We all looked at her with confusion.

"If you want to have a REAL water gun fight you need this." She handed Lucas Calum and I each a loaded water gun and we all gave each other devilish looks.

"Good, now go! Have fun! Be safe!" 

We all ran back to the water and went back to war. 

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