Never Be

Claudia had a simple life in Sydney Australia.

She spent her days wondering what her future will hold with her 4 best friends.

She has dreams, they have dreams... but do happy endings exist?

This is the REAL world.

She has conflicting feelings about one boy in particular, but to him, they are just friends.

But with hope can a friendship grow into something more?

Read to find out!

(5sos not famous)


5. Backyard Party

Februrary 25, 1998


*Karen's POV*


"I'm so glad we can all finally meet. Its way too late but who cares!" I laughed. I was having a neighborhood  get-together and my close friends; the Hemming's, Hood's, White's and Irwin's were here along with the rest of the block. It was just so our neighbors could get to know each other better. I looked over at where my son was playing.

"Michael! Stop poking Lucas!"

"Sowwy mumma" he replied, and Lucas ran behind Calum and giggled. Michael was now 2, Calum 2 and one month today, and Claudia and Ashton were turning 4 this July and Lucas turning 2 in less than half a year.

"Anne, what are the odds you and Nia had your babies born on the same day in the same room?" I laughed.

"We are just lucky I guess" she answered with a smile. "I'm so glad the kids are all friends" she continued, "well, less so Michael and Lucas, they seem to enjoy teasing one another." The mothers all laughed in unison. 

"Boys will be boys" I said.

Liz and Joy were talking about work, and Nia and Anne Marie were talking about their kids. I looked over my side at the kids all playing. I noticed how different our kids were from the rest of the children on the block. They didn't play with the rest of the children. They only sat together in a small bunch and, considering they were only all around 2, couldn't even talk to have a conversation to fight boredom. And yet, they didn't show a single sign of boredom. They all just looked from one person to another, as if they had some sort of telepathy that they talked through. Even Claudia, who I thought as being the only girl, would be playing barbies with the other girls. Nia did say she never liked dolls or dress up as other girls her age did. Nia said she was like her as a child, always drawing, swimming or listening to music and making up her own gibberish for lyrics. Michael and the rest of the boys are just the same. I watched the kids have small 2 year old conversations about nothing, and watched Calum pull Claudia's hair lightly and he would laugh every time she would jump, my son would stomp on ants with his shoes somehow finding so much joy in it, and Lucas and Ashton played with chalk. I was glad the children got along so well because considering me, the mothers and our husbands are close, they would be seeing a lot of each other. 



A/N- There will be some big time skips of a few years and when they reach age 12 (it will come sooner than you think) it will start to get more into the story and message I mean to send-

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