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1. one


"C'mon we're gonna be late!" My mom yelled from the bottom of the staircase

"Coming!" I yelled after I sprayed my body spray on myself and I ran downstairs. We are going to meet with my best friend for her birthday


"Im coming!"

"Hurry up!" She yelled back and I didn't answer i just went down the stairs

"Do you have the gift?" I asked and grabbed a bag of chips

"Yes its in the car. Now lets go" she said and we walked out the door


The party was awesome! It had a DJ and there was a whole bunch of candy.

"Put your seatbelt on" my mom reminds me and i do as she says

"Can we listen to Fith Harmony?" I ask and she passes me her phone and the aux cord. I don't have my own phone because my mom thinks that 11 is too young.

"Can you play Miss Movin On?" My mom asked and I laughed. She always asks me to play that song

"No i wanna listen to Top Down" I said and played that song and started to sing along

"From a small town

Cruisin' thru the big city

Where the fellas are cute

And the girls are pretty

It's our world so you kno-" me and my mom sang and then a semi truck hit our car. I blacked out and when i woke up i was in a white hospital room and a blue cast. The nurse came in and she looked like she was in her late 20's or early 30's.

"Oh good you're up!" She said a little too happy

"Yea" I said and sat up

"Well my name is Kelly and you must be Aster" she said and I nodded

"Where's my mom?" I asked

"She is uh..." She trailed off and I knew this wasn't good. I got the hint and started to cry and she came to hug me

"It's okay" she said trying to comfort me but i just shook my head and cried harder and about 10 minutes later I stopped because there was no more tears to be cried so i went to sleep and the nurse left.


I woke up and i was hungry but i just sat there messing with the cloth stuff that protects my skin from the hard cast till the nurse came in

"How do you feel?" She asked

"Other than hurt that my mom died, fine" I said and she smiled and wrote that on her paper

"Uh ok do you need anything?"

"Yea. Im hungry" I said and she told me to get out of bed and follow her to the cafeteria. I got spaghetti and garlic bread. I sat down and the nurse sat with me

"How old are you?" She asked as i ate the spaghetti. The food wasn't bad but it wasn't the best I have tasted

"11" I said after I swallowed

"Cool.... What do you like to do for fun?"

"I go outside and play with my dog"

"I had a dog when i was your age. It was a pug"

"What happened?" I asked. I was kinda interested

"He got ran over"

"Oh sorry about your dog" i took a bite of the garlic bread and it was really good

"Its fine. He was stupid anyway" she said and we both laughed

"If you don't mind me asking, what happened to me... Like health wise"

"Oh. You have a concussion, broken arm wich you had to have surgery for, and you have stiches near the bottom of your left eye" she said and I touched the bottom of my left eye and I felt pain. I didn't notice the stiches there and I probably would have never found out unless i looked in the mirror


A/N: Aster is played by Mackenzie Ziegler and Sam (she's coming later) is played by Kendall Vertes. I hope you liked this I'll be updating soon and I have an eyelash on my screen... BYE! ❤️💕

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