This should be fun

" well this should be fun "
Kat lived in Australia her whole life when she meets the baddest boy In school Calum hood they are assigned partners for a class project until Calum finds out a secret that nobody ever knew about kat


7. So we all agree

kat and Michael walked to lunch along with Sabrina and Luke 

Sabrina-" so what do we do now " 

Luke-" we go along with the plan we talked about " 

Kat-" Calum wants to help " 

Michael-" maybe we should tell him " 

Luke-" are you two crazy " 

Michael-" we kept this secret in since we were 3 " 

Kat-" and we all agreed someday we would find someone to trust and tell our secret " 

Sabrina-" Luke their right " 

Luke-" how do we know if we can trust him" 

Kat-" I'll talk to him " 

Michael-" make sure he understands Kat " 

Luke-" if he tells anyone it will be over for all of us " 

Kat-" I will make sure he understands " 

Sabrina-" we should all tell him " 

Michael-" so we all agree " 

Luke-" yes " 

Sabrina-" yes" 

Kat-" yes " 

Michael-" okay then we will all tell him tomorrow ".


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