This should be fun

" well this should be fun "
Kat lived in Australia her whole life when she meets the baddest boy In school Calum hood they are assigned partners for a class project until Calum finds out a secret that nobody ever knew about kat


6. Just leve me alone

kat saw Calum and walked up to him 

Kat-" here I finished the stupid project "

Calum-" look I know I mad- " 

Kat-" Calum it's fine just hand in the project and leave me alone " 

Calum-" wait kat what ever your secret is I want to help " 

Kat-" is this a joke cause it's not funny " 

Calum-" no kat I'm serious " 

Kat-" whatever " 

Calum-"can you please tell me " 

Kat-" no I promised my friends " 

Calum-" it involves them too " 

Kat-" yes " 

Calum-" I want to help " 

Kat-" you can't look I gotta go just go back to your perfect life " 

Kat ran off she wanted to trust Calum but she can't betray her friends cause it's their secret too.

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