This should be fun

" well this should be fun "
Kat lived in Australia her whole life when she meets the baddest boy In school Calum hood they are assigned partners for a class project until Calum finds out a secret that nobody ever knew about kat


11. It's time

They all met at Kat's house 

Michael-" does everyone have everything " 

They all nodded 

Kat-" okay let's go " 

Then Sabrina walked In

Luke-" what are you doing here " 

Sabrina-" we all done this together and I'm not going to let you do something stupid without me " 

Michael-" that's the Sabrina we know " 

Luke-" okay let's go " 

Kat-" you really don't have to do this Calum " 

Calum-" I want too " 

Michael-" are you guys coming or what " 

Kat-" yeah we're coming " 

Then they all ran off to England someday they would go back to Australia just until they were 19. 

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