This should be fun

" well this should be fun "
Kat lived in Australia her whole life when she meets the baddest boy In school Calum hood they are assigned partners for a class project until Calum finds out a secret that nobody ever knew about kat


10. I didn't tell I swear

Calum rushed into class and sat down next to Michael and kat 

Michael-" what's up with you " 

Calum-" Karen and Ashton found out about the secret " 

Kat-" Shit! How " 

Michael-" did you tell "

Calum-" no I swear I didn't tell " 

Luke was calling kat 

Kat-" what Luke " 

Luke-" Sabrina she told" 

Kat-" what why " 

Michael-" what happened " 

Kat-" Sabrina told " 

Luke-" we need to runaway tonight " 

Kat-" alright we'll figure out the plan after school" 

Then Luke hanged up 

Kat-" we're going to England " 

Michael-" alright what about Calum " 

Kat-" your right Ashton might trick him into saying something " 

Calum-"I'll come with you " 

Kat-" no too risky " 

Michael-" kat we don't have any other choice" 

Kat-" alright we all meet at my house " 

They all nodded.


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