This should be fun

" well this should be fun "
Kat lived in Australia her whole life when she meets the baddest boy In school Calum hood they are assigned partners for a class project until Calum finds out a secret that nobody ever knew about kat


5. Don't tell anyone it's between us and us only

Michael, Luke , and Sabrina went over Kat's house 

Luke-" how did he know that we have a secret" 

Kat-" I don't know " 

Michael-" we can't let him find out about this " 

Sabrina-" I certainly didn't tell Ashton " 

Kat-" did he ask you about the secret " 

Sabrina-" yes but I didn't tell him " 

Luke-" Sabrina stay away from Ashton and kat stay away from Calum " 

Michael-" she can't do that they have to work on that project " 

Luke-" can you finish the project by yourself " 

Kat-" I guess so " 

Sabrina-" are you serious " 

Michael-" we can't let anyone find out about our secret " 

Kat-" I can finish the project tonight ".


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