System Failure

Only the obvious things in life are what they really appear to be. If anything gives you doubt, look at it closer. You might find something interesting.

There was once a time where her life was a mess of one's and zero's - the coding that flickered across a screen in a dark room. There was once a time her life revolved around routine and stayed in the realm of the expected.
There was once a time he thought his days of searching would never end. There was once a time where his only hopes of romance remained from watching from afar.
There was once a time she thought love was stupid and unnecessary - unneeded.
There was a time when his life seemed to be predictable and easy.
But time is unstable and always changing. There may be many things that once were, but that's past tense.
Because that was then,
And this is now.


7. ("111")

The computer was born to solve problems that didn't exist before.


Their house was made from an old fire station that had been rebuilt and decorated after years of ignorance. The old brick had been restored, along with all of the interior structure until it was safe to live in. The large garage was home to cars that each member of the household was able to use by will. The only thing connecting the garage to the main house was a simple door that could be found in any other house.

The rest of it, however, was interesting. The kitchen was built in after most of the wall crumbled. The base floor was simply a kitchen, a dining room, and a living room all mashed into one. A circular section of the living room was cut off due to the fire pole that caused the window in the ceiling and the view to upstairs. The second floor was just the bedrooms and bathrooms. There was only one flight of stairs after the redecorating crew discovered the second one to be decomposing, and the removed them for more kitchen room.

Kyungsoo was happy.

Seung got to know that simple garage-house door quite well when she helped lead a partially walking Chanyeol inside with Baekhyun, hoping she could drop him off and go. She had to be places still, discerning the fact that she was wet and still wearing her gym clothes.

When she finally gets the door open, however, Baekhyun had to give off a wild call to the other creatures in the house. School must've been out, because two come sliding down the pole, three in the kitchen.

"Yunjin! What's cooking?" Baekhyun asks. A button-nosed girl perks her head up. She was spinning in a continuous circle while stirring something in a large orange bowl. There was a man circling around her, trying to get at what was in the bowl with a pout on his face. Seung recognizes him as one of the friends that came to the club with him before, the one she stuffed the hat on. He appeared to be trying to get food from the woman, who was refusing it to him.

"Cookies." Yunjin replies, slapping the man with her hand, momentarily dropping the spoon. He grabs it and makes a break for it, attempting to climb the pole. His jeans make him slip down and Yunjin reclaims the spoon with batter on it before he gets far.

One of the men who came down the pole she recognizes as the other friend from the club, the one her and her sister didn't understand. The other one she recognized from church. She hasn't gone for a while, but she remembers seeing him there a few times.

There's another man in the kitchen, but he's bent over in the oven and she doesn't see him at first. The final amount of people appear to be seven, not including herself, which was seven too many for her comfort.

The best part is when they all stand and stare at her and Baekhyun lugging a wobbly Chanyeol, who smiles weakly at them as they shuffle over to the couch to lie him down carefully, well, mostly. Baekhyun tries to chuck Chanyeol's lanky frame across the cushions, startling Seung, who is suddenly holding all his weight.

"What happened?" One of them asks and Baekhyun looks to him, ignoring the fact that Seung was going off balance trying to keep Chanyeol up for a few more seconds, both ending up on the floor with a muffled squeak. Chanyeol makes a surprised noise and rolls off of Seung when she pushes at him, sitting up as fast as possible while Chanyeol blushes madly.

"Sorry!" He gasps, grabbing the edge of the couch and trying to pick himself up. He gets steady and sits down, wincing slightly. Seung stands to her feet and feels self-conscious in her tank top and shorts.

"Seung mega-kicked his balls." Baekhyun explains. The guys flinch from the thought and one goes into the freezer for an ice pack, throwing it, towel wrapped, in Chanyeol's direction.

"She didn't kick me, just the bag she was beating." Chanyeol corrects with a flurry of his hands.

"That's Seung?" Yunjin asks, pointing her batter-covered spoon in her direction. The shorter male walks behind her and shushes her, but stares curiously himself Seung shrinks under their gazes and wants nothing more but to leave.

"If you'll excuse me..." Seung whispers, bowing her head and making her way to the door. Someone quickly blocks her off and Seung sees his signature smirk, retracting.

"So, this is the famo-"

"Kai." Chanyeol whines. Seung places a hand on the strap of her bag, which she had just enough time to sling it on her shoulder before Chanyeol raised his arms in her direction like a child when Baekhyun parked.

At that exact moment, the alarm on Seung's lab top goes off again and she jumps from the sound of it, fishing it quickly from her bag and running towards the far end of the living room, sitting down in a corner and pulling her knees close, setting it on top.

"She was beating what?" The church man asks. Seung's fingers fly across the keyboard.

"What is that?" The one who was chasing the food asks. Seung resists the urge to scowl and tries to ignore them, especially when a few try to get closer to see. Chanyeol blocks them off, already knowing her love for privacy, and the lab top closes just as fast as it opened.

"It had a virus." Chanyeol states, smiling at Seung when she looks at him for remembering her original reason.

"I think I should leave." Seung mumbles, starting to bow her head again when Yunjin takes a step towards her.

"It's freezing outside, and you're wearing that." She claims, looking concerned. She's the not only one to notice this, but Seung ducks behind Chanyeol a bit, subconsciously trying to hide behind him.

"You could at least have a cookie - Sehun you little lisp-talking-" The wide eyed man hisses at Sehun when he snatches a cookie from the pan that just came out of the oven, burning his fingers. The cookie falls and Seung sinks a little further behind Chanyeol, lab top caged protectively in her arms.

"Really, I'm fine." She insists weakly. Her voice was starting to reach just above a whisper, and Chanyeol knew that it meant she wanted it to stop.

"I'll drive you to the store." He announces. Seung nods her head once, and follows silently as Chanyeol leads her to the door, limping slightly. Seeing his discomfort, she grabs his arm to stop him.

"Are you sure you can drive like that?" The man from church asks before Seung can mouth the words. Chanyeol glances up at him, then back at Seung before smiling.

"I'll be fine." he replies, taking Seung with him.


The apple wasn't the smallest apple in the bunch, but, in his hands, it appeared that way. They were large enough to make a cantaloupe appear normal sized.

Seung tears her gaze away as she thinks of a way to get Chanyeol to leave her alone long enough so she could go see if the people actually dropped the money off or not. Most of the time it was a futile effort that involved a lot of sneaking around, but she choose a place with security cameras. She could just see what the recorded and know if there was a package under the sign or not.

The next step was if it was check or bills. She never really knew, but the check was always the hard yet easy way to go. You had to make sure it wasn't traceable when you cashed it in. Bills were a bit more strenuous because you couldn't really tell if they were marked or not. There was no direct cashing in with those. You spread them around the town until they've been exchanged so many times that you don't know exactly where they were originally spent.

He holds the apple out to her and she stares at it. He was already inspecting the fruit for her, like she did last time they came to the store together. She takes it and places it in her basket. Chanyeol let her steal away to the gym again because he forgot her umbrella there, and she needed to change her clothes.

Back in warmth, her only goal was to stop to continuous shivers that rolled through her body. They replicated something like anxiety, and she probably looked the part by the way she silently stared at everything. Chanyeol didn't seem to sense the awkward aura she had, though. He kept scanning the apples for bruises until Seung made him stop, insisting she didn't need more than the five she had already.

The cans had no mercy, either. He knew each kind she liked and found them all when she was looking for her first one. Fruits, sauces, soups, spices and even certain cleaning supplies were all in his long arms before she even could grab a bag of rice. Fortunately. she didn't seem to notice his stalker-ish actions and let him fill her basket with the items, following her to check out.

"I'm sorry about all of them. They mean well, but they're not the ones for social awkwardness." He nervously laughs with a sheepish smile. Seung glances at him from the corner of her eye, nodding her head in agreement. Seung pays and Chanyeol trails like a puppy to the car.

"Where to next?" he asks, carefully sliding into the driver seat. Seung gives a soft sigh and shakes her head.

"I'm sorry I caused you pain." She confesses.

"What? This? It's nothing, really." Chanyeol insists. Seung raises an eyebrow at him.

"You passed out." She reminds him.Chanyeol laughs, always being uplifting. The mood in the car brightens.

"Okay, so maybe it was something, but it's not your fault the chain broke, unless you have metal bending powers - which would be awesome." He muses. No matter what, Seung notes, he always had bright, hopeful eyes.

She looks away suddenly and sneezes, clearing her throat. Chanyeol looks at her clearly with concern, turning the heat on.

"I hope you didn't catch a cold from being out in the freezing rain." He comments, starting the car up. Hail was pelting the earth outside now.

"Crap." She hisses suddenly, looking at the clock in the car, "I need you to get me to the club now."

Chanyeol simply nods quickly and drives as fast as the speed limit allowed. When they reach the building, he was expecting it to be closed, but Seung orders him to park and come with her, if he wanted to keep driving of course, and he followed. He is dropped off at the front again and she whisks away to the back once more, taking her bag with her.

This time, however, there is no music playing, no lights making PSE people die from seizures. There were simply around five people sitting at different tables, simple white lights on the stage as they waited, playing on their phones. Two were men, three were women.

Chanyeol reads a sign by the front desk and understands what was going on. They were hiring more people, and these must be try-outs. When he looks at them again, he wonders why the men were there. This wasn't a gay strip club, was it? When his eyes roam again, he sees a schedule posted on the wall, and figures out that Wednesdays were gay nights.

That explains why Sehun goes with Kai only on Wednesdays.

Seung appears in under five minutes with two other girls, each strutting out in basic costumes. They all matched, sort of like a teacher-student attitude with uniforms for the authority figures. The two had their hands filled with outfits as well, one with the men's and one with the women's. They distribute them as Seung stands front and center on stage, her mask covering her face.

Chanyeol found her eyes on him, and she gestures him to sit down, jumping off stage and walking towards him when he enters the seating area.

"I'm sorry I've dragged you into this, but can you handle two hours worth of auditions?" She asks in a hushed whisper. Chanyeol looks at the people getting their matching student outfits, which were just black swim suits. 

Being himself, he can only smile back at the thought of being able to freely watch Seung doing anything, and he nods his head. Seung gives off a breath.

"Thank you. You can just take a seat and wait. You don't even need to be here, really. You could come back later-"

"It's all good. I'll stay." he assures. She nods and walks back over to the people, climbing on stage again when Chanyeol takes a seat further away from the stage to sink into the background. The teachers wore white while the students wore black. They go backstage to change and the three instructors talk to each other quietly until they come back, the men in something that could be compared to booty shorts.

"Do any of you have any experience working with this element?" One of the other girls ask the students. One of the men raises their hands and Chanyeol looks at him closer. He had styled auburn hair and looked familiar in a way, but he couldn't place the face.

"First off, we're going to learn real names and help you come up with stage names for practice." Seung butts in when one of the other girls looked ready to chew the man out. He didn't look that old, but all try-outs had to be at least 21 years old. It was the rule here when you're around alcohol, because, when you do lap dances, certain customers sometimes let you drink the liquor they buy while you're at it. There was going to be no underage drinking, and no pedophilia either.

Seung pulls a clipboard off the stage and holds it up, testing her pen to see if it worked.

"I'm sorry, but we'll be grading you like an assessment. It's not anything to stress about, other than creativity, seduction, and athleticism." One of the other instructors explains, pressing her palms together as she spoke.

"Now, give us your name so we can write it down for your stage name." The other instructor orders. She points a manicured hand at the person furthest to the side, directly at the auburn haired man.

"I'm Luhan." he shakily replies, stopping with uncertainty, but relaxing when his name is written down and the instructor points to the next person.



"Hi, I'm Jin-ah."


"I'm Dara, and I'll be in charge of measuring your creativity."

"I'm CL and I'm in charge of teaching you, and testing your, seduction."

"I'm Matrix and I will drill you on basic moves and teach you a simple routine to see how well you perform with little time for practice."

Chanyeol watches, clearly intrigued, and suddenly he has the desire to get on stage and try out as well, but he was sure that there wasn't a girl's night out day on the schedule.

"Take the time to come up with a temporary stage name." Dara orders, waving a hand at them to be dismissed. The instructors talk to each other a little more, but Seung remains quiet. She turns a little and looks at Chanyeol sitting in the background, waving tentatively. He stands up in his chair and waves back with a reassuring smile, giving a thumbs up. Seung turns away when the other girls look in her direction and she falls silent again, staring at the far wall.

"Time's up. Give us what you got." Dara announces. CL points at the side she ended with and goes left.

"I choose AJ." 

"Why?" Dara asks. AJ only shrugs and they move on. Other tests were waiting.

"I decided on the name Nana, because it's my nickname with my friends."

Dara was making notes on the clipboard Seung passed to her.

"Miyro, because it's off my childhood nickname, which is after a seasoning."

"Food names are actually good, because it adds to the sexy effect." CL comments, giving a small wave in Miyro's direction.

"Troublemaker." Hyuna states. CL walks forward and gives her a high five while Dara scribbles stuff down.

"Bambi." Luhan pipes in, hands on his hips.

"That sounds so innocent, yet look at you." Dara points at his exposed torso. He had defined muscle lines.

"It's so wrong, yet so right." CL mumbles, holding her chin in thought.

"Wait, how did you guys get your nicknames?" Nana asks, raising her hand in the air. AJ was giving Bambi eyes but the latter wasn't having any of it and simply crosses his arms.

The instructors all wave the question off and Dara passes the board to CL, who starts to describe the assorted facial expressions you need to use while dancing.

"Lidded eyes and smirking are good examples of a fraction of the different looks you could give. Looking overly happy and cheerful isn't sexy. Biting your lip, sticking your tongue out - only slightly, too much is nasty - are also effective advances." She explains. The way she taught them was almost like she was teaching them a science as she made them demonstrate and master certain looks, criticizing what they thought was sexy compared to what actually was.

In the end, Hyuna was winning with zero points lost, if anyone was keeping track.

Eventually, the clip board is passed to Seung and she walks towards the middle of the stage and grabs the front and center pole with one hand, setting the clip board on the ground.

"First thing's first, I'm going to show you a move and you repeat it as much as you can. I'm doing this because you already need to have the strength before you're hired, or else we don't have time for you to gain the strength later." She states in monotone, like she's explained this a lot before.

She demonstrates how to wrap your arm around the pole, brace the other one lower down, and lift your body up like a flag. Few actually pull it off completely, but they hold it and straighten out after understanding the tactic more.

They follow her when she flips upside down, legs on either side of the pole, and then when she crosses her legs over it and holds herself up. A few slide down, but they actually do a good job.

She demonstrates one move when she does a leg spin and swirls around the pole, and they blink at her.

"Warm ups now, and we'll show you a short routine to memorize and perform together." She briefly explains.

They pop their hips right, forward, left, and backwards in time, then speed it up until they rotates their hips in a circle. Chanyeol watches as Seung stands in front, not even looking at them. Dara and CL disappeared backstage a while back, and he suspected that this was the longest portion of the training.

"Men, keep doing the pelvic thrusts. Women, pop your chest out with the same beat."

The women go left, forward, right, backwards with their shoulders and chests while the men keep using their hips.

"Now go down."

Keeping their hips in place, they all separate their legs slightly into a stance and bend forward, touching the ground. Several don't get very far, but none dared to complain. They touch each separate foot when Seung tells them to to stay in unison with her. When they're done, they start to do something that looked like a windmill, bending forward while also making circles with their torsos. With a few quick leg stretches, they get on their backs and separate their legs again, rotating their pelvis in a circle yet again.

Chanyeol loses his train of thought when she makes them raise their hips to the sky and make little pulses upwards. Afterwards, they roll onto one hip and make running movements, bending their knees and brining their feet towards them before spreading them out like jellyfish.

"Okay, enough." Seung announces. They get to their feet and stay in formation.

"Are we going to learn a dance now?" Troublemaker asks, brushing the hair from her face. Seung shakes her head and takes a remote from the bra of her uniform. She presses a button and music plays.

"First off, I need to see if you can feel the beat well enough. It's simple, move your hips with the beat however you feel." She instructs. Seung takes a firm stance just when the beat actually enters and stares straight ahead. She simply moves her hips back and forth with the song. It speeds up when the lyrics call for it, getting smoother with the salsa tempo as well. When the second chorus hits, she releases the stance and walks around the students, eyeing them carefully.

"Add a little energy. Give it style." She states, returning to her place at the front, adding hand gestures.

She makes clear circles with her hips, but it stays with the rhythm of the song anyway. A few of the students were slowing down from how long they had to swirl their hips around.

"Just remember, girls. You'll be doing this in heels." She reminds them. The music eventually stops and they return to their casual standing positions. Two of them were panting slightly.

"Watch." She instructs. the other two girls come back out and a new song plays, this one slower. They slowly walk to the pole and take a hold of it gently, suddenly in the air and swirling around it, curling up into a ball with both legs outstretched. They somehow end up suspended by a grip between the thigh and hip, ending up in a splits position.

Chanyeol gasps and winces from the audience and they grip the pole with just their one leg, hanging upside down, still spinning slightly. They grip the pole and become flags again, held up by pure upper arm strength.

Sooner than later, though, their back up again and held only by friction with their under arms and upper thighs touching the pole, bent backwards over it. The short section of the song ends and they return to earth.

"Girls, that was your part. Men, watch me." Seung orders, returning her hand back to the pole. Luhan and AJ pay more attention this time.

She spins around the pole again, but doesn't leave the ground. When she grips it tighter, she gets in close and Chanyeol feels his face getting hotter when she moves her hips in a dangerous way, but she steps back again. This time, when she comes at the pole, she fully spins around and stay spinning, moving her body while in full motion. She stops by crossing her ankles and trapping the metal between her calves, releasing to slide down the pole, spinning again, with one leg bent over it slightly. There was a lot more spinning and leg movements than female pole dancing.

She lands and the others do the female part as they show them at the same time, giving the students another chance to memorize what they had to do. As soon as the song ends, the instructors step back from the poles and let them take their places, turning the music on.

The less eligible slip when they have to stay upwards in uncomfortable positions, one girl completely falling off the pole entirely.

The song ends and the students line up for a concluding statement. Dara holds up the clip board and points the pen at Luhan and Hyuna, telling them to walk to the right. The others don't make the cut.

They all return their uniforms and Seung disappears backstage with a quick word to CL, returning in casual clothes, but her mask was still on. She walks over to Chanyeol and he only makes a few sputtering noises at first, clearing his throat and getting to his feet when Seung gestures for them to leave.

"Won ecnad pal ot woh nrael ot teg yeht. enod I evah tahw?" She mumbles to herself, pulling her bag closer to herself. They reach the car and take their seats.

"Why do you feel comfortable talking to me about your job now? And what language is that?" he asks. She looks up at him once, then straight ahead. She makes a noise, and when he looks at her again he sees that she was trying not to laugh.

"I'm sorry. I speak that way when I don't want others to listen." She excuses herself, the laugh dying down.

"What language is it?" He asks again, leaning closer to her. She looks at him and leans away in concern for how close he was getting.

"It isn't another language. Just...this one backwards." She replies softly, like she was revealing a dark secret.

"Is it hard to do?"

"You have to know the sentence, and speak it from the very last word first. It depends on the thing you're saying." She simply replies.

"Okay, so what does Chanyeol sound like?" He asks, shifting in his seat so he was facing her full on.


He smiles widely and looks like he's about to bounce in the seat from this discovery. His empty, wide rimmed glasses seemed to barely hang on his face.

"Why do you wear these?" Seung asks. She reaches up and grabs them off his face, and it makes Chanyeol remember the time she did that in the club, seductively hooking them on his shirt.

"T-They make me look smart." He replies, suddenly feeling his face grow warm again. It was at that moment he realized just how close they were to each other, despite how she leaned away. It makes him think about how she moved her hips on stage, and decided that, one day, her job was going to kill him. His ears start to get red and Seung notices this, sliding them back over his nose and turning to look out the window in embarrassment.

"Can you just take me home?" Seung asks. Chanyeol swallows and nods, driving away. They sit in silence as they near her house, not to far from downtown. When he pulls up by the curb however, she almost looks like she didn't want to leave. Sighing, and grabbing her items, she opens the car door, only for Chanyeol to gently grab her arm before she escaped entirely.

"I've been meaning to ask you this, but how's it going?" Chanyeol asks.

"It's fine." Seung curtly replies. When she goes to move again, however, his grip tightens slightly.

"I was just concerned because of the incident..."

"Everything's fine, Chanyeol." She assures with a bit more force. Chanyeol swallows again and releases her arm to let her close the door behind her. He doesn't drive away until he sees her enter the house in a calm manner and close the door behind her.


She was anything but calm. Why was her heart beating faster in her chest? It's never happened before, other than when she was in possible danger, like how she entered the Pentagon's server and saw them tracing her while she was present in the chat room, or when Yoora was being held by their father against the wall. Was she scared of Chanyeol?

Of course she was wary of him, but she thought fear might be too far. She knew Chanyeol was trying to get something out of the relationship, and that he had a lot of friends, and that he was very open. People like that are unpredictable on what they share, and with who, but it wasn't enough to fearhim.

She shakes her head and gets dinner started, cleaning the rice and letting it cook. Yoora was reading out loud to their father, a scarf around her bruised neck. She didn't seem afraid of the man, but now she new better than to dress up for work at home. Seung told her about the short amount of time the girls took to dress her up. She said she could just go down there and let them take care of it.

And, since it was Gay Wednesday, they had a bit more family time tonight. Yoora was going to stay home, unless she went to the club to watch the men work it on stage, even though she can't go home with them because they don't do women.

"How was tryouts?" She asks, looking up from the book.

"We have two new people. One of them might even be on stage tonight." Seung replies. Yoora looks up again and finds their dad snoring gently. Both wait until the sounds get louder and deeper, signaling his hard sleep, and start talking again.

"Was he hot?"

Seung's shoulders drop and she rolls her eyes.

"I really didn't care. I guess so." She replies. Yoora closes the book with a soft thump and sets it down in the living room.

"It's times like this that I either wish you weren't my sister, or that I was bisexual." She simply comments, walking into the kitchen to join her sister. Seung gives her a look while getting eggs and vegetables out to cook, spoon in hand.


"Well, I know for a fact that you are sexy, and we already live together." Yoora replies.

"But, if you weren't bisexual, then it wouldn't make any sense. Saying 'either' doesn't work in that situation because you'd either be bisexual and have a sexy sister, or have a sexy best friend and be straight." Seung points out. Yoora scowls.

"Okay, fine. It's times like this that I wish you weren't my sister, and I was bisexual." She corrects herself. Seung nods.

"Why aren't you bisexual, then?" She asks and Yoora snorts.

"If I don't like to deal with my boobs, I sure as heck don't want to deal with anyone else's." She scoffs.

They take a few minutes to laugh with each other, like their father wasn't passed out on the couch, reeking of vodka. They laugh like both of them didn't take turns dancing for men, like they didn't have a secret room in the house that could only be opened with the key Seung kept secretly hidden away.


"I'm going to kill all of you, except Yunjin, because she cooks for me." 

They look up from their different positions, Suho turning the page of his newspaper before looking up for a quick glance.

"I think you should kill Kai first, because he tried to make me learn how to pole dance after you left." Yunjin replies, pointing at the said man on a stool, sitting at the kitchen counter with a cookie. He outstretches his arms as if asking 'what did I do?'

"Ha! Actually, I sort of accidentally possibly may have learned how to pole dance a little bit." Chanyeol starts excitedly, but gets softer and ends up scratching the back of his neck after realizing what he confessed.

"How?" Kai asks, leaning forward more in his chair, cookie still in hand, "The club is closed."

"They were having tryouts." Chanyeol mumbles, making his way towards the stairs.

"You didn't actually audition, did you?" Suho asks, looking slightly appalled. Chanyeol spasmodically shakes his head.

"If you didn't try out, then why were you there?" Kai questions, getting off his chair like a panther. Chanyeol instantly knows he won't win the speaking battle when this happens. It was escape time.

He shuts his mouth and walks towards the stairs faster, but Kai cuts him off and he's trapped until his eyes fall on the pole by the living room. Using his recent knowledge. He walks over to it and presses one foot and his knee against it, lifting himself up as quickly as possible. Kai simply places his hands on his hip and watches as the cloth around his legs slows him down.

"Look at that. You really did learn how." Kai laughs. Chanyeol slides back down the pole and falls off, holding his knees from where they strained incorrectly.

"It's harder than it looks." He mutters, looking up at Kai. When he straightens out, everyone was intrigued in what he was going to explain, even Suho folding the newspaper to hear of Chanyeol's adventures.

Chanyeol makes one last hasty attempt to climb the pole and Kai grabs his pants to pull him down.

"Hands to yourself." Chanyeol warns, pulling the waistband of his jeans up higher once he lands on the ground again.

"You were with Matrix, weren't you?" Kai asks.

"Define 'with Matrix' please." Chanyeol states.

"Avec, die mit, with. You were around or near Matrix by free will of both parties."

"What if I was?" Chanyeol asks, crossing his arms. Kai smirks.

"What were you doing?" He asks, inquiring something else. Chanyeol gestures to the pole he was trying to get up a few seconds earlier.

"I was learning how to climb a pole." He replies.

"What was she doing?"

"Showing me how to climb a pole."


Kai winks and leaves him alone, the rest of the group looking curiously at him.

"What about Seung?" Yunjin asks.

"Yeah, when is she going to come over again?" Kyungsoo asks. He places an arm around his girlfriend and she softens into him.

"Probably not soon, maybe. I don't know."

"Well, what can you say? The only reason she came over is because she felt guilty for making you go unconscious." Baekhyun pipes in, trying to master his eyeliner skills with a compact. His mouth was wide open as he stared at his own reflection, black pencil in hand.

"Why are you putting makeup on right now?" Kyungsoo asks. Baekhyun puts the pen down and blinks his eyes, looking himself over in the mirror.

"I need to work on my makeup skills for performances." He curtly explains, then goes to work on the other eye.

"Baekhyun is right. We didn't even get to introduce ourselves to her before she left, and that weren't good hosting skills." Suho points out, picking up the newspaper again. Chanyeol only bows his head and nods.


They never really notice when he leaves, but he does it every Wednesday with Kai. Why the pervert came with him wasn't obvious until they all slowly discovered his true nature several years back.

However, Sehun still wasn't sure why he came. None of the dancers impressed him. Maybe it was because he was around sexy people just like him, and he could scope out the other single men of the town without making things awkward for both of them. He was tired of incorrectly guessing.

The dancers were as hot as always, curving their hips towards the pole as if they were downright having sex. Kai had his infamous gaze and smirk he always wore, no matter the person.

Except this time, Sehun was taken with the dancers even more when a new group gets out, letting the other one get changed. There was one man that stole his breath away as he came on stage.

He almost lost his water when the limber man, who looked slightly like a teenager, clung to the top of the pole and spun, legs spread wide as he circled around, wearing nothing but black booty shorts with the words 'It ain't gonna spank itself' on the back. His graceful body made Sehun's mouth drop as he watched, which makes Kai snicker and smack his arm.

"Apparently this is the place to fall in love." He comments.

This man, dubbed Bambi, suddenly is upside down, one leg holding him up while the other casually bent with his body, almost like he was leaping through the air. When he lands after spinning again, he lifts himself back up and stretches his legs on either side of the pole. The music gets more intense and he's upside down yet again, but slides so his forearms touch the ground and he crawls forward off the pole. He gets back up and  spins again and makes a show of running his hands down his body.

Sehun's mouth hasn't closed yet.

Even when the music ends and Bambi is in an alluring position, he can't stop staring at nothing. His mind was spinning with the subconscious recordings it made. He's never been so attracted to one of the dancers ever before. What just happened?

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