4. "It's Cal"

"I guess you have a point, but if you fall out of the tree, it's on you and I'm going to laugh." I said cracking a smile. Calum looked over at me and laugh while nodding his head at me. I sat back down and attempted to finish my last few problems but Calum kept throw pillows and calling my name. I tried to ignore him but I started to laugh, he tossed a pillow at me and his voice cracked while saying my name. "Oh shit" he mumbled "I hear you laughing, stop ignoring me!" He yelled joking around. Then he got quite, to quite. As I was about to turn around two strong arms landed on my deck on each side me, so I would be trapped. Calum got real close to my ear, "don't ignore me babe, I know you hear me calling you and you feel the pillow hitting you." He whispered, trying to stay serious but failed. His hot breath tickled my neck. I jerk my body when his teeth met my earlobe. A moan escaped my lips. I didn't know that would feel good. Calum laughed again. "Now I know how to make you moan." He finally backed up. I spun in my chair to face him. "What do you want to do Calum?" I asked with a smile. Calum smiled back and took out a lighter and flicked it on. "You said you smoked?" I chuckled. I stood up and walked pass Calum, to my closet. I opened my right door to expose all my bongs and pipes. "Pick your poison, Hood" his eye nearly popped out of his head. "Damn, I told you were a good girl." I tilted my head. "I am! Weed isn't bad for you, it helps you relax and-" Calum was nodding and smiling sarcastically at me. "Yeah, okay Brooke." "Not a lot of people know, okay?" Calum put up his hands in the air. "I understand" he laughed. "Pick" he glanced at each one carefully. "Hmm, that one." He pointed at a pink bong. "My favorite."

Calum and I go down stairs to my back yard. We sat beside the pool and smoked. I let Calum take the first hit. Once he blew out the smoke, he started to cough. "That's some good shit." He said, passing me the bong. I took a hit and Calum was watching me. Once I blew out the smoke, I didn't cough. "I like a girl who can rip the bong." Calum got closer to me. I smirked at him. "Well you're going to love me." He got closer and closer to me. Our lips were inches apart. I could feel his breath on my lips. Wait.. What am I doing?! "Eh, what are you doing?" Calum backed up and looked at me smirked. "I was about to kiss you, but then you backed up." "I can't kiss you! I-I-" "Are scared too?" I gasped. "I'm not scared of you Calum, I just don't want to kiss you." I nervously laugh. "Yes you do. But you're not ready. I'll get you" he winked at me. "Here Calum." I said holding out the bong."it's Cal" I lifted an eyebrow. "You always call me 'Calum' you can call me 'Cal'" i nodded and grabbed the bong from him.

We stayed outside for a while just talking. "Oh wow, it's 7:45. I need to put this stuff away." Calum and I both reached for the bong at the same. When my hand touched his I jerked mine back. Calum shot me a smile. "I'll put it back for you, love." He was about to stand out but I stopped him. "No, I got it. But thank you, Calum." "Cal." I grabbed my things and left to go upstairs. When I got to my room, I put back all my things and cleaned up a little. I looked at my bed and saw a hat on my bed. It must Calum's. I put it on my head. It matched pretty well with my light blue sports bra and black joggers. I fixed my hair and put on the hat and found Calum where I left him. "Nice hat" he chuckled. "Thanks. I love it." Calum started starring at me. "What?" I laughed nervously. "I don't let anyone touch my hats, nor wear them. " "Oh! I'm so sorry, here." I said grabbing the hat. He put his hands on mine. "No, I love how you look in it." He grabbed it and put it on backwards. "Better." He said with a cheeky smile. I couldn't help but to smile back... There is something about Calum.

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