1. He's here!

"Hey Brooke!" My best friend Ashton chirped. "Good morning Ash!" I gave him a huge hug. "So did you hear?!" I raised my left eyebrow. "Hear what Ash? I Giggled. Ashton is always so happy, it makes me happy. "Calum Hood is coming back." "Who's Calum Hood?" Ashton's jaw almost hit the floor. His eye grew bigger. Was I supposed to know who this guy was? Did he come here? Who is he? "Calum is the heart breaker of the school. His last girlfriend.. He attacked her. His parents sent him to a mental institution. It's been five months. He finally comes back today." "How do you know Calum?" "He use to be my co captain in soccer team." I started laughing. "Love how you call it your team." He smiled at me. "I am the captain of the soccer team." Ash and I bursted into laughter.

Right on cue everybody started heading to the front of the school. "I guess he is back." Ashton and I found Michael on the sidewalk close to the street. A cop car pulled up and two police man came out. One of them open the back door to reveal a tall boy, with black hair that was messy but it looked good. He was wearing black jeans that were ripped on both knees, he was wearing a white t-shirt and a black leather jacket. I can't deny that he was cute. I don't recall ever seeing him. He passed by Michael, Ashton and I. Calum looked at me and shot me a wink. He looked back down at the floor and continued to walk in the building. Everybody followed inside and we're talking about him. One girl said how cute he was. Another couldn't believe he was back. The bell rang to go to homeroom.

It wasn't even the first ten minutes of class and I get called down to the principal's office. On my walk there I was trying to think what could I possibly of done that I get called down here. I finally go there and knocked in the door before entering. "Ah, Ms Gomez. Hi, I bet you're wondering why you're down here." I smiled and nodded. "Well, you're definitely not in any kind of trouble, if that's what you're thinking." I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding. "I was just over looking Mr Hood's schedule and notice that you two have every class together." That is when I took notice of Calum being in the room with us, along with the two officers. I couldn't help but to notice that he was in handcuffs. I nodded slowly. "Ms Gomez, would you be ever so nice as to show Mr Hood his classes?" "Of course Mr Ward." I smiled. Calum got up and one of the officers took the handcuffs off. He grabbed Calum by the arm "I'll see you in these again soon, you sick asshole." Calum and I were about to talk out and Mr Ward stopped us. "No trouble Mr Hood." Calum just nodded and walked out with me. Well this is going to be an interesting week with him.

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