3. Babe Xx

I finally got out of bed. I was dying to get out of my uniform. I quickly undressed and decided to shower later. I was looking for a shirt but my phone beeped. A random number texted me. "Nice bra and underwear (: xxx" I eyes flew to the window to find Calum staring at me through his window. He smirked and waved at me and I looked down and smiled. I closed the window and threw in a random sports bra and joggers. I reopened my window. Calum wasn't there anymore. A part of me was kind of sad. I shook off my thoughts and walked to my mirror and brushed out my long blonde hair. People have always told me that I'm a good girl. I'm good at school, I'm captain of the softball team and cheerleading team. I'm friends with everybody. But that is because I'm nice to everyone.

I look at the time and saw that it was three thirty. I grabbed my book bag and took it to my desk. I got started on my math homework. A couple of problems into my homework, my phone went off. I looked down at my phone to find another message from Calum. "What are you doing babe? Xx" I rolled my eye and replied saying "Doing homework. Don't call me ' Babe'" I didn't even get a chance to lock my phone before he replied."Fuck homework, let's do something fun. Why can't I call you babe? Xx" "You should being doing the homework too! I'm not your 'Babe', therefore you can't call me that. c:" I put my phone down and continued to do my homework. I was almost done with my homework I till there was knocking on my window. I was scared because my bedroom window is on the second floor. I peek from my desk to see who it was. There he was, sitting the tree right in front of my window. I rushed to opened the window. "What are you doing?!" I pretty much yelled. "Well hello to you too! Wow you look hot." I rolled my eyes. Calum starts chuckling. He laughs pretty cute. Stop it Brooke! He is a bad kid! "What do you want Calum?" "You" he said with a smirk. I was about to close my window but he stopped me. "Can I come in?" I thought about it. I was able to say no. "Even if I say no you're still going to bother me, so come in. Oh and Calum?" "Yes babe?" Why did I just get butterflies when he called me babe? Ugh, stop it! "It's called the front door." Calum sat on my bed and laughed. "Going through the door isn't has fun as climbing up a tree and into your room now it?" This was going to be a long evening.

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