More like FUNtasy amirite

Robin Hartlocke is an ordinary elf-knight-woman who somehow ended up in Farguard: the #1 destination for brooding antiheroes, arrogant mages and miserable townsfolk. Everything seems to be going fairly well until i make something bad happen. And that, folks, is how not to write a description. Don't run out of ideas before the end! Enjoy the story if possible



2. The 2nd chapter

Robin couldn't quite believe it.  Farguard, the place that had occupied her dreams since childhood, was there in front of her.  And it looked almost underwhelmingly normal.  She wasn't going to let that bother her, though.  After all, first impressions don't usually show the full picture and those heroic tales didn't exactly come from nowhere.  Robin was certain this was going to go well, that she would find a life out of the ordinary in the place where everyone looked for one themselves.  Her naieve outlook was frankly embarassing.

She walked into the town centre; which, she thought, was probably the best place to start.  She looked around her, trying to find amazement in the dull, dirty buildings surrounding the fountain she was standing by.  Then she saw it, a call to adventure, an opportunity to prove herself as the hero she set out to be.  An old lady getting mugged in broad daylight.

Robin stepped between the woman and the mugger.

'Hey, what?  What the hell are you doing?'  the mugger said, unsurprisingly confused.

'I could ask you the same thing, sir!' Robin smiled back at him. 'This woman is innocent!  She has done nothing to harm you and has no way of defending herself against you!'  Robin turned towards the woman 'Don't worry, ma'am!  I'll deal with this guy, and all criminals like h-'

'GET THE F★CK DOWN, YOU IDIOT!'.  Robin was stunned by the woman's outburst.  So stunned, in fact, that she only came to her senses moments before the fireball erupted from the woman's bag and straight at the unsuspecting mugger's face.

'what... what the hell was that?' Robin looked at the charred corpse of the criminal.

'Just an anti-theft spell I had cast on this bag.' the woman shrugged 'So I don't know where you were coming from with that -no way to defend yourself- thing.  You should think next time before you act, or you could get yourself seriously hurt, young lady'

Robin's face was practically glowing red as the woman walked off down the alley.  Farguard was certainly full of powerful people, just as she had thought.  She was just starting to wonder if she was strong enough to stay there and fit in.



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