More like FUNtasy amirite

Robin Hartlocke is an ordinary elf-knight-woman who somehow ended up in Farguard: the #1 destination for brooding antiheroes, arrogant mages and miserable townsfolk. Everything seems to be going fairly well until i make something bad happen. And that, folks, is how not to write a description. Don't run out of ideas before the end! Enjoy the story if possible



1. The 1st chapter

The cart drove over the dusty track, it's ancient wheels threatening to break loose at every pebble they ran over.  Robin Hartlocke stared at the city growing closer in front of her.  It had always been a dream of hers, to get out of her family's shovel-making business and pursue a life of excitement and adventure; and the city of Farguard was the perfect place for such endeavours.  All the great heroes had started off there: Goldhelm, the world-famous knight who killed between 7 and 38 dragons with her bare fists depending on who you believe, Pyne, the earth mage who bravely fought off several tree spirits (an a few regular oaks) for a bet with his friend, May, the young assassin who ended up bringing down a cruel dictatorship by stabbing the emperor in the back with a rusty pitchfork, and many others Robin couldn't even remember.  The point was, she was going to get a future there, the future she had always dreamt about, and it was going to be wonderful. 

But no story has the happy ending in the first chapter, oh no.  Our moderately attractive protagonist is sure to run into some kind of conflict during her all-too-lengthy stay in the great city of Farguard.  I just hope I remember to record it.



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