Ronald Potter And The Labyrinth Of Doom: Ronald Potter Year 3

Ronald Potter's third year at the Jedi Temple and his last year as a Youngling. He's been busier than ever learning how to fly starships, swimming in the Lake County on Naboo, studying for the obstacle course exam, and even tracking dozens of voorpak clones. But now someone's setting him up to get in trouble with everyone. Will he find out who it is and stop him? Or will he flunk out of school? Read to find out!


10. The Voorpak Clones

Later, Ronald Potter, Annabeth Skywalker, and Aidan Carter were training Squeaker for the talent show when Silva found them.

After telling Silva this, Annabeth said, "Watch," before throwing a treat at the voorpak. "Here you go, Squeaker!"

Squeaker flipped into the air, eating the treat as he landed on the palm of Ronald's hand.

"Cool!" said Silva.

"What are you doing for the talent show, Silva?" Ronald inquired.

"Uh, I don't know," Silva replied.

Aidan smiled. "I know what you could do!" He positioned Silva in a motionless pushup-like pose atop the platform Squeaker had been on.

"There, this should do!" said Aidan.

"This'll be awesome, right?" Silva said with a grin.

Annabeth grimaced. "I don't know about this..."

Silva attempted to leap, but instead he tumbled off and plowed into Aidan.

"Ow!" said Aidan.

"Maybe not..." moaned Silva.

Later, when they were done, Ronald placed Squeaker back in his cage. "Here you go, Squeaker. I'll see you tomorrow!"

With that, he headed outside, only to run into Bill.

"Ron! Are you taking care of Squeaker?" Bill asked. The concern in his eyes was obvious.

"Yeah, why?" said Ronald.

"I just saw him in the chemistry lab!" Bill replied.

With that, Ronald headed into the chemistry lab, where he found Squeaker by a countertop. "Squeaker? How did you escape?"

"Merp?" asked Squeaker.

Ronald seized him and carried him back to his cage. "Back into your home you go!"

As he left again, he ran into Annabeth.

"Ron!" she said frantically. "I just saw Squeaker in the cafeteria!"

Ronald looked back toward the classroom. "Huh?"

Ronald went down to the cafeteria to fetch him before carrying him to his cage. "Okay, all locked up. Stay here, Squeaker!"

Just then, Draco showed up, a look of worry on his face. "Ron! Did you leave Squeaker out on the soccer field?"

Without a word, Ronald made for the field. How did Squeaker get so far so fast? It's impossible!

Rushing out the Jedi Temple steps and onto the soccer field, Ronald seized Squeaker in his hands. I just put him in his cage! Which was double locked!

As Ronald carried Squeaker across a hallway, Vernon found him. "Hey, Ronald. Squeaker is loose in the gym. You'd better go get him."

Now Ronald was confused.

Vernon's newest prank was the worst! As Ronald thought, he kept letting Squeaker out of his cage and hiding him around the school. So Ronald spent half of the day tracking down the Voorpak. He didn't know how Vernon did it. Possibly, he had grown smarter. Or he had help.

Ronald knew Severus would be the most likely culprit... but Severus had been acting differently. Almost like a gentleman. Ronald thought he was only pretending to be nice so Lily Vane would like him. Or maybe he really had rethought his life. He tried to talk with Master Yoda about it, but he was busy talking with Severus during their training together. He couldn't talk with Mr. Maulpres about Severus' change either, because the day he tried he spoke with Draco Goyle for at least an hour. When he finally did speak with his Master, Maulpres gave him a speech about how he'd been expecting Ronald to watch Squeaker more carefully, and he did not want to listen to Ronald's explanation.

What frustrated him was that he already expected a lot of himself, and he did not need Mr. Maulpres to lecture him about it. He was already putting a lot of pressure on himself because he wanted to make his third year better than the previous two, when he was new and everyone expected him to fail until he proved himself against Darth Vadermort. Well, except Ammon and Annabeth, who stuck with him every moment he needed them. He just needed to survive being Maulpres' Padawan Learner.

Later, shortly before the Talent Show, Ronald received a picture and letter from home. The letter attached to it said:

Ronald, that was really sweet of you and your friends to send Oliver the backpack. He even took it to bed!



The picture was drawn by Oliver himself. Above the picture, which portrayed Oliver wearing the backpack, it said, "RON I LOV My bakpak thanc U.I put my buks in it"

Ronald smiled. Just then, Ammon arrived.

"You ready for the talent show?" he asked. "We're going to oversee preparations."

"Yeah," said Ronald. Flipping over the letter, he followed Ammon outside.

The next day, the talent show began. When Ronald saw the paper, he was shocked when he learned Mary was doing a poetry slam and Severus was doing hula hoops. He didn't know why, but he really liked Mary. Of course, she's not as cool as Annabeth...

Draco Goyle provided the opening announcements via microphone. Then, Pansy Lestrange did shadow puppet tricks, and June did tricks with a yo-yo.

As June finished, Ronald and Annabeth stepped behind the curtain with Squeaker. "Next up, we have Tegan Courtney and Bill Reggan," Draco announced, "with their music-dance recital."

Ronald watched as Bill and Tegan set up before turning back to Annabeth. "Are you nervous?"

"No," said Annabeth.

Ronald looked down at Squeaker. "I was asking Squeaker."

Squeaker chirped.

Ronald's head jerked upward, and he grinned. "Just kidding!"

"Are you nervous?" asked Annabeth, just as Tegan twirled past the gap in the curtains.

"Yes, but I'm pretending not to be," Ronald replied.

Just then, applause came upon the end of Tegan and Bill's performance.

"That's our signal!" Annabeth whispered.

And then Draco spoke. "Next, Ronald Potter and Annabeth Skywalker will perform with the trained Voorpak, Squeaker."

Ronald stepped out and waved to the audience while Annabeth placed Squeaker on a podium. Ronald turned back, and, making sure he was facing the audience, looked Squeaker straight in the eye. "All right, Squeaker...jump!"

Squeaker remained silent, not doing a thing.

"Ronald, what are you doing?" Annabeth whispered.

"It's Squeaker, I don't know!" said Ronald. He turned back to Squeaker, and spoke in a normal voice. "Annnd...jump!"

Squeaker still didn't move.

"Let's try something else," said Annabeth.

Ronald nodded. "Okay, Squeaker! Roll over!"

Squeaker tumbled off the platform and onto Annabeth's head.

"Oh!" said Ronald.

"He's peeing on me!" Annabeth shrieked. And it was true.

Just then, "Whip my Hair" came on.

Draco snickered. "Ha, ha! And that's all for Ronald and Annabeth, ha! Next up, we have Severus Umbridge, with his hula hoops."

As Severus stepped up, Ronald and Annabeth scampered into the back with Squeaker.

"That was the worst!" Annabeth shouted, using her elbow to wipe urin off her forehead.

"I'm sorry, Annabeth!" said Ronald, holding out a washcloth for her. "I don't know what's going on with Squeaker."

Annabeth took the washcloth. "Here, take him. I've never been so front of the whole school..."

Ronald looked down at Squeaker. "Squeaker? Are you OK? What's wrong?"

"Mer?" Squeaker peeped.


Ronald turned. "Another Squeaker?" Mere feet away, a Voorpak had climbed onto Severus' hula hoops, causing him to lose his balance and fall off the stage, where he broke his arm.

Ronald shut his eyes tight. Oh, no! He frowned as he looked behind him, where Squeaker rushed out into the bleachers. "Wait! There can't be two Squeakers!"

He turned, and to his shock, hundreds of clones of Squeaker were attacking the audience. Everyone was screaming. A clone jumped between the sides of Bill's headphones and yanked it away. Two more were crawling on his cheeks. Another one came up behind Yoda. Eegan tried to shake two of them off his arm, to no avail. Lily used the Force to repel several of them... right into Gammy's pot.

Annabeth finally ran out of the auditorium. Just then, Mr. Maulpres came up behind Ronald. "What's going on, Mr. Potter?" he demanded.

Ronald dug his face into his palm. "You don't want to know."

As a result of the carnage, the Jedi staff had to cancel the rest of the talent show while they collected all the Voorpaks. The worst part was that everybody thought Ronald was the culprit. Ronald didn't think Vernon knew how to clone aliens, but Vernon must have known the truth behind the attack. Ronald didn't know who else would play such a trick on him. And on Squeaker!

Fortunately, Principal Antilles allowed them to finish the talent show the next day.

Vernon had extra time to do his comedy routine, so he was able to think up several more jokes about Ronald and Annabeth. To Ronald, it was all the same joke, and it wasn't even funny the first time.

About halfway through the show, Ronald began leaning on Annabeth's shoulder.

In front of them, Vernon continued, "Severus Umbridge, or should I say Dolores? He really needed to take a break." When no one laughed, he added, "Besides, I thought the phrase was "break a leg," not "break an arm!"

Ronald scowled.

"Remember the killer hamsters?" Vernon continued. "The murderers? Ronald and Annabeth were supposed to make entertainment last night... not comedy! Look at them copping feels." He paused for emphasis. Ronald didn't raise his head. "May I ask why Greer is so short? He should take dieting lessons so he can grow healthy and strong. From me."

Just then, Ella Fitzgerald's A Tisket, a Tasket came on.

"That's all for today!" said Vernon. "Besides, she doesn't know if the basket is yellow or brown." He stepped down, and Pansy stepped up with her shadow puppets.

By now, Ronald was seething with rage. So, so annoying.

Severus wasn't even very upset about his broken arm, even though the bacta tanks were undergoing maintenance and he had to wear a sling and cast until after Spring Break was over. Ronald suspected Severus was enjoying the attention that came with it, especially from Lily. Severus even asked Ronald to draw on his cast, also complimenting his drawing abilities when he made the request.

Ronald couldn't wait for Spring Break to come, because the entire semester had been a train wreck.

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