Ronald Potter And The Labyrinth Of Doom: Ronald Potter Year 3

Ronald Potter's third year at the Jedi Temple and his last year as a Youngling. He's been busier than ever learning how to fly starships, swimming in the Lake County on Naboo, studying for the obstacle course exam, and even tracking dozens of voorpak clones. But now someone's setting him up to get in trouble with everyone. Will he find out who it is and stop him? Or will he flunk out of school? Read to find out!


6. The Lost Backpack

Ronald's first official date with Annabeth was a success! As he had noticed, he didn't spill anything on himself or Annabeth, he didn't say anything embarrassing, and he didn't ruin it by accident. He was also baffled by Severus joining them with Lily, and him actually being nice to them. However, he also considered the fact that Severus was acting nice the previous year, and then ended up trying to ruin it for Ronald. As for Vernon, he seemed to be in an even worse mood lately. He tried to trip Ronald on the way to class, and he was mostly taunting him.

The morning after the double date, the class had a substitute teacher, since Yoda was meeting with the Galactic Senate. He stood at the front of the class. The bell rang, and he looked ahead at the students. "Hi, I'm Gub Vendo, your substitute teacher today while Master Yoda meets with, er, the Galactic Senate. So, er, well, let's see, um, I'm sorry, give me a moment..." He began to file through his lesson plans nervously. "Can't seem to plans..."

Vernon raised his hand. "Excuse me, Mr. Vendo?"

Mr. Vendo looked over reproachfully. "Yes, um--"

"Vernon," Vernon interrupted.

"Yes, Vernon?" Mr. Vendo replied.

"Would you like me to help?" Vernon asked.

"Oh, thank you, yes!"

"Maybe I should teach the class for you?"

"That would be such a help to...uh." Mr. Vendo looked Vernon in the eye. "Excuse me?"

Vernon's smile grew. "You obviously don't know what you're doing, right?" Next to him, Draco Goyle snickered.

Mr. Vendo's hands fidgeted, and he dropped his papers. "Um...I don't know?"

Ronald felt really bad, but didn't know what to say.

And then Lily raised her hand. "Can we not have Vernon teach? I want to learn something today."

Annabeth scowled as she turned to Vernon. "You don't have to be such a jerk, Vernon, geez."

Ronald was shocked. I wish I could learn to stand up to people like that... "That was good of you, Annabeth," he muttered.

"Thank you," Annabeth whispered back.


Later, Ronald was sitting on a small sofa doing homework when Ammon and Bill walked up to him.

"Ron, we're heading over to the Archives to study, want to come?"

"Sure!" Ronald replied. "Mr. Maulpres gave me a ton of homework that I need to finish." He stood up. "Just let me grab my backpack." He went over to the door, but realized his backpack wasn't there! Oh, I thought I put it here...

He went back over to the sofa. As he approached it, he made note that it wasn't to the side. He looked behind it. Oh, maybe I left He looked onto the rug. I know I left it here, didn't I? Maybe I left it in my room? "Um, I'll catch up with you guys?" Ronald said finally. He headed to his dorm to search for it. It was nowhere to be found. He looked over toward his journal. Finally, he took it, sat down, and began to write about the event.

Just then, Vernon came in. "Whatcha doin', Ron? Writing love poems?"

Ronald looked up.

"Ron, did you just get back from somewhere?" Vernon continued.

"Huh?" said Ronald.

"It felt like you were missing. Class seemed less packed than usual."

And then it hit him. "Did you steal my backpack?" he demanded.

"What would I want with that piece of junk?" Vernon gloated. "Even if I did, I wouldn't tell you."

Ronald knew Vernon had stolen his backpack. He would have thought it was him, since Vernon was saying things indicating that he was fully in on the prank. Ammon agreed it was probably Vernon, but he, Bill, and Eegan all told Ronald not to worry because they promised to help him look for it. Annabeth and June even offered to let him use one of their bags until he found his. Although Ronald's journal and notebook weren't in there, all his star pilot notes, workbook, and homework were. He knew he would have to work extra hard to make up all the missing work, and that Mr. Maulpres would have absolutely no sympathy for his situation.


That year, Home Economics continued. Gammy was still teaching it. The day after the backpack theft, Yoda helped Gammy teach the next class.

"Today, cook with Gammy, we will!" said Yoda. "Use the Force to make meals, you will learn."

"Hurgh!" Gammy grunted, and turned to the students. "URN MRGHH ERF!" he instructed.

"Did you understand what Gammy told us to make?" Ronald whispered to Bill.

"No," Bill whispered back. He sat up again, and began to speak in a normal voice. "But with Gammy's taste in food, does it even matter?"

"Good point," said Ronald. With that, they all got to work.

"This isn't too hard," said Bill. He used the Force to tip the pepper shaker over, briefly pouring its contents into his bowl, while also levitating the milk powder.

Ronald used the Force to levitate a lemon. Then he overturned it and halfway crushed it. He offered Ammon a glance. "Can you pass the salt?" he asked.

"Sure," said Ammon. At the same time, Ronald turned back to his lemon and broke contact, dropping the lemon onto the table. He then began to pour a little milk powder inside.

Finally, the meals were finished. "Tine to taste these," said Ronald. He took one bite, and a bang of pain immediately met his tongue. "Eep!" How did so much lemon get in mine?

Ronald's lips were still puckered up when he stood up to leave. On the way, he passed Vernon and Pansy Lestrange.

"You look pretty sour about how yours tasted, Ronald," Vernon gloated.

"He looks like Yoda," added Pansy.

Later, Ronald angrily stalked the halls. I know Vernon took my backpack! He found Vernon's locker, and his anger was immediately replaced by an ambition to steal it back. Hmm...he wouldn't still have the same locker combination as last year, would he? He did the com. Seventeen...twelve...nine... "Aha!" He immediately opened it. Smells like old socks! With that, he began rummaging inside. Let's see...ew, sticky...I don't see it...

"Mr. Potter! What are you doing! Is that your locker?!"

Ronald jumped, recognizing the voice as Mr. Maulpres'. He turned and began to stammer. "Um, no, it's Vernon's, I think he took my backpack, and--"

"You need to learn to be responsible for your things, Ronald," Mr. Maulpres interrupted firmly. "And you need to learn not to mess with other people's belongings. I think detention is in order here."


"Silence. Conversation is over."

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