Ronald Potter And The Labyrinth Of Doom: Ronald Potter Year 3

Ronald Potter's third year at the Jedi Temple and his last year as a Youngling. He's been busier than ever learning how to fly starships, swimming in the Lake County on Naboo, studying for the obstacle course exam, and even tracking dozens of voorpak clones. But now someone's setting him up to get in trouble with everyone. Will he find out who it is and stop him? Or will he flunk out of school? Read to find out!


5. The Double Date

After the trip, Ronald continued to help Annabeth take care of Squeaker. He seemed to have warmed up to Ronald, even after the drama from last year. Once they were taking him for a walk, now that Ronald had finished his class notes. During this, they passed Vernon, Pansy, and Severus. To Ronald's surprise, Lily was with them.

"Hey, Annabeth, I see you've got a new pet," said Vernon.

"Don't even think about it, Vernon," Annabeth scowled. "You're not allowed to take care of Squeaker while you're on probation."

"Squeaker?" Vernon replied, and pointed to Ronald. "No, I meant your other pet."

Pansy snickered. Ronald frowned.

Before he could reply, Annabeth hurried him along.

Lily looked over at Vernon, then at Severus. "Severus, why is your friend so mean?"

Severus looked over reproachfully at Vernon. "She's right, Vernon," he said calmly. "You should chill."

Vernon looked shocked. He turned around and folded his arms. "Whatever."

Later, the double date Ronald and his friends had planned began. Ronald had never been on a date before. He was going with Annabeth, and Ammon was going with June. As planned, he stood in the Jedi Temple's front chamber, waiting for the others. He was fidgeting, and he could feel sweat building on his forehead.

Soon, Ammon showed up. "Ready for our double date, Ron?"

"No, but if we don't hurry I'm going to be all sweaty!" His nervous gaze rested on Ammon's hand. "Wait! What are those?"

"Flowers," Ammon said with a smile.

"Oh, no, I didn't get any!" Ronald said. His mind was reeling.

"Don't worry, I've got you covered!" Ammon replied, and handed Ronald five of his eleven flowers.

"Phew, thanks!" said Ronald, and took them from Ammon's hand.

They walked down to the benches, where Annabeth was sitting in wait with June. Ronald and Ammon immediately greeted their dates.

"Is it OK if someone else comes along?" asked Annabeth upon saying hi back.

"Oh, my!" said P-3TO. "I wasn't planning on it, but RW-12 and I would be honored to accompany you!" RW-12 beeped his agreement.

Annabeth looked over toward them. "Oh, er, P-3TO, we meant--"

"This will be delightful," P-3TO interrupted. "I'm so excited!"

"Actually, 3TO, we were wondering if Lily could come with us," said June.

"Hi, guys," said Lily.

"Sure!" said Ronald. Although he didn't know who Lily's date was, he couldn't help but trust her taste in guys.

"Who's your date, Lily?" Ammon asked.

They soon had their answer. A moment later, Severus Umbridge walked in.

"Hey, guys," he said. For once, no contempt flickered across his gaunt features. In fact, his expression was pleasant. Too pleasant. "Thanks for letting us come with."

"Oh, sure," said Ronald with a frown. What's he up to?

Severus peered over next to Ronald's ear. "Hey, Ron, can I have one of your flowers?"

Ronald could feel his anger building. "Um..."

"Thanks!" Severus replied. Ronald held out his hand, and Severus gently took one of them. Ronald turned to Annabeth.

"Hungry for some pizza?" Annabeth asked.

"Yeah," Ronald said dryly, handing her the three remaining flowers. Relax.

"Oh, thanks!" said Annabeth.

P-3TO came walking over. "Ah, pizza! Did you know that traditional Nubian toppings include sausage and spinach?"

Annabeth turned. "Cool!"

They went down to the pizza restaurant. Severus did the ordering, and Ronald was surprised when he even turned and asked him what toppings he wanted. When they sat down and began the wait for their food, they began to talk with each other, and the conversation continued after the pizzas arrived. During the wait, Annabeth put one of Ronald's flowers behind her ear. Everyone had their own subjects.

"...but on the other hand, proteinleaf is popular with..."


"...I read that, it's good!..."

"Have you seen..."


"Anyone want another slice of cheese?..."

Afterwards, everyone regrouped at the front counter. As Lily spoke with the droid waitress, Ronald stood waiting. He looked down, and it came down on him. "Oh, no! I forgot my wallet!"

"It's OK, I've got you covered," said Severus.

Ronald still looked wary. "Okay, thanks..."

June clutched her stomach. "I'm so full!"

"We don't have to be back at our dorms for an hour. What should we do?"

"If I may suggest, the soccer field bleachers offer a splendid view of the sunset."

"But we need a teacher to go there after school hours," Ammon protested.

"I suppose if I take you, that would be allowed," P-3TO replied, "so long as we leave right after."

As they headed down to the Jedi Temple near the bleachers, Severus said, "Hey, did you know that Lily's team won the Adegan Soccer Championship?"

Ronald looked shocked. "Really?"

"Our team almost finished the tryouts once!" said June.

"Well, here we are," said Ammon. RW-12 beeped.

And so, they all sat on the bleachers together, just staring into the sunset, for quite a while. When the sun went down and the moon replaced it, they stayed seated for a moment, then went inside together.

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