Ronald Potter And The Labyrinth Of Doom: Ronald Potter Year 3

Ronald Potter's third year at the Jedi Temple and his last year as a Youngling. He's been busier than ever learning how to fly starships, swimming in the Lake County on Naboo, studying for the obstacle course exam, and even tracking dozens of voorpak clones. But now someone's setting him up to get in trouble with everyone. Will he find out who it is and stop him? Or will he flunk out of school? Read to find out!


2. Return To The Jedi Temple

Once again, Ronald's parents drove him to the Tatooine Docking Bay. Suitcase in hand, Ronald prepared to head up the ramp.

"Ron, aren't you forgetting something?" Mrs. Potter asked.

I don't think so...journal, comics, clothes...I think I remembered underwear this time. Ronald scratched his chin. "I don't think so."

Mrs. Potter extended her arms for a hug.

"Oh!" said Ronald. He went over and gave Mrs. Potter a brief hug, for which Oliver joined. Afterwards, he climbed aboard and took a seat near the front.

As they rode, he came to a realization. Actually, I think I did forget underwear?!

The bus flew the Padawans to Coruscant. Ammon's bus landed at the exact same time as Ronald's.

"Here, let me carry your suitcase!" said Ammon, and lifted Ronald's suitcase with the Force.

"Oh! Let me get yours for you!" Ronald replied, and Force-lifted Ammon's.

"You do realize that makes no sense, right?"

Ronald and Ammon turned. "Hi, Bill," they said together.


Ronald turned. "Oh, hi, RW-12!"

"I think he missed you," said Bill. "Oh, hey, T-3PO!"

Just then, someone called, "Ronald!"

Ronald turned. "Annabeth!" They rushed at each other and hugged briefly.

Ronald brushed himself off. Looking into Annabeth's eyes, he began to giggle. Annabeth was giggling too. Ronald kept his gaze shifted, hoping for a moment the contact from this dashing face would never break.

And then, a giant elbow knocked him over. He stumbled into Annabeth, causing her to trip.

He blinked and looked up to see Vernon. "What?"

"Go giggle somewhere else," Vernon said angrily, and turned. He was alone. "Some of us are trying to get through here."

Annabeth stood up and brushed herself off. "Don't let him get to you."

"I wasn't," said Ronald. His voice still seemed a little shaky. "Are you OK?"

Annabeth smiled. "Yeah."

Just then, Mr. Maulpres walked up behind them. "Causing problems, Mr. Potter?"

Ronald turned in shock. "What? No!"

Mr. Maulpres folded his arms. "Good. It will be hard enough to train you without your usual misbehaving."

Ronald gritted his teeth. Must...not...respond! Mr. Maulpres left. "Ugh. Can't believe he's going to be my teacher all year. Annabeth, who's your teacher?"

"Librarian Lackbar," Annabeth replied.

"I've got some new Jedi..." said Bill.

"I'm with M'Batee, the Jedi who visited last year," said June.

Ronald digested this. "I wonder who's training with Master Yoda."

"Guess," Ammon said, and pointed.

Ronald turned and saw Yoda talking to Severus Umbridge. "What? No way!"

"Heh heh heh!" he heard Yoda say. "Good to work with you, it will be!"

Ronald turned back. "You would tell me if the Jedi were conspiring against me, right?"

"Of course," said Annabeth, and started walking with Bill and Eegan. They all headed inside, where they would split off to their dormitories.

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